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7d · 202
Savoury Sweet
ryn 7d
Do you relish the sound of the spoken word?

Do you savour the way it engulfs the senses
in a whirlwind of joy and despair?

Anguish and patience...
Doubt and surety...
Land and sky...
Beauty and darkness...

Do you drink it up to a stupor,
and only hope you had the laden voice
to even emulate a fraction of the splendour...

The tiniest spark of the genius
that comes so easily for those
who are one with themselves?

It's the honesty and truth.
The seed that resides within
the covering of sweet or bitter flesh.
The meaning and purpose behind every emotion,
and spoken word

- that has me ensnared

Mar 23 · 1.1k
Day’s End
ryn Mar 23
Mighty palette
in the sky.
Feast of pastel colours
of sundown.

Nestbound birds
sang up a cry.
Alone I sat,
grass-crested mound.

Inhale a breath,
exhale a sigh...
Pocket of bliss,
peace on earthly ground.
Mar 6 · 553
Van Winkle
ryn Mar 6
•high in the
mountains, he grew we-
ary                 and ragged•
•                     his sight turned
                           cloudy, chin un-
                             shaven and face hag-
                                    gard•removed his boots
                                    for his feet did stink•
                                  sleep he wanted but not
                                without a drink•one big
                              swig and he downed it all•
                        then he was asleep before the
                      sun could fall•many days visited,
             many shadows cast•over this slum-
     bering man, many moons had passed
•one fateful day, his eyes did twitch
and then did open•he sprung aw-
ake to the life he had forsaken•his
musket dusty, his clothes in di-
sarray•his chin - a long beard
that has seen countless days•he
ran to his home before noontime
chime•he found only disbelief, for he had slept

a lifetime•
Mar 5 · 454
ryn Mar 5
A nighttime recess.

An awareness embedded
within the thickened folds,
layered - one upon another.

Second upon second.
Minute over minute.
Hour after hour.

Rendering me unheard
and vague.

A stream of consciousness
that runs uncaptured.
Unexplained and unreasoned.

Consistent and tiresome.
Haphazardly predictable.

Routine like
Mar 5 · 1.2k
ryn Mar 5
What he didn’t say
with voice,
he spoke clearly
with tears
that never left

his eyes.
Feb 11 · 1.4k
ryn Feb 11
Grudges are
emotional mines.

Set to go off
at the slightest...
Feb 9 · 476
A Day Amongst Many
ryn Feb 9
This day is just a day.

A day that shines bright
outside my window.

I could see the unburdened footfalls
of passersby -
with their voiceless chattters,
and spring-loaded gait.

I could feel the warm breeze,
greeting my face as I stood
by the window, enjoying
its play round my hair and ears.

I could smell and taste
the crisp air - laden with chances
and opportunities.
Available, accessible and within reach.
Only if one so desires
to grab at them.

This is just a day.
One amongst many
that I had failed
to be a part of.
Feb 7 · 416
ryn Feb 7
If these fingers touched ink,
let what flows be
untainted and true;
unsmeared and sure.

If these hands mould clay,
let what is made be sturdy.
Be uncracked,
and smooth like porcelain.

If this body pivots upon legs,
let it stand upright and tall.
So no wind could fell it down.
But should it topple,
let no earth will it shatter.

If this mind invites another,
let no thought nor idea
adulterate its own...
For its ways may wind
and meander,
but it is obstinate.

If this heart still beats,
no matter how faint...
Let its rhythm be steady
and unrelenting.
So it might echo
through long days
and moonless nights
to find others like it.

I may not feel so alone.
Feb 6 · 1.0k
ryn Feb 6
and action
must go
hand in hand.

sugared words
are much
too brittle.
Feb 3 · 432
ryn Feb 3
I often see myself...

Sitting in the shade
of a lone old tree
set in the middle of a field,
on a warm, breezy afternoon.

Leaning upon the trunk,
I’d feel its gnarly bark
gently pressing into the softness
of my back.
Making it seem as though
in turn, the tree, too,
leaned on me.

