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7.6k · Nov 2012
Rose Amberlyn Nov 2012
A gentleman of gentle deeds,
whose smile surmises his thoughts.
A simple man of simple gestures,
whose kindness has never been fought.
His words clever,
his ideas charming,
his romance soft yet strong.
Enchanting eyes, endearing lips,
his promise an elegant song.
I want a gentleman,
to run with me,
through fields of yellow and green.
I choose the gentleman,
the careful man,
the loveliest man I have seen.
3.9k · Oct 2012
Deeply, Deeply, Deeply
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2012
A delicate heart held in a shaking hand.
I feel deeply; feel everything.
With what you are holding.
Don't close your eyes.
Don't give up.
Stay strong.
Please be careful.
Tender touches, fingers softly stroking my cheek.
Quiet laughter in the morning.
Turning over between warm sheets to see your sleeping face.
So peaceful. So vulnerable.
Leave your guard down for me.
I'm not like them.
I care.
Feet sliding against each other underneath the old oak kitchen table.
Spoons clinking against cereal bowls.
Tired eyes happily wrinkled as the morning sun finds its way in the window.
Warmth, happiness, acceptance.
Don't take it away.
Don't drop what you're holding.
I can only trust so many people to hold it.
Before it falls too hard.
3.7k · Sep 2012
Remembering Me
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
Memory is a beautiful thing.
Those warm summer mornings sitting on the front porch.
Jumping on Colton's trampoline in a frilled baby pink tu-tu.
Little white bows in my golden curls as I bounce,
grinning so wide,
in the rays of the Texas sun.
Trips to the lake in our old boat.
The water warm and glittering, calling me for a swim.
Tubing behind the Seaswirl with my baby brother,
giggling like little kids do.
My old cowgirl costume for Halloween.
Running from door to door with an old ragged filled pillowcase in hand.
Singing Hilary Duff in my 5th grade talent show.
Nervously shaking as I watch the smiling crowd in front of me.
My first crush sitting next to me in math class,
Mrs. Woo telling me to stop daydreaming.
Green eyes that stare back into mine, laughing, moving in front of me.
Adventures in Burbank with Megan.
Laughing so hard we fall to the sidewalk in front of a full Mexican restaurant.
My first boyfriend kissing me under an oak tree,
in McCambridge Park at sunset.
Here I sit now.
At my washed out desk in a new dorm,
in college.
My life will keep moving on,
and I have all these beautiful memories to fill it with.
My own personal home videos to dance through my head,
as I think,
as I dream,
as I film more to think back on in ten years.
Life is too beautiful to waste.
I thank God that I have been so blessed to be living.
Loving, laughing, singing, dancing, smiling
and holding on to this free spirit that possesses me and moves me.
Someday life will be but a wonderful memory.
2.9k · Sep 2012
Elegant Words
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
Thin opaque pages.
Filled with elegant words, expressing,
Someone's thoughts and feelings,
transformed into a gripping story, a melancholy poem
or a melodic song.
Something seen or heard,
impacting a sensitive mind.
Vulnerable and brave,
someone opens their mind and reveals inner expression.
Thank you for sharing.
2.9k · Oct 2012
Among the Living
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2012
Life is full of challenges,
promises, broken promises
happiness, unhappiness
adventures, empty days
acceptance, loneliness
smiles, tears.
It is the people who fill your life, that make it beautiful.
Treat the ones you love with respect,
love, loyalty,
and trust.
When people are taken away from your life,
you'll begin to realize it isn't much of a life.
Take risks, be cautious
achieve, mess up
run like wild, slow down
and live fully.
Whole, complete, filled,
we are the puzzle pieces of the earth.
Without one of us there can be no peace.
Hold hands, kiss lips
share smiles, and realize that this is wonderful.
Feel the wind when it passes you.
Smell the seasons changing.
See love in every corner of your life.
Because we're only here for a very short while.
1.9k · Nov 2012
Rose Amberlyn Nov 2012
The crunchy Autumn leaf changes its mood once again.
A crisp green transforms into a burnt auburn glow.
I sink into my kingdom of leaves,
underneath the grand sugar maple tree.
The brisk wind pinches my cheeks into rosey swirls.
My breath leaves my body in a thick white fog,
