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Aug 2016
silence the everlasting
fire, and the thirst of
your skin,  well satisfed.

never doubtfull,  your eyes
shine of placer, desire, and
complete satisfaction.

humdty in my pelvis, the
silky and sour shine, in the
lap of this gratefull  and loved

and for a minute,
just in that moment, im
complete, serene, loved, wanted,
a full beast, serened and thankfull

the sorrow, the pain, and fouling acts,
and the brutal theft, are just bumps,
overcomed, erased with the humidity
of your ***.

doubtfull is the one, that  
has not loved, her lie is a heavy
cross, dark, fatal, deadly, her soul
will never love beneath the divine

in return, your eyes, truth,
love and venture, loving an
impossible, but loving even so,
stertores of your  loved and
kissed ******.

penetrated, softly and ferouciously,
are the echo of the fire, crashing the
sea, making life, steam, watering the
earth, generating the trofhic cicle,
of life, fire and water, steam of life,
passion between two beasts,
beautiful and loved.

your honney and your
desire, WILD, intense,
evergreene,  are vitals,
for a beast of montecristo,

that just drags, harm and pain,
of betrayal, every cut, every  scratch,
every stabing, made of me, the strong man
that y am.

unbreakcable, and living, loving impossibles
destroying the lies, ending the weakness
of  layars, full of hate,  and envy,
for losing  that, holding our

after that, and for their weakness
montecristo is the winner, a beast
with a heart, learning to love, the possible
and the impossible, to dissapear in the other,
rapped in her ligth, and her beauty,

the evil and weak of the mondego girls,
only speed up, their catastrophy,
y stand alone before their mistakes, and their
lies and anathems, turn against them,
truth clean the waters, and the fire make the
steam, that generates life, makng a full cicle.

so, threw desire, and mutual passion,
impossible happens, in the name of life,
and love, the desire quimera, could never erase
the time we touch, dispise the difference
full and wild.

generating steam, making life,
roaring, *******, groaning, and
in my mind and in yours, the same
desire, the overwelming truth, our truth,
and the incompresible lie, vain, the
echoes of the false, and ther infectious lies,
corrupting wath was always life.

the false notion of love, and their
acomplisses, with her conning, and the
not aceptacion, vain or insane,
dark, crazy and
this one's for the ladies. is not the engine is the choices, just that and aceptation , ] all mi love for the ones with aceptation and a clean heart.[
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