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Deul Aug 2020
For the hundred shooting stars to fall
-and cover with light
the emptiest heart I've seen
For even I cant—
For Im a mere piece
Of the whole you
That never seem full
But empty
—the voices echoes
endlessly I follow
Reaching nothing
For the depth of your soul
Carves deeper than the truth
—and am a lie
And it glows
Lighter than my skin
Lighter than my world
Yet not lighter
than the pair of everglowing rush
—staring; mi amor
look into my direction

Im waiting,
—to be seen
Deul Jul 2020
Pitch black with all colors of the rainbow
Born to a dark shadow,she runs like a trapped —ghost

Waiting to be noticed
Deul May 2020
Have you wonder where tha path leads
How many nights you've disappeared
Til when will we continue this journey

In the dark dont afraid to fall
Tomorrow the sky's be red
When we fall asleep, not letting go

We'll be ahead
Deul May 2020
The smell of her cologne
echoing Vibration of her laughter
The warthm of her smile
Deul May 2020
Fanthomless writing
So that one day you'll be able to read
The unspoken words of a coward
Deul May 2020
How can we be found
If were not lost
Deul May 2020
I've seen you
but couldn't actually tell
I know you, I know I do
but that acclimation bothers me a lot too
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