and I lose myself in my surroundings.
Suddenly crystal drops of water fall from the sky,
slide down my face,
and make a home in my hair.
The grey sky bleeds its way into my eyes.
I sit and let it all pour down on me.
Let it wash me away into a presentiment abyss.
The seasons will keep changing.
I will keep changing.
*Change can be a very beautiful thing.
1.8k · Oct 2012
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2012
Pulsing adrenaline rings in my ears.
My heartbeat racing, awaiting what is to come,
in nervous anticipation.
I messed up.
I made a mistake.
I will regret it.
I hope I am forgiven.
1.8k · Sep 2012
Good Morning
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
The moon eats away the golden tide of dawn,
strongly held the light shreaks and squirms in thin lines to greet the day.
I awake to his face.
Molded with delicate clay into a figure too complex.
His eyebrows gripped with worry,
his lips in a form of distress.
The wind taps the window and he gracefully opens his eyes.
"Good morning, beautiful"
And I speechless in reply.
1.7k · Sep 2012
Little Crystals
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
Warm, wet, perfect little spheres
slide down my blotchy red face.
Like crystals, fragile and sparkling
their value held priceless.
Words the true criminal, and I a victim
to bad timing.
I close my eyes.
Feel the moisture between my eyelashes.
Breathe in slowly through my nose.
They didn't mean what they said.
1.6k · Oct 2012
Have I Gone Mad?
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2012
Sometimes I believe madness is wonderful.
To become lost in a narrow hall of ivy curves and circles.
To close your eyes and walk the steady miles in your mind.
The grasp of old faded rubber as the rollercoaster lifts, tosses, and twists.
Seeing the euphoric feelings of someone float into the air in colorful auras.
Normailty is not reality unless you believe it so.
You may only be dreaming.
Real life could be an enticing parallel dimension where you walk on your hands,
and speak with your feet.
Eyebrows made of sugar, noses made of stone,
hats that sing to rhythm, dresses that shrink and grow.
Why live as a normal person?
Strange, Odd, Weird, Mad, Crazy and I have more fun.
1.6k · Oct 2012
Flower Bed
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2012
A million butterflies soar across the golden sky.
Maroon and silver wings, gracefully gliding into the summer sunset.
I smile in the glow of warmth that wraps me in good spirits.
Time ticks away but I don't notice.
Enveloped in the moment, surrounded by fate's welcoming arms.
Like sleeping in a bed of dainty purple and yellow flowers.
Soft, peaceful, beautiful.
Smile from ear to ear, like you've never smiled before.
Watching giant white fluffy clouds sail through the calm sky's waters.
The sun rises high and touches every spot on planet earth.
Nothing cold, nothing dark, only bright rays of warmth.
Euphoria that lifts you off your tired feet,
lifts your low spirit,
lifts your drained mood.
And fills you with love, passion, happiness and acceptance.
Fly away.
Save your sadness for another day.
1.6k · Sep 2012
A Waste of Time
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
Time is an old story teller,
he is all-knowing and all-seeing.
An old diner that sits in the west under an illuminated open sign,
holds the most twisted relationship there ever was.
Black coffee sits in an old ***** white mug,
false smiles highlight the masks of the two,
pastries gather together on an ugly dish.
Crumbs collect on their laps as they sit in their unhappiness.
Her skirt rumpled, his jeans creased,
her makeup smeared, his beard unshaven.
His wandering eyes, her lips turned towards the table,
their glumness leaves a distasteful air in the vacant restaurant.
Together they sit alone,
the rock clasped to her finger, a symbol of their struggle.
The man shudders in the cold, stands up, and walks away.
She does not follow.
Her coffee has become ice cold.
And yet the clock on the wall
1.5k · Sep 2012
Ugly is an Ugly Word.
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
Ugliness is not born,
ugliness is taught.
Scars, blemishes, freckles
are all kisses on the face.
Pieces of true beauty,
that we should not erase.
Who decides if I am beautiful or not?
I decide.
My words, my actions, and my imagination
are really what count.
I like myself,
just the way
I am.
Rose Amberlyn Dec 2016
Life is a race track.
If the sky falls down,
if the car loses a tire,
if the transmission bursts:

