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  Mar 2015 Rebecca Lynn
Jago Lantz
It patters against the pavement
Drop after drop, splash after splash
Having realized its reason for repent
It shakes the world, clash after clash

Allons-y danser dans le plui
Ecoute a la orage
Le sang est dans les nues
Allons-y chanter avec courage  

I'm wading at the waste
Into a town with no name
My mouth is filled with a bitter taste
Leaving me with only the sky to blame

Allons-y danser dans le plui
Ecoute a la orage
Le sang est dans les nues
Allons-y chanter avec courage  

I hear the chanting of young girls and boys
Singing clear above the rain
It's a soothing sound, easy to enjoy
And I start to remember that I am indeed still sane

Allons-y danser dans le plui
Ecoute a la orage
Le sang est dans les nues
Allons-y chanter avec courage

Ah, there it is again
The voices from the other side
I raise my arms, wondering where they've been
And why they've left me here to abide

Allons-y danser dans le plui
Ecoute a la orage
Le sang est dans les nues
Allons-y chanter avec courage

I feel myself being lifted
Rising slowly from the lake
The voices say I have been gifted
And that I'm giving in for my own sake

And so the angels sing

Let us dance in the rain
Listen to the storm
The blood is in the clouds
Let us sing with courage
Sorry to those who don't know French. It's a lovely language, nice for poetry. The last stanza is a translate of the French ones. Title: The Blood in the Clouds
Rebecca Lynn Mar 2015
I try so hard, to remember her smile
the sound of her laugh,
the smell of her hair...

Can you see her?
Can you see her standing there?

Her eyes they stare, so cold and dark
No life is there, no light no spark

Can you remember?
Can you hear her cries?
Can you feel her touch?

Remembering so painful,
but forgetting is torture.

I want, I need, I crave, I beg;
but in the end, I fear the pain.

Her ghost still lingers, lost and alone.
She lies within my soul, she hides in my heart
She cannot die, but she cannot live
I need her still, forever I will
If you see her, please tell her
I need her still, I always will.
random thoughts of gibberish that were floating around in my heart this morning
Sometimes Loudly
Sometimes Silently
Yellow leaves have fallen,
Becoming dry
Passing through as the grained Sound on the Street

Slowly dark flees across the evenings
What an Illusion!
What Shadows!
Has Shuffled
The Past

Your form that creates metaphors
And what a wonderful feel
Through out its gravity
Night dancing,
When aroma of Night-Queen
Moving in the air,
Plays with the moonlit
As if Reminds
The First love Poem

Has burned within the form
Standing to fascinate
Away, a dense bunch
Of vine Forest
Bored Air moving
Listening the murmur
Of dried leaves
In the passing wind of banner
As if Someone Calling with
My old name

Restless Heart
Today is the tune that somewhere else
Like a flow
Of a distant river melody,
Surging waves of the attack
In the Strange night of Spring

Continuous grey leaves falling
Falling on the Floor
Whispering the words on the street goes through
What an Illusion!
What Shadows!
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
whispering the words on the street goes through/
Break me, break me
Tear me down
Hurt me, hurt me
Rip me up good
Just like I knew
You always would
Cut me, cut me
Watch me bleed
Pour salt in my wounds
Pretty please
Make it sting
Don't stop, don't stop
Get in there deep
Rub it in
Watch me bleed
Slice me, slice me
Split my heart open wide
You know all the painful ways
Most of which
You've already tried
No use in begging
I've tried to plead
No use, no use
Might as well
Just watch me bleed
Break this mirror
If you must
Use the glass shards
To cut me more
Crack me, crack me
If you please
But without the mirror
How could you
**Watch me bleed?
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
I fly across meadows of green
I swim across skies of blue
I row through mountains of grey
I sail across clouds of white

The world is my playground
Time can no longer contain me
I go where I will
I will where I go

To see the world as I see
To feel the world as I feel
I no longer live in the world
The world lives in me

consequences be ******
I go where my heart leads
To make the unknown
Known only to me
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
The morning sun slowly rises
Above the great white mountain peaks.
The cold wind blows unmercifully
Through the vast deserted valleys
The trees creek and moan
Under the immense pressure of the wind

As quick as the snow began
It now ceases
Lulling the landscape into a hushed silence
The wind has died
The falling snow no more
The tranquil scene lay untouched
In front of heaven's door

How much longer will this tranquillity go undisturbed
How much longer till nature awakens

Soon in the distance
A chick-a-dee is heard
Then a roaring bobcat
Nature is slowly unfolding
Her graceful wings of life

As the day passes
And the sun climbs higher
In the deep blue sky
The snow begins to melt
The brooks begin to bubble
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
Proud aristocrats
Lavishly decorated state rooms
A rigid separation of the social classes
A power matched by no other ship
Believed by millions a ship that God himself could not sink
A series of events set into motion
That none would ever realise until the final end

A ship that could match no other
In Elegance, glamour, comfort, safety or strength
The Lower classes separated by bars, locks and signs
Each on their way to a new life in America
That's all they ever wanted
Beating records despite all dangers and warnings
Was far from their thoughts and dreams

On a cold moonless night,
Black Death reaches out her cruel hands and inflicts The deciding blow on the unsinkable Titanic.
"This ship could not possibly go down, she is unsinkable",
Were words believed by all, and took many to watery graves
Far below the surface of the Atlantic.
Husbands torn apart from wives,
Fathers torn apart from helpless little children.
Ageless rules of the sea
Understood by all

"Women and children first",
The cries echoed across the empty ocean.
Time would never again see an ocean catastrophe so gripping or so large.
As the ship took its final plunge into the icy black depths,
The gentle music of Nearer My God to Thee
Will forever echo across the timeless sea,
To which so many lives were taken.
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