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Seven Socrates Oct 2014
Children become Grown Sins.
We still choose not to learn,
from the fault of the romans. That’s why we all
Roaming. Only Lost because we don’t know
where we going. Only Alone when,
we under stones stiff. In your heart,
If you are homeless, why does it
matter where your home sits.
Peace and Power.
Copyrighted 2014.
Seven Socrates Oct 2014
Stressing *******. Crying in Prayers,
cause the blessings missing.
Slaves to my desires till my body enslaved to the fire.
Unable to grow tired of my residence.
The present is **** but the past is worse.
Swear to god, the way i’m living,
I’m cursed.
No peace.
Not even when they cover my casket with dirt.
Forced to live on this earth.
While some have it worse.
Cause they have no choice.
Some that want to scream,
yet have no voice.
Some that want to see yet remain blinded
with the illusions of what they can be,
reminded that they can’t be because it’s their fault for
believing and buying gold from the fools.
A teacher told me not to believe everything I learned in school.
Lord forgive me, as I pray.

Same story, different way.
Same events, different day.
Copyrighted 2014.

Peace and Power.
Seven Socrates Jul 2014
Chasing Dreams, sleep deprived. The strong live. The weak survive.
Seven Socrates Jul 2014
Working. All hours into the late night. My moment comes, have ya love canceling your date nights. Even writing it out, I know that thinking aint right. Straying from my path I need to get my aims right.
Seven Socrates Jul 2014
Self hatred a disease hard to be cured of, insecurities, doubt, create a future you are unsure of. Just remember the best have gone through their worst days, still continue, Do you want to be a champion? Do you have it in you? This aint no gatorade pitch, I aint get paid to say this ****. Cause it’s some still in the darkness, I’m just showing em light, some that only think about death, i’m showing em life, A lot that got left, i’m showing em the right path to get pass the problems that they believe forever last. But my friend it doesn’t last forever, believe it will get better.
Seven Socrates Jul 2014
Love you when they need ya. Becareful who you follow, they might not know how to lead ya. Some friends you can eat with, others they feed ya. They aint all good, some will catch amesia. Forgetting the times you’ve helped them and leave ya. And either you stay sitting, sad as ****. Or you get up, learn and don’t let it happen again.
Seven Socrates Jun 2014
Vigilant Visionary referred to as a Vigilantly
whose only desire: see the trapped, Stand free.
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