Keep driving the **** car.
You pick up the pieces and you keep going.

You are the only driver you've got.
I don't care if the car crosses the line spitting and groaning,
and falling apart.

I would rather get out and push that thing in high heels to the finish line.
Then to give up.

Keep driving the **** car.
1.4k · Sep 2012
Imagine That
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
Nostalgia washes over me like powerful waves do in the sea,
as they crash, knocking me back to shore,
to my reality.
Small satin sage ribbons wrapped around two messy pony tails.
Little white socks up to her ankles,
embroidered in lace.
Baby fingers and toes, grasping at everything within reach.
An active imagination filled to the brim.
Fire breathing dragons that hide under the sofa,
the princess' castle poised on the roof,
crawling worms found in chinese noodles for dinner.
Searching eyes filled with wonder that look back into mine.
Childhood may be ephemeral,
but its sentimentality reigns forever in my memory.
1.4k · Nov 2012
Moving On
Rose Amberlyn Nov 2012
Standing here in the rain
My heart just wants the heat of your body
Nice and warm
I long for a kiss of those cherry colored lips
Sweet and tender
Amazing and sweet

Now I walk though this long and winding road
Looking for person to light my world
This world that is cruel to me

There is no sunlight ever since you left
But I fight everyday
I dont let what you did get to me because one day
Karma will get you
So let move on and find the light that will guide me
Guide me to my eternal happiness

-My friend
1.3k · Nov 2012
Dear Miranda Rene
Rose Amberlyn Nov 2012
A wild fire.
Dripping paint on an open canvas.
Colorful, inspiring, vibrant.
Breathing life into art.
Bold. Strong. Straight forward.
Her words powerful. Her thoughts matter.
She was born a leader.
Her eyes deep pools of water,
far more lies beneath the surface.
Silent laughter, searching eyes,
she is tough as nails,
but her compassion runs deep.
Socks her best friend, and food her true love.
She is beautiful and she knows it.
An unforgettable character,
beloved like an old classic.
Challenge her, support her,
she carries herself without conflict.
A memorable person, and a best friend.

Sara Ashley
1.2k · Oct 2012
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2012
What is so complicated about relationships?
Love me or don't.
Hold me or don't.
Care for me or don't.
If I wanted a puzzle I would have bought one at the store.
Sail through calm seas in the warm summer sun.
Not rough waters wrapped in the mist of a thunderstorm.
Be honest, say what you are thinking.
I don't want almost, kind of, maybe or possibly.
I want yes, absolutely, without a doubt, and every moment of every day.
Stop loitering and order the **** coffee.
Stop holding up the line and decide.
Stop deciding and choose A B C or D.
Stop, stop, stop or please
1.2k · Apr 2013
Where's Clyde?
Rose Amberlyn Apr 2013
Long legs and electric red high heels.
A polka dot strapless dress,
and the classic rhythmic tune of Chuck Berry,
echoing in the background.

A deep green 1955 Chevy Bel Air,
windows down,
and a cool breeze swinging through her hair.
Her Bonnie blonde hair.

And now they wait.
For the sun to fall from the sky,
and leave the earth's crust in a midnight haze.
Only lit by the dull moon's gleam.

Only one problem.
Where's Clyde?
1.2k · Aug 2014
Rose Amberlyn Aug 2014
Are you familiar with the ache that grows in the heart?
The one where something was blooming long ago.
Feeling arms around you as you awoke from sleep,
hearing a voice in your ear, that you were supposed to keep?

