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Feb 28 · 234
ryn Feb 28
The curtains will close,
only if we’ll allow it.

Not now…
Not at each darkened hour -
where the cycle of ticking hands
seem to wipe clean, the ash and dust
off the faces of every clock.


When the curtains finally do close…
And a little too late…

May the drapery be large enough
to grant eternal peace
and enshroud all the bodies that lay

but not our eyes…

Our hearts…

Our resolve…
Jan 26 · 191
ryn Jan 26
As he stand rooted -
mesmerised by the dance of lashes.
Alluring glances
from such beguiling eyes.

A flame then rekindled,
flickering weak…
Where once a chapter had died.

A foreign beating…
A rhythm he once knew and played.
Fuelled in trickles,
till a fire was stoked.


He still stands frozen,
entranced and enamoured,
by the irises that sang a tune
too familiar.

Resurrecting joy
while planting the seed of cancer
only time will nurture.
Jan 14 · 237
ryn Jan 14
They all tell the same story.
Each in their very own way.

How they share the same canvas,
yet revel the distance between.
At times twinkle in unison -
their secret code.
Wilfully scattered
across the universe.

The stars;
They’d still tell the same,
old story,
Even though,
the words would’ve changed.
They’d hum the same tune…
To what ears that still listen.

But stubborn I am,
as my heart
would whisper -
loudly into the quiet.
As if to slake the thirst
and quell the fires…
The remains of the love…
Of ages come.

Jan 4 · 350
ryn Jan 4
Promises of respite
from sallowed ashes,

adorned with feathers
from a thousand culled doves.

Haplessly wishing that freedom
comes soon.

A hope ensnared
in the clench
of crimson-stained gloves.
Nov 2023 · 572
ryn Nov 2023
Embalmed skin -
seemingly made anew,
yet pocked with sores…
from a life past.

The then waylaid heart
needed only whisper…

And long was the walk
through the cursed labyrinth
of sharp worldly things.
Oct 2023 · 711
ryn Oct 2023
we fly
with lofty feathers
albeit shorn wingtips

we speak
but with pregnant minds
albeit engorged nibs
Sep 2023 · 610
ryn Sep 2023
What’s this glaze
over my eyes…

A heavy mist
with fingers…
that lingers.
A cataract that
dives and claws
into the black
of irises.

A film,
a veil,
a canvas botched
and vandalised
with arguing paints.
And indelible black
that sings of sadness,
highlights the aches
of dejection
and screams
Sep 2023 · 273
ryn Sep 2023
As if world-gazing through filters,
we’d be enamoured by the beguiling nature
of its ways and the silent poetry it recites.

We’d be captivated by the subtle touches
of scentful breezes.

We’d zealously claim the emotions evoked;
and all its nuances, as our own refined beings.

We’d then forget…
For a fleeting moment -
the scars that mark our hearts…
and the tumour that eats at us.
Aug 2023 · 730
ryn Aug 2023
          Lone dew,
          at the tip
          of a blade.
          by a cool night’s

               quickly with
               intentions unread.
               by the sun
               much too soon.
Aug 2023 · 1.2k
ryn Aug 2023
There’s no respite
from this spectre
from memories dead.

There’ll be more moons
before vigil relinquishes
its stead.
Aug 2023 · 314
ryn Aug 2023
“Isn’t this
what you had always
hoped for her?”

she asked.

And he said,
“So much...”
as tears from his eyes
flowed freely
into the limitless forever.
Aug 2023 · 616
ryn Aug 2023

Sat there
and stroked her hand
while she slept.

And as I traced each wrinkle,
upon every knuckle,
each told me stories.

Stories of my growing up,
that I knew,
which I’d long forgotten.

They reminded me
of my childhood mischief,
truancy and nonchalance.
They spoke to me of wilfulness.
They struck me
with shame of the audacity
and the occasional disrespect.

But I’m no longer pursuing
childish fantasies.
And I no longer see
through adolescent eyes.

So as she laid there fast asleep,
I hoped hopelessly and silently,
for her to read my thoughts
and feel my love…

While I stroked her hand
and wept.

Jul 2023 · 3.0k
ryn Jul 2023
The years had brought me here.
It has been a far walk.
But it’s time I took a breather.
Just to muster a look back.

Many were shed along the way.
Perhaps met with many a forked path.
Or simply that the ticks of the hands
had decided different for them.

I’d dug deep,
and I’d seen you…
Amongst several others.

Making your mark
at every checkpoint.

I haven’t been alone.
And I’ll never be…

As long as you’re here,
making these marks with me.
Thank you all for following and reading me all these years. Your readership means a lot to me then, and all the more now.