As my fingers play
with the tips of grass
that grew lush around me,
I’d think of people I know.
And whom amongst them
would share this joy like I would.

I would spend many moments
concocting poetic lines in my head;
As my eyes trace the haphazard
flight of butterflies.

An occasional gust would come
and sweep up
the fragrance of nature into the air.

I inhale...


It lingers strong for a brief moment
before receding into the folds
and blending in with the smell
of the earth and freshly trodden on

Such a day would only induce
calmness and peace.
Such a thought would seem too far
to grasp.
But such a dream keeps me
Jan 31 · 683
ryn Jan 31
We all negotiate this precipice
In a file towards the same.

Some walk, some tiptoe.
We do it in our own way.

We all roll the dice.
We all progress different,
when we play this game.

But in the end we’d be together...
Sharing the ground we shall sparsely lay.
Jan 28 · 1.1k
ryn Jan 28
They say we are but leaves.

Unwittingly we waiver
with the slightest caress from the sun.
With excitement we shudder,
when given a sliver of attention
from the moon.
And we rustle
with childlike glee,
when the daytime breeze
whispers its secrets playfully.

We dance, gambol and frolic...
As we celebrate our flightiness of spirits
in exuberant jubilee.

Because today...

We are welcomed here.
We are children of the world.
Seedlings of the universe.

And we revolve around a nucleus,
an anchor,
a steadfast tree..

That is you...
Jan 23 · 736
Taking Chances
ryn Jan 23
Are we worthy
of passing eyes

Do we catch
the stealing glances

Will we save
our world from demise

Can we not
be afraid of taking chances
Jan 23 · 956
ryn Jan 23
Will you be the ears?
The ears to my words.

Will you be the eyes?
The eyes to my falls.

Will you be the shoulder?
To which I depend on.

Will you be the listener?
And hear my calls.
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
ryn Dec 2018
Proverbial rod
cast into the night

With hope and longing
dangled as bait

Encapture what answers
hidden from sight

Time’s almost up,
as dawn awaits at the gate
Dec 2018 · 2.3k
Q & A
ryn Dec 2018
Come morning
their innocent eyes would ask
the most difficult of questions.

My heart would stall.
My tongue would stiffen.

And my eyes would answer back
with tears.
Dec 2018 · 618
Deep Sleep
ryn Dec 2018
The quakes in my breath when I sleep,
I hear they’re frightening.

Yet I never do wake...

The jerks in my muscles when I sleep,
I hear they’re startling.

Yet I never do wake...

The beats in my chest when I sleep,
I hear they’re disconcerting.

Yet I never do wake...

Perhaps it’s because I was at my most comfortable.
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
ryn Dec 2018
Do not fear the shifting sand

under the weight of your feet.

For you may not know balance,

without the test of instability.
Dec 2018 · 639
Biding Time
ryn Dec 2018
I await such time,
my toes would dig.
And spear deep into the earth;
take root and keep me planted.

I await such time,
when my trunk -
my core would regain its strength.
So that I wouldn’t sway
too easily in the wind.

I await such time,
my bark would thicken -
like carapace upon the flesh.
So I may be protected
from scathing lashes
of ravenous tongues.

I await such time,
my branches would reach up
with unwavering conviction.
Knowing the clouds in the sky
would be the cushion and salve
to my gnarled digits.

And I await such time,
my leaves would finally sprout
and green.
Then they could rustle
and whisper the tales and hopes
of my past, present and future.
Dec 2018 · 901
ryn Dec 2018
We must look at
the paths we traverse.

For they meander...

Some would loop.
Some would cross.
Some puncture boundaries.
Some stay safe.

look at the paths
we choose to travel.
Because some may take some.
Others may take it all.
Nov 2018 · 790
ryn Nov 2018
These hands...
Cast of clay.

Had basked in the sun.
Deepened lines marked their faces
and enlarged cracks marred their backs.

Rough and matured.
They spoke the language of old
and hid the ancient ruins of the past.

Held together.
Side by side,
they clenched the fantastical ideals of today.

uncertain and pulled apart...
The future just falls away - a ghost.
A mirage that eludes grasp and capture.
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
ryn Nov 2018
Back of her hand
ran across the red on her lips.