But the ache isn't permanent, and you must wait it out.
This fateful era of being that some call,
a love drought.
1.1k · Nov 2012
For Him
Rose Amberlyn Nov 2012
Stuck* in the middle,
Swimming upstream in a roaring river,
Riding a crowded subway train unable to get off,
Stranded in an old diner on route 66 without a ride,
Holding your breath until someone opens your eyes,
I am in the middle.

Falling in love,
Jumping from a high cliff towards surging waters,
Soaring through thoughts deep in the mind,
Losing yourself in someone else,
Holding on to what is far behind,
I am falling in love.

For me,
Once an outcast but now accepted,
Once broken but now I am fixed,
Once afraid but now outspoken,
Once I was unsure but now I am ready,
For him.
Stuck falling for him.
1.1k · Oct 2014
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2014
You and me are messy.
Stained in ways others aren't.
Crusted around the edges.

You and me are messy.
Throw us in the wash.
Hang us out to dry.

You and me are messy.
Messy together.
1.0k · Oct 2013
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2013
My heart has never been so heavy.
The older I grow the more I am weighed down to the ground.
I walk among the leaves, grass blades rising over my head.
The stitches that have mended my heart over the years remain.
My heart has never been so heavy.
Sometimes I feel as though I'll burst.
The secrets, feelings, thoughts all trapped inside.
Oh if there ever was a heart that had nothing to hide.
1.0k · Oct 2012
For Yasmine
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2012
A sensitive heart wrapped in thorns.
Her mind a secret room in a private house.
Invitation only.
A semblance of beauty untouched, but loved.
Elegant, proud, resounding with a melody overflowing with sound.
A mixture complex from afar, but oh so simple when understood.
Accept her, love her,
and you will need nothing else in the world.
So willing to love, so much to give,
a flower standing tall amongst weeds.
A firm wall protecting the weak.
She knows her boundaries,
she is strong.
Stand beside her, lean on her,
she is not lost in this vast world.
A delicate but bold young girl.
999 · Oct 2014
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2014
Poker faces on Balboa,
the rainbow as our chips.
An orange glow blows past us in the thick, salty air.
Golden blue sea water carrying itself our way,
in tall graceful strides.
A vulnerability shared.
Just for us.
And the only thing I can think is:

Can I keep you?
958 · Sep 2012
A Rosey Outer Layer
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
A fragile blood rich body,
balanced upon a protective slender stem.
Petals that surpress secrets far within,
A tender bud far from blooming,
that is perched upon my window sill.
In months to come its secrets are
Opening, it reveals its death.
Once beautiful, turned crisp and brown,
rotting away within itself.
All the lies released into the cold winter's
Limp and hanging from its crystal vase,
the underneath visible.
What was beautiful is now foul.
Why would you give a loved one a rose?
I would not.
914 · Apr 2014
Which is Which?
Rose Amberlyn Apr 2014
Sometimes I believe that I am crazy.
Not crazy in love, or crazy smart.
But downright, medication provoking insanity.

Questioning myself, back and forth.
There are two of me.
She smiles and does what she is told.
I break out of my close entrapment and let her see the real world.

The world that has no answers,
the world that has such strict boundaries on what is "normal."
What is normal?

They say that I can still be like them.
They say that medication will take me away,
and leave her by herself.
She is the real crazy one: the complacent conformist.