Much appreciation and love,
Jul 2023 · 649
ryn Jul 2023
Go forth…
          Into the deep sleep.

Swaddled in the shroud
marked with the words
you’d let fall,
not from loose lips
but the determined grip
of calloused fingers -
that had danced (with purpose)
on parchment,
to the unsung verses
set to inspire minds
and tempt stagnant tongues.

Go now…
          Before the rest of us.

And as we raise our hands
in gestured farewell,
our eyes would tear,
and our hearts would bleed
into the wake of your sojourn.

In memory of one of us - Joel M Frye
Jul 2023 · 280
ryn Jul 2023
Do our minds align?
Just as our fingers once did….

The skins of our palms would kiss,
and hold true to words unsaid.
Clasped indefinite,
and they mirrored in gait.

Never unsure
and never faltering,
they danced in determined embrace;
leaving no room for the tendrils of doubt.

So tell me…

Do our hearts still align?
Just as our beats once did…
Jul 2023 · 845
ryn Jul 2023

             my lips spoke true then
a time when the sun was sure              

            now, broken verses

Jul 2023 · 576
ryn Jul 2023

I’ve grieved…
Not so much over what was lost.
More so the way
I tried to bury these memories.

that for a time once,
stoked hale,
unflickering flames.

All tied to strings
that lead straight to my heart
and all partially buried…
In many a shallow grave.


Perhaps because a deeper tomb
would mean a lesser purchase
and looser grip on these strings.

I never could let go…

Jun 2023 · 282
ryn Jun 2023
Turn into the breeze
so you could listen…

Tune into
the sullen whispers…

The wind…
Is merely a messenger,
conveying the song
of a long lost love.
Jun 2023 · 442
ryn Jun 2023
If the feeling is pure,

unbiased and untainted,

why then does the heart

                            bleed black

Jun 2023 · 427
ryn Jun 2023
A flow so eloquent,

it almost explains the reasons

behind unspoken meanings

and blaring untruths.

A voice for the mysteries of my universe.

Even though it trips in gait,

and speaks in babbles.
Jan 2023 · 533
ryn Jan 2023
Peer into the keyhole.

And seek what you may…

But with your eyes
you will find not,
what it is you seek.

For it must be the heart
that commands this salvage.

Oct 2022 · 1.3k
ryn Oct 2022
I breathe in deep.

And yet you keep
having me chase
the next as if a lungful
wasn’t enough.
Oct 2022 · 474
ryn Oct 2022

just as his cheeks
and tongue
tasted salt,

the porcelain
tasted warm crimson

Oct 2022 · 571
ryn Oct 2022

no words could quell
the throbbing turmoil
that lay siege upon the chest.

no action could silence
the persuasive whispers
that show only darkened paths.

but there is this...
a seemingly empty hand -
with nothing to gift,
except the companionship
of another imperfect heart.

and the open hand will remain,
seemingly empty...

until you fill it with yours.

Sep 2022 · 663
ryn Sep 2022

Nights don’t change…

Perhaps just the stories
they weave in infinites
from the fires of stars
and embers of hearts…

Or perhaps it’s the way
they were captured
and deciphered;
Reworded and retuned
to the song and dalliance
of the hand-wielded ink.
Sep 2022 · 414
ryn Sep 2022
Molten stories smelted
and poured like ashened gold.

We turn to paper
as coffers for lesser ingots - old.

In hopes to lessen;
nay, diminish thy gaping hole.

In hopes to relinquish
and set free caged memories stole.
Jul 2022 · 906
ryn Jul 2022
We hadn’t realised…

That we spoke of love
that was enshrouded
by child-like naïveté.

We had then,
fire in our hearts,
sparks in our eyes
and clouds in our heads


marbles in our mouths.
Jul 2022 · 595
ryn Jul 2022
Bent to a slouch,

That we walk
never unladen.

And perhaps only later,
by the wreaths
around our necks.
Jul 2022 · 1.7k
ryn Jul 2022

still and quiet nights
words come in stifling cascades
borne of sky and stars

Jul 2022 · 609
ryn Jul 2022
Burning stars,
set ablaze
according to teary eyes.

Discordant echoes,
spoken voiceless
by the void between them -
almost incoherent.

They must coalesce…

For there are whispers
of peace in unity,
and oneness…

There is promise
of balance in cohesion.
And subsequent tomorrows.

These notions,
scattered morsels,

they must coalesce…


must coalesce.

Jun 2022 · 1.6k
ryn Jun 2022
          These thoughts
are a haphazard
of moments,
           and scents -

  caught in a
      persistent loop…

         Such it is,
   that they herald
       no known beginning,
and yield
     no foreseeable end.