Smearing what once was delectable.

Attempted to wipe the drops
which quickly turned to rivulets,
running black down her cheeks.
Nov 2018 · 2.1k
ryn Nov 2018
O beautiful sunshine, may you beam
On a dishevelled soul as it may seem
Reach for the deepened crevices
Let light illuminate the darkness

O beautiful sunshine, may you bathe
Upon a weepy morn that wished you’d save
Let no mossful stone be left unturned
Let there be hope to those left spurned
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
Yesterday’s Eyes
ryn Nov 2018
A new day
would come,
in all it’s dew-scented glory.

And I would rise...

But with yesterday’s eyes.
Nov 2018 · 762
ryn Nov 2018
Weakened knees
on firm, hard ground.

Futile footfalls
on sinking sand.

Dazed and confused
by the sights and sounds.

Losing balance
in familiar lands.
Nov 2018 · 2.0k
ryn Nov 2018
So that my fist
would relent and bloom
like a flower
given rain and sun.

So that one day
it might unfurl
to willingly take what comes.
Nov 2018 · 815
ryn Nov 2018
And I’ll show you
fantastical things.

Come into my head.

Know my wants
and desires.
Witness the height
and raging fires.
Nov 2018 · 700
ryn Nov 2018
My eyes can only scream

what my voice could not.

And my soul would only break

when my bones wouldn’t.
Nov 2018 · 486
ryn Nov 2018
There is a song that I sing tonight.
Every night...

A song made out
of the sighs in my breaths.

Words heavy and laden
from the weight of my thoughts.

A tune forlorn - from the wrenching
of the heart.

A song that I’ve taken to.
A song I titled “Melancholy”.
Nov 2018 · 699
On Fire
ryn Nov 2018
None could have foreseen

a time so dire.

For he is the man

who set himself on fire.
Nov 2018 · 720
ryn Nov 2018
Read between the lines.

You’d find that the words
left unwritten
would scream
the loudest.
Nov 2018 · 511
Opening Doors
ryn Nov 2018
Finally trying doors.
      Looking for spaces that would have me.
        Looking for spaces that’d fit.

Most knobs...

   They haven’t been touched in a while.
I’ve never bothered to try them.

     They’d probably would open up to empty spaces.

How fitting...
     An empty space for an empty soul.
Nov 2018 · 593
ryn Nov 2018
I have depression.

I suspect I’ve had it for a long time.
It’s only recently I accepted it.

Having this,
is like have an insufferable house guest that just wouldn’t leave.
He was never invited.
I don’t even know why he’s even here.

He’s very persuasive.
He tells me things and shows me what I perceive to be my true value.
I know he likes it here and I’ve had him for so long that I have found strange comfort having him around.

At times, he may slip away without
me even knowing.
But at times, he’d show up.
He’d make a grand entrance.
He’d fuss.

But I’d still wouldn’t realise.

These days,
people know I’m not alone.
People know of him.
People read and watch videos of him.
I applaud them for trying to understand him.
And our relationship.

But it saddens me and it fuels him when the aids don’t do him any justice.
They just allow people to think they know better.
They think they’ve been educated and can start to administer help.
They assume that you’re not heeding their advice.
They think you don’t even try.

But again I applaud them...
For trying so very hard.

This is me and I have a house guest that I’m sincerely trying to manage.

I have depression.
Oct 2018 · 2.3k
Keep Me Safe
ryn Oct 2018
Keep me safe.

Keep me unseen
from eyes that ask incessantly.

Keep me from questions
with answers that reveal too much.

Keep me dignified.
Keep me filled what little I have left.

Keep me sane.
Keep me the same.
Keep me collected.

Keep me close.
Keep me comforted in my sleep.

Keep me from harm.
From the monsters in my bed.
From the demons in my head.

Keep me safe...
Oct 2018 · 412
ryn Oct 2018
I haven’t been honest.

I haven’t been for many years.

Like a skill out of practice,
I don’t know how to.

