CPM Apr 13
some people are just never meant to be part of your story no matter how bad you want them to.

CPM Apr 13
i look at you
and i know
i want
the both of us
to become one

i woke up thinking about you
CPM Mar 5
i don't appreciate the stairs i walk on every single day. sometimes, i complain that point A to point B is too far for me to walk. i don't appreciate the rain that suddenly comes after many sunny days. the water wets my shoes and leaves my socks soaked. sometimes i walk around campus and wonder what i'm doing with my life. i always feel so lost. i look around and see unfamiliar faces. faces holding all types of emotions. i find that beautiful. i also find it beautiful that every bystander becomes part of your life, because for some reason, you and them are in the same place at the same time. it's even more beautiful when it happens in the most natural way. As if, it was meant to be. how crazy is it that two worlds can cross paths to become one? but there are worlds that keep on moving parallel to each other. I look around and see life. I see that i need to appreciate more. Appreciate the elevator that takes too long. The professor that cusses at 8 o'clock in the morning during class. Appreciate those who smile at you when walking through crowded hallways. Appreciate the idea that everyone is living so complex, just like me. Appreciate the hustle. Appreciate the process. Appreciate the unknown. Appreciate whats in store for me. Appreciate knowing and not knowing all at once. Appreciate the growth. Appreciate the balance that appears after the unbalance.  Appreciate me. Appreciate another day. Appreciate life.
cpm // im not so lost after all.
CPM Mar 5
i have doubted
myself the moment
i allowed you
to pick out the pieces
you did not like about me

i could not see
what i had in store
for myself
because i was too focused
on everything you wanted
me to be

i am not and nor will i ever be
everything you're looking for
and i have allowed myself
to accept that that's okay

i do not need anyone
who can't accept and love
me for me

cpm // more of a note to myself and to anyone who is struggling with accepting their flaws.
CPM Feb 23
I hate the cold
Because it reminds me
Too much of the late nights
I spent with you and not myself
CPM Jan 16
A part of loving myself meant,
underneath the bed
and the closet
for monsters every night,
and reassure myself
that what’s in there
doesn’t have power over me.
CPM Jan 16
his lies parted my thighs,
filled me,
then left me empty.
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