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Poetic T May 2020
Reality was my nightmare,
               dreams were my solace.

I was real within them.
Chérie  Sep 2013
My Misery Away
Chérie Sep 2013
I can't get focused,

My soul is lost,

Where do I belong,

My life is not what I had planned,

I wish it were bettter,

But I know it'll never be,

I live my life day by day,

Waiting for happiness to come my way,

But only to be disappointed again,

What did I do that was so wrong,

Where is the God that I believe in,

Why does he not help,

I need his hand to guide me,

Through this life that I live,

Is this the path he has chosen for me,

Or are they all just my mistakes,

Will I ever be strong enough to fight,

My misery away,

Weak is who I am,

Weak is not who I want to be,

My weakness is strong as I am not,

Give me strength Lord,

I need your light to guide me,

Away from my mistakes,

My choices are not the wisest, I know,

I need a hand or an Angel,

To help me choose the right path,

Of my life.
Mina  Jan 2018
MAN UP!!!!!
Mina Jan 2018
When we say this we refer to men as
rather unhuman beings
as beings who are not supposed to
show their feelings
show their tears
show their hurt
show their passion
show what they love to do
when we say "Man up!"
We usually mean
"dont act like a girl, you are bettter than that"
"dont be this feminine"
"boys dont cry"
"boys shouldnt like ballet"
"boys shouldnt do this, shouldnt do that"
"you run like a girl"

Yes, you can man up.
Man up!
Man up for what you feel is right and not for what society thinks is right.
Man up without bringing yourself down.

Man. Up. For. Your. Self.
and only for yourself.
Because supporting men is also part of feminism.
Becka Estrada Oct 2012
I Dont Want To Love You,
I Mean You No Harm,
I Wish I Hadnt Fallen For You,
Am Sorry I Lied.
You Left Me Unwanted, You Left Me With Teary Eyes,
I Took You For Granted Am Sorry My Love,
Our Love Was A Disaster It Wasnt That Sweet,
We Knew It Since That Last Time You Let Her Sneek In,
Forgive Me My Loving,
Forgive My Unfair,
But Truly I Remember What You Said,
That She Was The Best In Bed,
I ******* Hate The Fact That You Threw My Love Away!
So Goodbye My Love,
Goodbye I Swear,
I Am Bettter Off Without Anyone That,
Thinks I Will Shed A Tear.
Razan M Nov 2011
I stumble upon the root of all my problems;
The water-bearer and the fish, I suppose,
But the water-bearer was sliced thinly and eaten raw
I realized, I hypothesized, I anagnorisised;
Now, now, that’s not a word,
That’s an excersize in child’s play.
You’d know better. You’d do bettter not to;

But were I allowed to continue, I’d clarify;
You didn’t say anything?
I smiled.
Well, when you were my age, I was half of yours;
Do you remember me?
I’m not here to flatter you and you’re really begging the question.
Well, when you were my age, I was half of yours, so I suppose you understand?
I’ve never believed in numbers but these are undeniable, would you agree?
How did you chance upon such a place, such a position?
How was your day?
What’s your favourite bird?
Have you even seen a secret evolve?
Where are your eyes and your hands and your ears?
Have you felt me recently?
Dreamt of me?
How was your day?
My love, I’m trying to start a conversation.
*Well, you know I’m not here to flatter you…
Infamous one  Dec 2013
Infamous one Dec 2013
Its another holiday doesnt feel like much
Got invited to go out but dont like to be around ppl who drink
Its awkward being the sober one in a social circle where eveyone is intoxicated
They feel bad for not drinking I dont like to feel obligated to others
I dont expect much of others but they demand the world of me
I like to be alone i gather my thoughts not sure how to process others twisted thoughts and point of views. Over those who claim to be one way but act another.
I try to have confidence in others but they let me down over being setback and disappointed. I have to be responsible for me not others. If I ever become a parent that kid will be my world
School for my degree work to pay my way through jujitsu so I cant prep my mind and body to be tough. I hope to one day find someone who loves me for me until tjen im focused on being bettter its in the works
Marclesza Gee  Feb 2015
Marclesza Gee Feb 2015
I can't paint you anything
because the amazing images
in my head can't be drawn
by anybody's hands

Nor can I sing you a song
'Cause I think your golden voice
is much way bettter than mine

Nor can I play for you
'Cause my hands tremble
when my mind sends me
to the idea of you, watching me

Nor  can I build you a beautiful house
And I guess I don't need one
'cause you are my home

But I can cook you dinner
Massage your head
and brush your hair
Hug you all day
when things are
just too much to bear

I'm not the best at everything,
but I can be very good to you.
                             - Marclesza *Gee
alongside gestures of despair,

may communicate thought

bettter. or worse?

so lets  be singular

enjoy our own space,

and be friends, forever.

she says that you

cannot see some people’s souls,

perhaps we need to look harder.

there is a lot going on.

Matt May 2015
To the ladies

I challenge you to intimately describe
The first time
A powerful man thrusted deep inside

He wasn't your first
But the best

Pleasing your womanhood
Bettter than the rest

Describe this man
And how he made you feel

As I digest a mid morning meal

(I wouldn't expect any woman to write about
Something so personal)
JaxSpade  Feb 2019
Who you are
JaxSpade Feb 2019
Why did you make me write it
Pushing my pen because you want to fight it
You just want to see my ink spill
And my blood drip into the ink well
I dipped my quill in the bloodguilt
For every man I've killed his poor brain cells
With my alphabetical spells proped up like metaphorical discounts
Reasoning your doubts
With insurance that pays out
Go back to what I've written
And listen to your consciousness
Ask yourself the questions
There is an answer to every lesson
In the message you keep guessing
On each and every word I'm professing
You made me write it
And ignite it to the level
Of excited because you wanted to hear some
Rhythmic words delighted
Into Figments of imaginary
I wrote this down
Because you suffer from not knowing
Why is now
And you weren't cooperating
With what  you knew about
The blood spilling the inks mouth
So you could know how to bettter control your self
For who controls you
When no one knows who
You really are
Vinnie Brown  Oct 2017
Vinnie Brown Oct 2017
To the other
What about you is so much bettter than I?
Why were you deemed worthy?
To get to see sides of her I was suppose too
And all you have to do is be you
A repetition of drug induced self dissections
For love is a hell of a drug
And my souls closest love must be the scalpel
No body May 2018
Grandpa you and I always did things together, now its almost time to say goodbye. Even though were far away, I still hear your voice in my ears, weird right, your alive, but I still hear your voice.
You always took me fishing, and hunting, you made me lough so much. Every hollween I came to your house and steal your candy. Every year got bettter and better. Then I moved away and when I came to Montana to see the family, I saw you and you made me smile and all the memories came back, which made me cry because..we wont be able to make more. You are now 98 or 99 now and its amazing you lived this long. Everyday I try to ask mom how your doing, But everyday I get more scared and more sad that summer might of been my last with you. I have never been more scared in my life. I wish I could be there to say goodbye. I know maybe it's not your time, but one day it will be. I hope i'm there to say goodbye. You mean the world to me. Your my bestfriend. Well in thoses years you were my only friend. I didn't like talking, but I love talking to you. You understood me when no one else did. I'm sorry i'm writing this when I could just say it. I will never forget you, my bestfrend, the one person who could make everyone lough. I miss you today, tomomow, and forever

— The End —