Especially to myself.
Oct 2018 · 312
ryn Oct 2018
Wish I could cradle you.

I’d keep the nightmares

and heavy thoughts away.

I’d hold you close

and lull you to sleep.

Alas I hold you

but with demon arms.
Oct 2018 · 1.0k
ryn Oct 2018
Clutching an anvil
close to my chest
as I struggle
to tread the water.

I’m sinking...
Oct 2018 · 872
ryn Oct 2018
Run the bow across the strings,
and play a tune.

Play my soundtrack.

Play it soft yet sharp
and wrenching.

Play it in the background.
Let the notes run in conflict,
depict agitation and foster
an increasing sense of foreboding.

Because I lay still this night
in perfect disharmony.
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
ryn Oct 2018
Is this why
my eyes cry
and my heart
is set aflame?

Is this the reason
behind aching muscles
and weary joints?

Is this the cause
of my trembling digits
and crumbling esteem?

Or is it
just mere overthinking
and a sorry case
of overindulgence?
Oct 2018 · 625
ryn Oct 2018
I made a painting.
One of the future.

My brush was sure
my strokes, deliberate.

I had chosen colours loud
I had chosen them fearlessly.

Think I’ve completed my painting.
And I hate it.
Oct 2018 · 577
ryn Oct 2018
I wasn’t so afraid
of shadows that stalk.

Wish I wasn’t so afraid
of demons that talk.
Oct 2018 · 739
Perfect Imbalance
ryn Oct 2018
I stand here alone
With a head full of voices
Perfect imbalance
Oct 2018 · 469
ryn Oct 2018
Such anxiety that has me bound.
So tight I can’t breathe.

Dispel this fear that I’m nurturing.
These thoughts that have my lungs
in its taloned clutch.

Let not its grip tighten more.
Let not the flame be extinguished.
Let not the last dregs of my strength flee.

Grant me the courage to once again
triumph over the siege that has me...

All bent misshapen and twisted in knots.
Oct 2018 · 1.4k
ryn Oct 2018
What once was stoic
and only showed strength,
now slowly sinks and melts...
Like a castle of sand
on the shore,
fending off the teases
from the playful waves
of the rising tide - but failed.

What once was rock...
Now submits to forces
that meant to erode and break.
Pounding, battering and
eating into the outer carapace
I’ve prided for years.

What once was armour
I thought impervious
and would deflect,
now threatens to collapse into itself.
Like a weak submersible
made for the shallows
yet dove too deep,
anticipating the impending crush
at the end.
Sep 2018 · 1.3k
ryn Sep 2018
Fix the drama -
this play in my head.

A convoluted tale
that sees no end.
A wrenching story
entwined round an overused plot.

A lone actor.
Assuming different roles.
The heart, the mind
and sensibility.

Words of comfort
and swift resolve,
evaporate quickly.
Scathing verses
take root and fester.

Wayward thoughts
and rising beats...
Caught in an abrasive loop.

Fix this drama -
I keep playing in my head.
Sep 2018 · 421
ryn Sep 2018
Catch me in a beat
In the way I was promised
So that I won’t break
Sep 2018 · 384
ryn Sep 2018
Catch me as I fall
Again I’m tripping over
Truths and unsound fears
Sep 2018 · 395
ryn Sep 2018
Catch them as they fall
For they each tell a story
Of what’s left unsaid
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
ryn Sep 2018
I watch with no eyes
and listen with no ears.
I am just the shadow
cast still within that of yours.

I whisper no words
and scream without a voice.
I am the quiet between each phrase,
the pause before and after every thought.

I reach with no arms
and stand on no legs.
I am the breeze you feel
on windless nights.

I feel with no heart
but love with no boundaries.
To most I am faceless,
nameless and bear no threat.

I am a sihouette in the distance
no one notices.
A ghost you know exists
but don’t believe.
Sep 2018 · 347
ryn Sep 2018
An ache that splinters.
Will it dull?

A cut unseen yet draws so much red.
Will it heal?

A bruise that screams untouched.
Will it subside?

A cluster of thoughts that debilitates.
Will they ****?
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