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Jul 14 · 467
ryn Jul 14
We hadn’t realised…

That we spoke of love
that was enshrouded
by child-like naïveté.

We had then,
fire in our hearts,
sparks in our eyes
and clouds in our heads


marbles in our mouths.
Jul 9 · 245
ryn Jul 9
Bent to a slouch,

That we walk
never unladen.

And perhaps only later,
by the wreaths
around our necks.
Jul 6 · 1.2k
ryn Jul 6

still and quiet nights
words come in stifling cascades
borne of sky and stars

Jul 1 · 114
ryn Jul 1
Burning stars,
set ablaze
according to teary eyes.

Discordant echoes,
spoken voiceless
by the void between them -
almost incoherent.

They must coalesce…

For there are whispers
of peace in unity,
and oneness…

There is promise
of balance in cohesion.
And subsequent tomorrows.

These notions,
scattered morsels,

they must coalesce…


must coalesce.

Jun 28 · 672
ryn Jun 28
          These thoughts
are a haphazard
of moments,
           and scents -

  caught in a
      persistent loop…

         Such it is,
   that they herald
       no known beginning,
and yield
     no foreseeable end.

Jun 21 · 311
ryn Jun 21
It’s the silence
that commands the dialogue,
the lull that weighs
bitter and heavy
upon the tongue…
And the darkness,
that hoards every cadence,
reason and rhyme.

Within its robe of

Jun 20 · 184
ryn Jun 20
A shot in the dark.
Spearing into the moonless sky.
Trailing reddish orange.
Shedding inconsequential sparks.


An extension…
A digitless hand
of a troubled mind.
A sinking reach,
amidst troubled waters.

A prolonged moment of grief,
and helplessness…
That echoes into countless sets and rises.

Darkness looms…

And I’m all out of flares

Jun 15 · 173
ryn Jun 15
desert rock.

seemingly impervious to harshness.

but it too gets whipped and worn
by relentless winds that lash it
ever so slightly with subtle promises
laced with veiled threats.

again and again.


desert rock.

lays still in absolute.
its body and face wrinkled
with lash-lines.

they tell only silent tales…

that all could see
but did not hear.
Jun 11 · 1.7k
ryn Jun 11
Surely I must have felt
the teardrop;
when it left my lashes,
missed my cheek and blot-stained
the ground where I laid.

My only regret is that I had failed
to read the message each carried
before they disappeared into
the ***** of my darkness.
Apr 27 · 262
ryn Apr 27
Take me to edge of the world,
and there we’ll sit…
Where the earth had fallen away.
So our feet could dangle
in the splendour of the starlit abyss
- albeit moonless twilight.

We’d have shared no words.
Yet we’d have lived, loved
and spoken for a lifetime.
Apr 16 · 226
ryn Apr 16
lay it in the heart(h)
watch with unglazed eyes.

see the blaze play its part.

as it consumes all to ashes
before it
reluctantly wanes and dies.
Jan 21 · 383
ryn Jan 21
Should this story be told,

tell it with the quickening of breaths,
skipping of heartbeats
and butterflies in stomachs;

And not be bogged down
by the heft of weighted sighs.
Jan 16 · 501
ryn Jan 16
Let the air
speak of unseen candour.
Let the zephyr
mill, mingle and tease.

Breathe into hearts
so they beat a little quieter.
Resuscitate man
- and ease him off his knees.
Jan 11 · 273
ryn Jan 11

A tombstone
that lays unseen…
but known to a few.

lies a heart
that beats
in syncopation -
for two.”

Jan 7 · 245
ryn Jan 7
Streaks of oranges
and yellows.
Faint traces of violet
that meld with azure.

Swallows fly home,
with chirps
that bear no ill.

Silent breeze flowing
between the blades of grass,
tickling the leaves
into voiceless giggles.


He watches on
and rests his vision,
upon the beauty of weightlessness.

His eyes see through heavy green
and brimming with envy.
Dec 2021 · 197
ryn Dec 2021
The words
lay upon the ears
- so light and unassuming.

Like fluff and feathers,
snowflakes and foam.

But who knows
what tumours roil
beneath such welcoming
Dec 2021 · 613
ryn Dec 2021
The irony of a life unshackled -
seemingly an advocate for freedom.

