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Deul Feb 11
Feels good to be running from the devil
I see life, been staring at the ceiling
Deul Jan 28
I wonder if I was the sky

Will I see you all the time 

Or follow you like the moon

Will you love my sole presence like the sun?
#Sun #Moon #Love #Sky #Pure
Deul Jan 28
you're an endless sunshine
The one darkness cant
have control of
#Sunshine #Poetry #Girl #Love
Deul Dec 2019
we're just strangers
when there's no one around
you just don't feel like a stranger
Deul Dec 2019
Words of desire filled
   Dreams and hopes risked

In a snap of time through thin air

   Shaking hand seemly wrote ;
"it's was judge to be unknown, for now"
Deul Apr 2019
Those intense words
grown in me
Deul Mar 2019
" You"
a word that we all know,
but just one specific person,
is shown
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