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Nov 2016 · 267
Time & Space
Rebecca Lynn Nov 2016
His soul is old
His face is new
She did not care
Her love was true
Through time and space
she stood by his side
No distance too far
No enemies too big
She vowed to herself
To be with him always
but the time lord's curse
Had other plans
Fate ripped them apart
There was no turning back
Their fates were sealed
As the rapture closed
But sometimes, just sometimes
A story doesn't end
It keeps on going
and beats the odds
She searched and she searched
for the man who travelled in blue
She never gave up hope
When the moment came
When it was finally time
She jumped on the chance
And ran to his side
She was determined
This time it would be different
This time nothing could rip her from him
The war raged on
They battled and they fought
And the time lord became two
In the end they won
Victorious as always
As he took her back
To her reality before the boundaries sealed
Another farewell had to be made
Tears fell from her face
She didn't want to go
But he tried to explain
This time was not the same
This time there were two
And though in his chest beat two
In the other's beat only one
A gift to his love
Someone to love her
but most importantly
Someone to grow old with her
In the blink of an eye
He returned to his box
And flew back to the stars
As the rapture again closed
From the beginning of time
His fate stays the same
Watching everyone else die
Destined to live to the end of time
When all that's left
In all of time and space
Is the man with the blue box
And his memories of those he loved
And those he lost
The Doctor and his Rose
Mar 2015 · 329
I Need Her Still
Rebecca Lynn Mar 2015
I try so hard, to remember her smile
the sound of her laugh,
the smell of her hair...

Can you see her?
Can you see her standing there?

Her eyes they stare, so cold and dark
No life is there, no light no spark

Can you remember?
Can you hear her cries?
Can you feel her touch?

Remembering so painful,
but forgetting is torture.

I want, I need, I crave, I beg;
but in the end, I fear the pain.

Her ghost still lingers, lost and alone.
She lies within my soul, she hides in my heart
She cannot die, but she cannot live
I need her still, forever I will
If you see her, please tell her
I need her still, I always will.
random thoughts of gibberish that were floating around in my heart this morning
Feb 2015 · 350
Fly Free
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
I fly across meadows of green
I swim across skies of blue
I row through mountains of grey
I sail across clouds of white

The world is my playground
Time can no longer contain me
I go where I will
I will where I go

To see the world as I see
To feel the world as I feel
I no longer live in the world
The world lives in me

consequences be ******
I go where my heart leads
To make the unknown
Known only to me
Feb 2015 · 575
A Winter Scene
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
The morning sun slowly rises
Above the great white mountain peaks.
The cold wind blows unmercifully
Through the vast deserted valleys
The trees creek and moan
Under the immense pressure of the wind

As quick as the snow began
It now ceases
Lulling the landscape into a hushed silence
The wind has died
The falling snow no more
The tranquil scene lay untouched
In front of heaven's door

How much longer will this tranquillity go undisturbed
How much longer till nature awakens

Soon in the distance
A chick-a-dee is heard
Then a roaring bobcat
Nature is slowly unfolding
Her graceful wings of life

As the day passes
And the sun climbs higher
In the deep blue sky
The snow begins to melt
The brooks begin to bubble
Feb 2015 · 757
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
Proud aristocrats
Lavishly decorated state rooms
A rigid separation of the social classes
A power matched by no other ship
Believed by millions a ship that God himself could not sink
A series of events set into motion
That none would ever realise until the final end

A ship that could match no other
In Elegance, glamour, comfort, safety or strength
The Lower classes separated by bars, locks and signs
Each on their way to a new life in America
That's all they ever wanted
Beating records despite all dangers and warnings
Was far from their thoughts and dreams

On a cold moonless night,
Black Death reaches out her cruel hands and inflicts The deciding blow on the unsinkable Titanic.
"This ship could not possibly go down, she is unsinkable",
Were words believed by all, and took many to watery graves
Far below the surface of the Atlantic.
Husbands torn apart from wives,
Fathers torn apart from helpless little children.
Ageless rules of the sea
Understood by all

"Women and children first",
The cries echoed across the empty ocean.
Time would never again see an ocean catastrophe so gripping or so large.
As the ship took its final plunge into the icy black depths,
The gentle music of Nearer My God to Thee
Will forever echo across the timeless sea,
To which so many lives were taken.
Feb 2015 · 5.6k
Bleeding Soul
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
My heart explodes
My soul it bleeds
Tears of blood
Streaming endlessly