But only to find its beats forlorn,
as it serviced payments for past follies’

Dec 2021 · 526
ryn Dec 2021
Second by second
Time flits by so, so quickly
Lost in the abyss

Dec 2021 · 190
ryn Dec 2021

If one could dive
into the depths,
swim through
and prevail against
the currents
set within
the irises of eyes…

The delicacies
and intricacies
of every tapestry
that is everyone’s lives
and stories
would be heard…

Even when no words
were uttered.

Nov 2021 · 519
ryn Nov 2021
from the crevices
of engorged founts…

But futile is the effort,
to pave the way
to our worth through
an unmanned portal.

We continue to commit
to parchment and ink.

As determined orphans,
we let fall our thoughts;
Not from pursed lips
but forged hearts.
Nov 2021 · 483
ryn Nov 2021
The moon
finally burst
into a confetti
of a thousand tatters…

And as the waters
held their breaths,
once playful waves
sink into an unlit night’s

And the tides
lost their reason
to visit my shores.
Oct 2021 · 512
ryn Oct 2021
It was taken

and I’ve been
to catch it
ever since.

Oct 2021 · 656
ryn Oct 2021
I took           
upon the moon  
to be my aide.    

As the stars.     
failed to show;    
by the raucousness
of city lights.    

Oct 2021 · 1.0k
déjà vu
ryn Oct 2021
I remember this day…

Looking out the window,
feeling the stray droplets;
Tasting the scent of moisture
as the chill of the soft breeze
laces the deep breaths I take…

As I once did…

I remember this day…
To be one that I’ve lived before.
Sep 2021 · 354
Old School
ryn Sep 2021
Thoughts of retrospect
I’m no product of today

I am but vinyl
Sep 2021 · 384
ryn Sep 2021
A swing slung low with weathered ropes
Worn, sun-beaten wood told tales of abuse
Once swung high - a vessel for the her hopes
Never once judged, even everyday a new bruise

It’d take her, accommodating her heart’s fancy
It’d carry her and cradle her fragility gentle
She’d forget her tears as she flew almost freely
Winds would whisper of a place far and simple

It’d scoop her up - made light of what seemed heavy
It’d drink up her laughter, release her captive innocence
It’d hold her aloft as it promised her safety
Together they’d immerse, in an intimate dalliance

Went on forever, as days turned into weeks
A girl and her swing, lost in their very own world
Alas the swing couldn’t offer the salvation she seeks
None could tell, what evil twist had brutally unfurled


A swing hung limp, silent as it woefully wept
Its worn wood sang only songs of stifled cries
For once it knew a girl, whose painful secrets it kept
Now judges itself remorsefully, as she fades and dies
Sep 2021 · 278
ryn Sep 2021
my thoughts are loud
and emotions bold…

but my body
and conviction
are too weak
to stage a coup

Sep 2021 · 561
Tomorrows, Today
ryn Sep 2021
Remember today,
as the self bides
the gavel-ticks
of the hand.

Celebrating the arrival
of each new second,
while mourning the ones
left unfulfilled
and regrettable.

Remember the todays,
as they might spring forth
or amble along…
Never forgetting
to frolick in the allures
of possibly better tomorrows.

Sep 2021 · 2.2k
ryn Sep 2021
”If you are to love,
love freely and unburdened
by the tombstones
of past miscalculated regrets.”

But the heart
inadvertently beats
to the mismatched rhythms
of a hundred
caged doves’ wings.
Aug 2021 · 1.2k
ryn Aug 2021
A palette blessed
with every possible shade
and hue there is…

But somehow,
the colours are all wrong
the moment
they meet the canvas.
Aug 2021 · 298
ryn Aug 2021
Looking for
the words
and meaning…

To fill the void,

that feels like
lost breath.
Aug 2021 · 268
ryn Aug 2021
Time rides
but on wings of butterflies.
Hardly noticeable
as they flit by…

From flower to flower.
Underscoring the fragrant,
outlining the beautiful.

Yarrows to daylilies.
Lavender to pansies.
Goldenrods to marigolds.

Supposedly impartial yet,
seemingly bestowing
just a little more
upon those most pleasing.

And the unchosen only watch
with bitter, hungry eyes
that go unnoticed, unslaked
Aug 2021 · 810
ryn Aug 2021
A parched well
with little use.
A prison.
He’d fallen.

Clamber he must,
up a ladder
that had seen better days.

Each rung whispered
promises of salvation
and absolution.
If only they didn’t concede
to the weight that betrayed
his every step.


He laid broken
and splintered.
Much like the ladder,
whose top rungs mocked
with the same song

but it’s too far,
too faint to hear.

