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 Apr 2016 Rose Amberlyn
“You’re not mine,” I tell myself—everyday
Then you put a deep kiss on my lips
“You’re not mine,” I repeat myself
Then you spoon me like a blanket
“You’re not mine,” my voice shakes
Then you brush my hair gently and smile
“You’re not mine,” my eyes are wet
Then you speak my name like it was made from your voice
And my mind went blank—my heart forgot to beat
But it whispered softly, “I’m yours”
 Apr 2016 Rose Amberlyn
It's strange how things can shift
When you give them the chance
I didn't know that this could happen
But I smiled when you asked me to dance

And I would dance with you forever
My head gently pressed on your chest
I would laugh with you forever
While you claim we're the best

Your bright blue eyes and small little grin
Your faith in the world and in me
Make me want to lay with you forever
Under the shade of your most favorite of trees

Please hold my hand and rub my back
And never forget that very first night
Or the kisses you laid on my forehead
And everything in the world for once felt right
 Apr 2016 Rose Amberlyn
mike dm
your kisses were jade made live
lithe like crested waves
tumbling beneath eyes unpeeled
writhing into existence
crushes crushed
flesh spent
 Apr 2016 Rose Amberlyn
If my heart were a ship... It would have just sank to the bottom of the ocean
Whistle sounds, alarm beeps
Battle drums, my heart beats
Rising sun, crowing ****
It is here, riddle me

Silent bath, floating thoughts
Towel dry, connected dots
Tucked in shirt, shiny shoes
One quick prayer, banished blues

Speeding cars, crowded trains
Changing lights, fast paced lanes
Blaring horns, jamming doors
Quiet rides, bone-face walks

Smell the air, raise your chin
**** in chair, eye on screen
A sip of coffee and you know you'll win
Welcome to Monday, you can get through
Her eyes were yellow love
when she walked away.
Her pearl skin, thousand count;
so taut, smother ***** pound --
the steps beyond thought process
sullen, floundering less and less...

And when she becomes real again,
the hollowness, whatevered wan.
Broken, broken: he loves you
without any soul.
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