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Don't sleep around**
Terrible  diseases

Genital ******
Awful...Passed on from partner to partner.

Becareful and keep safe

Consequences of Tranmitted diseases.
Consequences of Tranmitted diseases.
RG The Visionary Aug 2014
I was a lost soul
In this world so cold
Where everyone knows the mind becomes corrupted
Because everything in life is about money cars
and that ****** seduction

Just becareful bcus if u get ****** in
Ull cnfuse love with lust
Money for power  
In it's self a contradiction
But still has Everyman wishing
For the life of a superstar when really it's the little ones that make galaxies

but see we are confused by our own infatuations nd a touch of insanity
So here I am trying to figure out my souls anatomy
Some* words

Some words


Our Actions
Have a lot to

When we *hurt

Viper  Mar 2011
the serpent
Viper Mar 2011
My thoughts burn into flesh a mind so corrosive

one glance could level all my eyes are explosive

image black as night to match my soul

where a heart once beat is just a hole

toxic venom to make blood burn in every vein

more twisted than a coiled body is my brain

lurking in the shadows, stalking innocent prey

once in my grasp there is nothing gets away

so when you are out and about becareful where you tread

cross paths with me and you will wind up dead
Trupoetry  Apr 2016
Trupoetry Apr 2016
becareful Cinderella
your sisters want your fella
there is no umbrella
for the amount of years
you'll spend in tears
Sleeping beauty, keep on dreaming
Don't wake up to princes scheming
you'll find yourself lost in things not worth believing
Ariel, adhere to the truth
don't trade the Ocean for feeling blue
You shouldn't have to change who you are
If the man is really for you
Repunzel, don't let down your hair
be your own hero, let that dragon know you're not scared
Snow white be wise with whom you dabble
better to starve than eat from rotten apples
those dwarves are small but they're your brothers
let them help you re-discover
all the things about yourself
you won't learn from a prince or someone else
Jasmine listen
has anyone mentioned
better to have a man thats smitten
then a man who's simply full of riches
Belle be aware with the beast
he is only half a man to say the least
Tiana don't you find it odd
that your kiss could make him a prince
instead of instruction from God
oh the fairy tales we tell
do not buy what they try to sell
you're better off without that loan
finance your thinking on your own
what you produce will be better for your story
and worth hearing if it includes God getting the glory...
Guard your gates & don't except all that you're given, keep only things worth holding on to and share it when you know it to be true <3
Kirsten Autra Jan 2010
tick tock; only time can make
things grow
but if you attempt to fiddle
with father time
you will not reap what you sew
one could even consider the
travel of time a mere simplistic

but even our brothers and sisters
often live in the past
just like our mothers and their misters
marriage does not last
just a piece of paper, and
two bands around a finger
and sooner before later a lust
for touch will linger
so gather the material objects to
create a raging fire
becareful of each splinter
that will do everything to conspire
against you like the cold cold winter

I've already begun to feed
the flame with each document
just like the seed that grows
into an argument
the wickedness is in our bloodstream
and we can never repent
so try to wake up from this dream
that holds you hostage
and your speeding down lifes road
on empty, and your low on milage
Deul Apr 2018
Don't ask of what you don't have,
you might wish to bring it back too,
we used to wish to be grown-ups,
now all we wish is to be a kid again,
some wishes to be extremely wealthy,
now they just want to live normally,
Teenagers want to be in love,
Now they wish to forget their lover,
Some do everything to have a child,
now they try their best to not have any,
some wishes to die in any way,
some want to live just a bit longer,
People often don't have an idea what they really want,
just til they lost it and want it back badly,
nothing's left if the wish's not enough,
it'll be all regrets~

Seven Socrates Jul 2014
Love you when they need ya. Becareful who you follow, they might not know how to lead ya. Some friends you can eat with, others they feed ya. They aint all good, some will catch amesia. Forgetting the times you’ve helped them and leave ya. And either you stay sitting, sad as ****. Or you get up, learn and don’t let it happen again.
Becareful who you push away
Because you might live your life
Regretting it.

— The End —