And so she smiles and keeps our mouth closed.
837 · Oct 2012
Blue Eyes.
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2012
Look into two ovals of blue,
Ice caps, the winter's sea, rough, vigerous, cold.
Swimming in snow, through snowflakes, through veins of blue too.
Ice on the surface but water underneath.
Skin white as the snow, struggling.
Waves of warmth leaving her body.
Head towards the sky, towards the air to fill my lungs.
Drenched, heavy blue jeans, weighing me down.
Pull me to peace.
Where two ovals of blue close, and sleep.
Where warmth may be found.
Dreaming of a different set of ovals.
Brown and deep that search for something more.
A hand to reach into my ovals of blue.
That finds me.
That pulls me out softly.
From my battle within this cold.
This desolate despair that makes no good friend.
The ice will melt.
The cold must end.
Blue eyes made of ice.
Awaken again.
804 · Oct 2012
I'll Catch You
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2012
I have always been one to run.
When feelings of love wash toward me in warm waves,
I become worried and bound away fast.
His arms keep me from leaving.
His stare holds my eyes and ties me close.
I watch him laughing and my stomach flips.
"Be careful."
"Don't let it hurt again."
And yet, his touch brushes my thoughts away.
His grasp, you're mine
His kiss, don't leave
His warm demeanor brings me back, close to him.
When he's away I still feel his soft lips on mine,
his heat that warms me.
He does not leave me.
So I hold my breath and dive.
Because falling is only frightening when there is no one to catch you.
*I'll catch you everytime, dear
772 · Sep 2012
Carry Me
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
Carry me to the sea,
where the air revolves in salty circles.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Carry me in your strong arms,
to our home where I belong.
Carry me through my great sorrows,
to your warm laughter and gentle smile.
When the grim darkness envelops me in a sullen tangled web,
carry me away to our golden rays of hope.
Carry me, darling.
761 · Sep 2012
His Melody.
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
His eyes like footsteps walk across my mind day in, and day out.
He speaks into my mouth, as I swallow his meaning
written clearly across his guarded face.
His eyes prison guards hiding his smile, hiding his feelings.
His lips turn up in puzzling euphoria as I watch him.
As he speaks, small music notes escape his lips,
dancing, laughing, floating.
In between my fingers and across my cheeks, they swim.
Always whispering even at their loudest notes.
Sweet melodies ring as his eyes stare straight.
No matter how far away I feel them, holding my heart.
Holding my hand.
Holding my mind together, and keeping me on the ground.
Strings strummed one by one as my heart beats its steady drum,
He laughs.
His presence humming it's careful song,
only for my awaiting ears.
759 · Sep 2012
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
Dainty fingers reach for the invisible wind,
gliding across smooth faces.
How lovely are the delights in life, invisible to the naked eye?
Trust the pulse in your chest,
don't think twice.
Smell nature's gift,
breath in deeply the crisp winter air.
Hold delicate little snowflakes in your palm,
watch them flitter in front of you.
The seasons change, but that feeling in your mind's eye,
will forever grip you.
Embrace it.
754 · Feb 2013
Up a Ladder
Rose Amberlyn Feb 2013
Dripping stars and tainted smiles,
And here I'll dwell for a while.
A silver ladder with a rusted glow,
and I am on the lowest of the low.
My world once full is running dry,
like the endless tears that hang from my eyes.
And gloating time ticks and ticks,
my bones may break by stones and sticks.
A plastered expression drawn on my face,
that no man or lover may efface.
And here I stand all alone,
a tattered being an empty groan.
The only hope clenched in my hand?
Is this distasteful ladder on which I stand.
My only path sipped from my cup,
at least now I may only rise *up!
753 · Sep 2013
Reflecting Pools
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2013
Reflecting pools so alike myself they become mirrors.