Jun 2022 · 721
ryn Jun 2022
It’s the silence
that commands the dialogue,
the lull that weighs
bitter and heavy
upon the tongue…
And the darkness,
that hoards every cadence,
reason and rhyme.

Within its robe of

Jun 2022 · 539
ryn Jun 2022
A shot in the dark.
Spearing into the moonless sky.
Trailing reddish orange.
Shedding inconsequential sparks.


An extension…
A digitless hand
of a troubled mind.
A sinking reach,
amidst troubled waters.

A prolonged moment of grief,
and helplessness…
That echoes into countless sets and rises.

Darkness looms…

And I’m all out of flares

Jun 2022 · 385
ryn Jun 2022
desert rock.

seemingly impervious to harshness.

but it too gets whipped and worn
by relentless winds that lash it
ever so slightly with subtle promises
laced with veiled threats.

again and again.


desert rock.

lays still in absolute.
its body and face wrinkled
with lash-lines.

they tell only silent tales…

that all could see
but did not hear.
Jun 2022 · 2.2k
ryn Jun 2022
Surely I must have felt
the teardrop;
when it left my lashes,
missed my cheek and blot-stained
the ground where I laid.

My only regret is that I had failed
to read the message each carried
before they disappeared into
the ***** of my darkness.
Apr 2022 · 745
ryn Apr 2022
Take me to edge of the world,
and there we’ll sit…
Where the earth had fallen away.
So our feet could dangle
in the splendour of the starlit abyss
- albeit moonless twilight.

We’d have shared no words.
Yet we’d have lived, loved
and spoken for a lifetime.
Apr 2022 · 542
ryn Apr 2022
lay it in the heart(h)
watch with unglazed eyes.

see the blaze play its part.

as it consumes all to ashes
before it
reluctantly wanes and dies.
Jan 2022 · 560
ryn Jan 2022
Should this story be told,

tell it with the quickening of breaths,
skipping of heartbeats
and butterflies in stomachs;

And not be bogged down
by the heft of weighted sighs.
Jan 2022 · 646
ryn Jan 2022
Let the air
speak of unseen candour.
Let the zephyr
mill, mingle and tease.

Breathe into hearts
so they beat a little quieter.
Resuscitate man
- and ease him off his knees.
Jan 2022 · 393
ryn Jan 2022

A tombstone
that lays unseen…
but known to a few.

lies a heart
that beats
in syncopation -
for two.”

Jan 2022 · 392
ryn Jan 2022
Streaks of oranges
and yellows.
Faint traces of violet
that meld with azure.

Swallows fly home,
with chirps
that bear no ill.

Silent breeze flowing
between the blades of grass,
tickling the leaves
into voiceless giggles.


He watches on
and rests his vision,
upon the beauty of weightlessness.

His eyes see through heavy green
and brimming with envy.
Dec 2021 · 332
ryn Dec 2021
The words
lay upon the ears
- so light and unassuming.

Like fluff and feathers,
snowflakes and foam.

But who knows
what tumours roil
beneath such welcoming
Dec 2021 · 1.1k
ryn Dec 2021
The irony of a life unshackled -
seemingly an advocate for freedom.

But only to find its beats forlorn,
as it serviced payments for past follies’

Dec 2021 · 663
ryn Dec 2021
Second by second
Time flits by so, so quickly
Lost in the abyss

Dec 2021 · 293
ryn Dec 2021

If one could dive
into the depths,
swim through
and prevail against
the currents
set within
the irises of eyes…

The delicacies
and intricacies
of every tapestry
that is everyone’s lives
and stories
would be heard…

Even when no words
were uttered.

Nov 2021 · 669
ryn Nov 2021
from the crevices
of engorged founts…

But futile is the effort,
to pave the way
to our worth through
an unmanned portal.

We continue to commit
to parchment and ink.

As determined orphans,
we let fall our thoughts;
Not from pursed lips
but forged hearts.
Nov 2021 · 937
ryn Nov 2021
The moon
finally burst
into a confetti
of a thousand tatters…

And as the waters
held their breaths,
once playful waves
sink into an unlit night’s

And the tides
lost their reason
to visit my shores.
Oct 2021 · 774
ryn Oct 2021
It was taken

and I’ve been
to catch it
ever since.

Oct 2021 · 802
ryn Oct 2021
I took           
upon the moon  
to be my aide.    

As the stars.     
failed to show;    
by the raucousness
of city lights.    

Oct 2021 · 1.2k
déjà vu
ryn Oct 2021
I remember this day…

Looking out the window,
feeling the stray droplets;
Tasting the scent of moisture
as the chill of the soft breeze
laces the deep breaths I take…

As I once did…

I remember this day…
To be one that I’ve lived before.
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