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The evil in my mind, ya see
Eviscerates the light in me
It clashes with the fight in me
I'm trying to break free

The evil in my soul, ya see
Devours all the life in me
It harbors all the strife in me
It must be a disease

The evil in my heart, ya see
Inhabits every thought in me
It loves what it has wrought in me
And now its filled with glee

The evil I will purge, ya see
discovering the might in me
Dispelling all the blight in me
For this I have the key
Just gotta deal with it I guess.
No one wants to hear the truth.
That's why we tell stories,
invent personas,
make secrets of ourselves.
Lies are the currency of love.
A peacock is just a turkey with pretty feathers.
 Feb 2020 Rose Amberlyn
I dream an autumn dream of you
In a winter lasting longer than sun
Burning hotter than stars
In the coldest nights sleep

I dream of an autumn us there too
So much so and so often now
That there's not a rain cloud left in the sky
For me to express myself

I dream and dream
Awaiting the autumn skies
 Feb 2020 Rose Amberlyn
How much of their tears do we take
To fill our lives with what they make
 Feb 2017 Rose Amberlyn
Stumbling around Ikea together
For fun on a rainy day, road trip
Admiring things yet to have
Can openers and dish racks
Aisles and aisles of flatware
Fitz and the Tantrums emerges from the ceiling speakers
One of my favorites
I start to sing quietly to myself
As we careen around the displays
I catch you humming to the tune as well
And something just rung in my heart
As the radio intoned
"You were just the right kind,
*Yeah, you are more than just a dream"
 Dec 2016 Rose Amberlyn
Ben Jones
Billy loved his parsnip
He'd tend it day and night
To keep it safe from prying eyes
He stashed it out of sight
But one eventful morning
He awoke to such alarm
His parsnip had gone from puny
To the size of a baby's arm

Such growth was nigh unheard of
In a vegetable or fruit
So he bore it proud before him
Grasped expertly by the root
When he showed his doting mother
She was mightily impressed
So screamed a lot then swooned a bit
While clutching at her chest

The people at the bus stop
Shared his mother's admiration
But advised him that his tuber
Needed urgent relocation
So he took it in a taxi
Wrapped up in folded gauze
To the Guinness book of records
And he pushed apart the doors

His parsnip held protruding
With a confident advance
Like a knight atop his charger
With a huge organic lance
But security had seen him
They quickly knocked him flat
A policeman saw his parsnip
And he hid it with his hat

Billy served his sentence
For unsavory displaying
He changed his name to Danny
There's no record where he's staying
The moral of this sorry tale
Is far too dull to write
So learn your ****** vegetables
And know their names on sight

She kisses the boys and girls
that pay the most attention.
The boys play with vapor
and her girls play with tension.
I wish I was the only one
that she will decide to touch
but I am who I am
and, in a way, that is too much.

Sawblade-sunflower petals
wrap around an earthy cushion,
and the humidity hangs in the air
as her beige body is crumpled
and I feel too sober, pushing.

Baby yellow falls apart,
in her hair the flower starts
to trickle onto sheet and pillow,
decorating the absences
that define how hollow
she and I have felt before --
******* like an endangered species
on the killing floor, I whisper once,
I whisper sweet, "Don't you wish
that we didn't meet?"

She kisses the boys and girls
that give the most attention.
I played with vapor
and she played with tension.
And what doth she speak, O brother?

"Eternal is the damnation,
Fleeting is the mercy."
 May 2016 Rose Amberlyn
Poet chicks
Odd, indeed
Every race, every colour
Every creed
Some of us daughters
Some mothers
Emotions intense
Especially when we're lovers
It takes great courage you know
To do what poet chicks do
Serving our feelings up
On this screen for You
Heroines of words
World's in which we live
Poet chicks are rarely greedy
With all the emotions we give
I raise my glass to you
Poet chicks around the world
Never drop your pens
Or forget, that you ROCK girls
For all the poetesses here at hp who've been so kind to me and taken me on the most beautiful, sad, dark, happy, lustful, romantic journeys. Thank you for letting me wander through your dreams;)
 Apr 2016 Rose Amberlyn
Jwala Kay
so naive, we all are,
that at times we paraphrase
all our life's sweet moments
and title it
with another person's name.
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