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Mina Jun 2019
I need that sitting on the beach watching the sunset together kind of love,
i need that long walks through unknown cities kind of love,
i need that discovering new music together kind of love,
i need that sitting on the balcony on summer nights drinking sprakling wine kind of love,
i need that me and you against the world kind of love

I need your love
Mina May 2019
And they were arguing
If you can call it arguing
When one person speaks
And the other one is silent
Anyway she was sitting on one side
He was sitting on the other side
The sun hit her face and she had to pinch her eyes to see him
And he was talking and talking
Sometimes you could hear him say "Dont you have anything to say about it" and "today is your last chance to speak to me at all"
She kept her mouth shut
He wasnt used to her doing so
She usually wants to have the last word
no matter what or where or when
He got angry
Not primarily angry at the situation
Not in that moment
But more about her not arguing back
He was angry that she did not even try to save whats left of them
She stayed silent for the most part
Until he started accusing her
"I cant believe that you were able to feign all of this to me. I cant believe that you only played with me. Nothing you ever told me is true, is it"
And she slipped
"How DARE you say this?"
And he laughed. The sound that came out was so so bitter sweet
"How can you be so cold hearted. How can you lie to my face" he said
she hated him a little bit.
She wanted to stay calm
But she caught herself feeling weaker each second
"Say. Something."
"I didnt lie. I didnt." She turned away so that he couldnt see her face.
He sat next to her, knees barely touching
"When we were together - were you happy?"
She nodded at the grass, her shoes, at anything but at him.
"Look at me" he begged her
She couldnt but she had to
And he said "Look at me and tell me if you were happy when we were together"
And she said "not 100 percently"
And almost as if he was struck by 1000 lightnings he got up
And she turned away
And she cried
And he left
And she cried
Before he left he cursed
Before he left he gave her the smallest kiss of this entire universe
On her hair
And said "from this moment on, we dont know each other"
And then he really left
And he really left her crying

He really left her crying
On that ****** park bench
Mina Feb 2019
tata je znao
znao je prije mene i mame
znao je
i patio je duze od nas
patio i patio je
dok smo se nadali
on je znao
i sa slomljenim srcem
je zivio gotovo dvije godine
rekli su nam
a moj tata
on rekao je
da je znao
u njemu ni jedna nada
nije zivjela
samo znanje

znao je
da Amira nece biti vise dugo

my father knew
he knew before me and mom
he knew
and he suffered longer than us
he suffered and suffered
while we were hoping
he knew
and with a broken heart
he lived almost two years
they told us
and my father
he said
that he knew
inside him not one hope
has lived
only the knowledge

he knew
that Amir won't be any longer
something in my mothertounge
Mina Feb 2019
I could be a bad person
not for what i have done
not for what i have said
but for what i am thinking

i could be a bad person
as easy as that
i would be capable of it
thinking about manipulating people
thinking about how to gain their trust
just to use them as tools
thinking about how to make them fall for me
so heavily
thinking about how to make them think that i am a great person
thinking about how to get through their wall, sneaking in and then suffocating them without them even realising that this is me behind all of this damage

i could be a bad person in a matter of seconds
i could be a bad person if i wanted to

i feel as if my brain
is manipulating itself actually
i feel as if i am my own manipulator
trapped but in full control

i could be so much
i am so happy
that i decided to be the best
i can be

i could be a bad person
but i would never
Mina Jan 2019
"Without meditation life is a brief candle, with deep meditation life is an eternal light."
-somebody in the comment section of youtube quoting Amit Ray
Mina Jan 2019
The drunk man greets me
Cold rain and wind kiss my body
A miserable year is coming

- a haiku about 31.12.2018 by me
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