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Dance in the rain
Where no one can hear you screaming.

Dance in the rain
Where no one hears you crying.

Dance in the rain
Where you make all your moves
Till you're exhausted and you fall down

Dance in the rain
Where you'll rise up clean from the mud.

Rain inspired🌧️
pi, pi ,pi ,pi...
that's the sound
my ears could hear.
It wasn't deafening
for I couldn't bear
the emerging pain
that would fill my heart.

one three it's thirteen,
into the second month
of a hundred of days.
oh my! don't leave so soon
our anniversary tomorrow
to be marked by an event
of the probability of your existence.

Flowers to your bed,
I bring you a card
that you should read.
though you're unresponsive
I thought to read it out loud
Will you be my valentine?
and then you sneezed.

A poem of reviving love.
I hope y'll like it
I am 2 persons in one body
I pray to God and I hate the church
I love myself and I hate my neighbor
I pray for the sick and I **** with my tongue

I am 2 persons in one body
I am a Christian and secret sin is my hobby
I work in the church and refuse duties at home
I respect the pastor and despise my parents

I am 2 persons in one body
different personalities I portray
you can summon the one you want
whenever you need it. Hot or Cold.
I am 2 in 1.
The sun's down
I'm stuck at a crossroad
heading down town,
on a lonely road with a load.

The moon comes out
and dim is my torch light
Luckily, the street light's out
and on my path, it shines bright.

Now the light points to two directions
it's at my discretion to choose my path.
I realized I'm bad at making decisions
can't tell which would lead to my death.
I write out the way I feel
with words unable to express
the feelings I conceal
and a mouth unwilling to confess

my state of incompleteness
desiring to be not depressed
to retain my consiousness
my feelings are left unexpressed.

I've always wanted answers
I've always asked questions
became a freelancer
in line with my obsession

following this sequence
I'm exposed to life
with it's frequence,
I see the wildlife.
Pls follow for more.
I wrote this to check out what it feels like  rhyming
And your comments are needed
Pls encourage me
Thank you.
From the heart flows
the freshness of air
the warmth of touch
the glowing of eyes
the sound of a smile
the occasion of scene
the calmness of mind
the wings of time;
hence! The feeling of love.
your comments are welcomed
It's so hard this time,
the pain i feel in my heart
like it's gonna rip apart.
What i get when i suppress
the feelings and act all cool,
and then you care no more.

It's so hard this time,
the tears won't stop;
and it doesn't cleanse the pains.
How quickly time flies,
from friends to strangers
I miss you.
your comments and critics are welcomed
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