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Rebecca Lynn Nov 2016
His soul is old
His face is new
She did not care
Her love was true
Through time and space
she stood by his side
No distance too far
No enemies too big
She vowed to herself
To be with him always
but the time lord's curse
Had other plans
Fate ripped them apart
There was no turning back
Their fates were sealed
As the rapture closed
But sometimes, just sometimes
A story doesn't end
It keeps on going
and beats the odds
She searched and she searched
for the man who travelled in blue
She never gave up hope
When the moment came
When it was finally time
She jumped on the chance
And ran to his side
She was determined
This time it would be different
This time nothing could rip her from him
The war raged on
They battled and they fought
And the time lord became two
In the end they won
Victorious as always
As he took her back
To her reality before the boundaries sealed
Another farewell had to be made
Tears fell from her face
She didn't want to go
But he tried to explain
This time was not the same
This time there were two
And though in his chest beat two
In the other's beat only one
A gift to his love
Someone to love her
but most importantly
Someone to grow old with her
In the blink of an eye
He returned to his box
And flew back to the stars
As the rapture again closed
From the beginning of time
His fate stays the same
Watching everyone else die
Destined to live to the end of time
When all that's left
In all of time and space
Is the man with the blue box
And his memories of those he loved
And those he lost
The Doctor and his Rose
Little by little,
The colors of the fair are going to finish
One day,
It will be the end
  Of all the vagary

Slow decay of the days
This known Spring afternoon
  Turn to be fading
Going to be end

Who has left thy love
Thy hide all secrets in the heart
Days have lost within the days
Getting the path between the path

On what hope,
Loved to Back
And what means
   The life
Two days of this world
  One day you come
  One day you go
Know the hearts who are loving

On what for her mind cry
She who left her mind
In half of the way
How She grabs all the demands!
Whatever words She departed
In the Songs of despair

So Mind Say
Who is where
Who is for whom
Thy know
Not Anybody else
Passing the every moment

Such a colorful world
But this known Spring afternoon
  Turn to be fading
Slow decay of the days
Growing to fade your face
Going to be End

@Musfiq us shaleheen
decay of days

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  Mar 2015 Rebecca Lynn
Edward S
I've seem many things, felt a lot more,
I never quite got over my role in the Great Time War.

So I decided to flee,
In a blue box where my past would be far away from me.

Even when I would die, I'd just come back again,
With more burdens and scars for me to try and mend.

I often sit at the edge of space and think about all that I've done,
The sacrifices I had to make and the promises I broke, to protect the people who dwelled on the 3rd planet from the sun.

I'm a doctor, who can't even save himself,
My hearts are heavy and it's beginning to effect my health.

I've lost one person I really adored,
She was always so delighted to just go through space and sore.

But now she's gone,
I've lost an amazing pawn.

Although I'm a doctor, I can't heal everything,
I suffer too great and I'm not even able to sing.

All I'm able to say is Allons-y,
There's nothing much more I could tell dear Alonso.

Now I sit alone, on the edge of my blue box,
Watching the Earth go through another equinox.

I am the last Timelord of Gallifrey,
And here on the Earth I will stay.

Because here I am needed,
And with all my power I will keep the Daleks at bay.
Adventure **!  Allons-y!
Come on dear, follow me.

I don’t have a TARDIS, that I regret
But I beg you don’t give up on me yet

I can take you low, and I can take you far
Closer to your destiny, come out of the dark

Time and space are closer than you think
But please dear God, don’t ever blink

You might miss something of importance, you know
Just keep remembering that one day I'll show

My sonic screwdriver will guide the way
To a life for us, a life of play

I may not be The Doctor but dear there’s nothing we can’t do
My companion you’ll be, on the dark side of our moon

High and low, to travel to stay
I can’t ever forget that face

You and I are connected, please tell me you see
The Doctor and Companion, you and me
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