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Feb 2014
Saw myself blinking,
in the mirror,
I don't know what it stands for
this thick fog won't become any clearer
the sun won't shine like it did before.
my insides are bursting up
A burden I just can't keep stored
This is a feeling I can sum up
As a heart replaced by C4
listen to me
when your only company is your own reflection
He's the one who will always be
Ready to aprecciate your soul collection
Feels somehow weird when you look to the clouds
And see none of the forms you used to see
Now I can't have any doubts
I grew up to be the demon I was afraid to be
My home forest looks pale and erased
That tree I used to climb now has turned for ashes
I see now that I've never faced
Reality, and now I suffer as it crashes,
And it scratches
The wounds that are now dug deep
They keep coming, those hometown flashes
And pin me down like it's inducted sleep
Reality was the big old Bible
Kept hidden inside the dusty bookshelf
Now my path is a vicious cicle
And I wimp like a baby like I bully myself
Born, live, die, I pretend
That's how my life should begin and end
But my greed came, it seized my soul
And it took us both to Inferno's blackhole
Cláudio Costa
Written by
Cláudio Costa  Viseu, Portugal
(Viseu, Portugal)   
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