A kind blessing that only some could understand.
Whispering in the stillness.
Losing tears to the flood as it rushes down the road.
Beating on the pavement rampant in flight.
Simple melodies converge into an overwhelming drone.
And the reflecting pools stir within themselves.
Puddles that slide in single lines to streams into the street.
Mornings when the sun glows into warm unawakened eyes.
Holding on so tight.
Let go.
I don't see this making sense to anyone but me. Consider it a puzzle.
743 · Sep 2012
Lost Drops of Sunshine
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
I stare enchanted out of the fogged window.
Teardrops roll down its smooth transparent surface,
crying for the warmth of the sun.
Old edifices stretching toward the sky,
reaching with arms out high above,
waving under the pitter patter of the misty morning's face.
I am afraid to go outside.
To leave the window alone in its misery.
Deep blue eyes search for glowing glory that never arrives.
Sidewalks stained with icy slopes.
I am called away and I comply,
in the chill of the angry winter's sky.
729 · Nov 2012
Rose Amberlyn Nov 2012
An iced train sitting on a rusted track,
the inside fogged with discarded air.
Passengers sit and stare,
with blank expressions and empty hands.
I grasp the door handle,
but it will not open,
and I am afraid I will pull too hard.
A fire arises in my cheeks,
pink and rosey in their pout.
A wave of confidence surges through my deathly cold hands.
I must push forward.
I must escape or drive this train forward.
But what is one to do when stuck in ice?
I must wait for my shell to melt.
Cool drops of water,
slowly unraveling my cocoon.
I will emerge powerful.
I will save myself from harm.
727 · Sep 2012
Being Me
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
I danced around the green yard in my beat up sneakers,
without a care in the world.
Blonde pieces of hair fell in my face and passed by my eyes.
The music blared through the small speakers,
carrying me in my confident disposition.
I am me.
I felt free.
Someday they'll see.
I am happy.
706 · Jul 2013
Rose Amberlyn Jul 2013
The summer flowers in her hair smelled as sweet as the sun, freedom they rang.
After working all day and night for months she finally had a chance to stop and breathe.
The Oregon trees green and glistening stood tall overhead.
A baby deer playing behind the thick brush.
Her best friend driving her around in his white chevy pick up truck.
He made her breakfast every morning, held her as they fell asleep at night, and smiled when she woke up next to him in the morning.
The perfect summer getaway.
Ambling through old record stores under the Portland skyscrapers.
Getting gelato after lunch in the park.
And then the plane came and it all ended as suddenly as it had began.
But she felt lucky. At least she had this. This to remember as she flew back to greet a different kind of sun.
The Los Angeles, hometown, back to the real world kind of sun.
706 · Sep 2012
Lovely Shadows
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
Fear does not grip the heart that yearns for love.
His haunting eyes and angry stature do not quake the
compassion I find within myself.
Simpler times flash in front of me like
the lightning's wrath let down.
They make me weary, weathered and sullen,
and yet they make me alive.
Shadows that slither down the empty walls
giving all a fright,
are merely shapes and silhouettes that I can't see at all.
Time does play with the mind,
that wanders on and on.
But love does fight with this fear that
never could be strong.
692 · Oct 2012
Time Can Be Brutal
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2012
My stomach is bubbling nervously
My lips and eyes burn in turmoil.
Sleepless nights cause a test of strength.
A decision made can be reversed, but a mistake made
can only be fixed.
What stings the heart, may mend with time,
If thoughts and words don't drown out the hope,
that is held inside.
Red fumes, short breaths, queeziness,
is enough to drive one insane.
But for my mistake I'll take the
678 · Jan 12
Breathing paint
Rose Amberlyn Jan 12
I’m painting you a million colors.
But none of them will stick.
They drip and drop,
From the canvas to the floor.