“Just one second, and I was left with nothing
Her fragrance still pulsating through damp air
That day came to an end
And she had lost in me her credence”
Demon of the Fall - Opeth
Aug 2021 · 193
ryn Aug 2021
All hung up
and dried.
But no one knows,
and no one sees…

Me flying.

But only at half-mast.

Aug 2021 · 398
Blunt Force Trauma
ryn Aug 2021
     Our stance strong,
     our conviction -
     brandishing knives
     with blunt tips.

                           But our hearts fail
                           to acknowledge
                           the shallow
                           and feeble breaths
                           that hide behind
                           cracked ribs.
Aug 2021 · 275
ryn Aug 2021
We are the authors
of our own stories.

But we have yet
to figure out
how it’d all end.
Jul 2021 · 783
ryn Jul 2021
Like blood slowly
ballooning into a tiny orb
from a pin *****.

It simply swelled
and bulged…

As it clung precariously
upon the tip of my nib.

A slight tremble,
almost a hesitation -
seemingly afraid to take
the leap of faith.
Afraid to take the plunge,
only to wilfully break
the expanse of blank parchment.
Afraid to taint the whiteness
with the ruthlessness
of indelible black.
Jul 2021 · 1.1k
ryn Jul 2021
We played with words
and peddled euphemisms,
as we hid behind veils.

We had reality
twisted and bent.
We chided and spat
into the winds
of coercing gales.
Jul 2021 · 675
ryn Jul 2021
There is beauty
in these depths.

But you’d have
to drown
to see it.
Jul 2021 · 694
ryn Jul 2021
A notion far too grand
to grace terrestrial minds.
A vision of laced tapestry -
an ostentatious display of
ornateness and
celestial opulence.

A dream so light
and airy.
A dream so majestic.

A dream that remains
by earth-encrusted hands.
Jul 2021 · 338
ryn Jul 2021
Take me to the swan-graced waters...
Where dragonflies would visit,
and skim the surface on tireless wings.

I’d sit with the grounds’ keepers
- the cicadas.
Invisible guardians,
whose shrill song and calls
would only echo through the sparse foliage
and trees - entrancing me into a state of
accompanied aloneness.

A calming solitude,
that enables the eyes
to lapse into a deep,
unjudging gaze into the lake.

And as time slows to a halt,
each breath would lengthen...
The sun would dip into the distant edge
of the lake.
And my heart would skip
as it interprets the dance of the sun
on the water.
Jun 2021 · 1.1k
ryn Jun 2021
       +                                +        
        +     ­       +        +
+                                              ­              
      •      +
+          our                  
                 paths ma-    y    +          +
+       meander•in      m-          
  any a thousand    wa-    
ays•our feet may  yet  
find the paired other•
just as long as the
torches remain


Jun 2021 · 893
ryn Jun 2021
It would eternally echo,

the pain that you’d entertain,
and feel...

But if it didn’t hurt,

then it never was real.

May 2021 · 859
Tunnel Vision
ryn May 2021
When the periphery is muted,
one walks the precipice -
long and narrow.

Open minds are fenced in;
And are inadvertently confined
to hushed tones
and feeble babbles.

Life then ceases to be a journey...

But rather,
                 a recurring commute.
May 2021 · 407
ryn May 2021
Like an
endless spool of yarn...

Constant flow
of thoughts,

only punctuated
by the break
between each song
and the next.
May 2021 · 713
ryn May 2021
If our family was a tree,
you must be the roots.

Forever planted,
forever supporting,
forever nurturing.

Just so that all of us,
may bask in the amber
of the sun...
And bathe in the silver
of the moon.

May 2021 · 666
ryn May 2021
We both
fell in love
with the idea
of eternity.

Never fell for us.
May 2021 · 782
ryn May 2021
My heels had felt
harsh gravity
of the steep downhill...

My toes suffered,
the vicious bite
of the incline.

My soles had tasted
the everlasting bland
offered by the flat of the earth.

I know the distance.

Alas I run unequipped,
with a horse’s breath.
May 2021 · 1.0k
ryn May 2021
Even when all
the ruby shards
and splinters
had vaporised,

I’d pretend
to gather
broken pieces

outlined in chalk.
Apr 2021 · 692
ryn Apr 2021
If you stood still,
and depend
only on the earth’s rotation,
the change you sorely seek
will come - but not too soon.

If you could wait no longer,
elect to move along
with the ground,
you’d soon enough find
as your ceiling
- new skies.
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