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Gyuwon Jul 2020
is it just me
or does everyone sometimes go to their poems page
sort by most popular
and admire your own work
Gyuwon Jul 2020
Hi Eliot
ik it probably sounds like a longshot but could you please add korean support to hepo so that i can post my writing in korean thanks uwu
Gyuwon Jun 2020
whats the point in covering yourself up
with pieces of overpriced fabric
when people see right through you

we can see that you are worthless

now cry

cry like the ones you bullied
cry for forgiveness that will never come

when it rains
it rains of disgust and shame around you

when the raindrops splash onto you
its spite coming from people youve hurt
Gyuwon May 2020
my poems
feed off of lost sleep
and slowing heartbeats

but when the mosters
hiding in the dark at night
won’t let me sleep

my poems
are what keeps me
from being overrun with fear
Gyuwon May 2020
dark mode in hepo
would be pretty cool

it might just be enough
to reflect our insides
Gyuwon May 2020
you know how,
some day
our hearts will stop beating
finishing our journey to see the ending?

you are dying
every second you live
and there is a mysterious beauty
in the sense that
living is just a process of dying

sure, maybe we are never truly dead
but if thats the case,
we were never truly alive in the first place

these are not words to mourn
my dying insides

but rather
a tribute

to the beauty of never truly being alive
and living while dying at the same time
Gyuwon May 2020
Never allow your tears
To become a full stop to your emotions

Let them be commas
Flowing as your heart wishes

You are not suddenly fine
After crying for five hours

Let the teardrops
Off of your cheeks

They’ll wash your pain away

And leave behind
Open spots
For happiness to settle in
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