Without a face, without a name,
Who are you?
You’re mine.

But I’ll sit here colorblind,
And wait for you to come.
675 · Jan 2013
Swollen Shut
Rose Amberlyn Jan 2013
I look into vulnerable eyes.
I see someone who wants to be loved.
Someone who wants to be accepted.
His heart is swollen shut from all his love that was tossed away.
His mouth opens wide, and yet he has nothing left to say.
A caring songbird merely singing to the wind,
Please sing to me, please let your song begin.
Open up your heart to me, do not be afraid.
Show me all this love you have that someone threw away.
I promise once I hold your hand that I will not let go.
Just wait and see,
In time,
I will prove it so.
For Christian
673 · Oct 2013
Until We Meet Again
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2013
The mysterious unknown that I hate to love.
Calm, collected and quiet: leaning against the wall.
I watch two eyes watching the world in front of them.

Reading thoughts and seeing emotion flash across an unmoving face.
I could write a book about those lips.
The ones who trap words like flies, and speak like jazz music,
blowing their notes into the warm wind.

When he watches me, I know my cheeks change color.
I am a human mood ring, see the colors that I bleed.
Never letting me leave, and never giving me the chance to want to.

Small gaps of time for thinking,
Only st-st-stammering.
Until I have no reason to.

My mind an echo of recorded moments and my eyes a moving picture.
Until we meet again.
653 · Nov 2012
Rose Amberlyn Nov 2012
Her heart is hidden behind vines of ivy.
She is guarded, and protective of her thoughts.
A crafted burglar could not break into the solace of her mind.
She is humble, modest and timid by nature.
Like a box, once opened she is loud, outspoken, and wild.
She is beloved by all who know her.
She absorbs more than it seems, and feels deeply.
Her hope is as strong as a lion, when she desires something greatly.
She is genuine and pure.
Delicate like a rose’s petals,
Secretive like buried treasure,
Kindled like a burning fire.
She is independent.
She is beautiful.
650 · Oct 2013
Let it Rain.
Rose Amberlyn Oct 2013
A segmented discernment between what I feel and what I know,
remains in my being throughout the day.
A hardship cycled and recycled,
until the truth comes out.
A graying cloud filled to the brim begins to rain down.
Redemption, hope, simplicity.
And all I can say is,
*Let it rain.
612 · Dec 2016
Rose Amberlyn Dec 2016
She said she liked my confidence.
What she didn't know, was it was liquid courage.
That this strong façade was cracking.

Words fall unthinkingly from my lips,
a charm for wit and a fault for aggression.
Just smile.

From someone shy to someone bold.
From someone hurt to someone who could care less.
And that's what she liked about me.

The number of faces I've spoken to,
with reckless abandon.
In hopes of sparking an interest, only to stand and leave.

These shaky hands in surgery.
Should never poke at someone's heart.

But confident.
And thank you.
Rose Amberlyn May 2014
All I crave is that gentleness.
The firsts of things where sweetness rings in the
beginning of love.
The call of sheer simplicity as all falls into place,
and the selfless wanting-ness that remains in all of its grace.

All I crave is that gentleness.
Those bubbles of hope that slowly rise up,
and tickle your insides.
That rush of heat that stains your cheeks,
that you'll never be able to hide.

All I crave is that gentleness.
That genuine, selfless love.

All I crave is that gentleness.
The kind sent from up above.
595 · Sep 2012
Juntos is Better
Rose Amberlyn Sep 2012
We have blended nicely together.
Like the mixing of blue and red paints.
We are purple.
Hola, Hello.
Te quiero, I like you.
Nosotros somos morados.
You teach me, I teach you.
When we hold hands I see it.
We have blended nicely together.
The more different, the better.
Nosotros somos diferentes,
pero somos el mismo.
575 · Jun 2014
Surreal Perplexity
Rose Amberlyn Jun 2014
I imagine a long string, looping through the brain.
Purple, green and blue;
shattering and breaking through.
All the tunnels dimly lit,
and the lobby grand in height.
All the swirls and bubbles; igniting my delight.
The brain is but a flicker,
a light bulb that never rests.
Until a loop and bubble clash!
That chaos is the best.
568 · May 2014
Rose Amberlyn May 2014
Have you ever wanted something so badly, that you forget the
When you gaze into someone's eyes and can see their past.
And can imagine their future.

That vulnerability so fragile.
Putting all you have into their hands, and praying for a miracle.
That connection that breaks your heart, brings you to tears,
and that makes you feel alive.
Is that what love is?

Wanting to be so close to someone,
that you read their every thought.
Gripping that overwhelming rush that bends and shapes your soul.
Accepting all that they are.
Every single freckle, word and flaw.

Is that what love is?
A speechless hold envelops your whole being.
And shakes you from the inside.
This strange and haunting need.
That will forever captivate you and turn you back and forth,
within the soft touch of Love's hands.
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