The numbness spreads
The world so cold
The walls they close
Around this hell
Trapping me in
Its cruel embrace

The sun won't shine
The flowers won't bloom
The life that was
Now cold and bleak

The path behind
A chasm so vast
No turning back
Those dreams now lost

The path before
No escape I see
From this fate I chose
That smothers me

I fight, I scream
I fall, I cry
No words can heal
No compassion just

I fight to live
I refuse to die
But come what may
Come what might
My soul still bleeds
My soul still wilts
Killing me slowly
From deep within

Until some day
My hopes fulfilled
To see the sun return
and my soul revived
The tears will cease
And my soul will shine
If only that day
Would Be here now
Feb 2015 · 698
Am I Broken
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
the hours tick on

the battle fades

the dust settles

is it really true

is all that's left

just broken glass

shards of once was

pieces of our hearts

torn in a moment of misspoken words

and heated emotions

is that all we can ever be

past tense

were all those months

of pouring out our hearts

our souls

was it all to end like this

I miss the old us

before it broke

I miss my friend

I miss what we were

is there a way back

a rewind

a delete

or am I forever left with broken glass
Feb 2015 · 657
Brother Moon
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
The moon swings down low
Gently caressing the calm open sea
With its effervescent glow
Singing the world a lullaby
As it rides across the black night sky
Casting its light down upon
The mortals asleep below
Watching over them
And keeping the dark at bay
Till once again the moon rides on
Making way for his sister the sun,
Who will light the world,
With her warm, embrace
Heating the hearts of those who toil
Until once again she leaves the sky
Leaving only her brother moon
To serve as a beacon of hope
And guardian of all who live upon the land
Until she once again shines her light upon the world below
Feb 2015 · 4.5k
Burning Bridges
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
The path laid out ahead

is long and dark

but the path behind me

Is litered with rubbel

Smoke dots the horizon

Thick black smoke

billowing into the sky

marking the bridges I've burned

Alone and lost

no turning back

no place to call home

No other choice

but to trudge on ahead

Into the dark, into the void
Feb 2015 · 10.8k
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
At every step of one’s life
There are always
Two paths that divide
Two choices to make
Two ways to go
Do you wake up,
Do you stay in bed?
Do you love,
Do you hate?
Do you work,
Do you play?
Do you live,
Do you die?
Always choices to make
Always a different outcome
Behind each one
All living as one
As thoughts melt into one loud rhythm
In the end you will always return
To the same place
What would have been different
If you had chosen the road not taken?
Feb 2015 · 3.3k
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
The morning sunrise
A baby's precious smile
The cheerful colours of a rainbow
Are all very simple things
But all have the ability
To warm the soul
And to comfort the heart
Feb 2015 · 948
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
Our whole life is spent discovering
Discovering who we were
Discovering who we are
Discovering who we will become

The past is the anchor that holds us
And reminds us who we are
The present is the canvas on which we create
Who we are to become
The future is the wings
On which all of our hopes and dreams will soar

Our perspective on life is constantly in motion
when we gaze into the past
We gain an understanding
An understanding that was not possible when the past was the present

As we live in the present
We base all of our decisions on the knowledge
That we gained from the past
And from on our desires as we gaze into the future

As we look towards the future
It is a blank canvas on which all of our hopes
Our dreams
And our desires
Have the potential to become our present.
Feb 2015 · 2.2k
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
As I lay here watching you,
I begin to realise
Just how much I am falling in love with you

I say the words
Over and over in my mind
But I'm too scared to say them out loud

Everything is perfect when we are together
Almost too good to be true
You came into my life
At a time that I wasn't searching for love
But love found me

I've crashed and burned before
But when I'm with you
I have this undeniable feeling
That I'll never crash or burn again

With you I am complete
With you my search is over
I finally have my ever after
And there is no doubt that I have fallen
Completely and totally
In love with you
Feb 2015 · 971
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
I scream inside

But I cannot die

I have promises to keep

and volumes to write

but this feeling inside

is drowning me from within

My world of dreams

So beautifully constructed

So perfect and blissful

Now only bring pain

My dreams are so bright

My life so bleak

No paths leading ahead

no bridges leading back

Stuck in a loop

I cannot break

I can feel the cracks

As they spread throughout

my heart and my soul

How long can I live

with a fractured soul

How long can I survive

when all hope feels lost
Feb 2015 · 271
Full Circle
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
Lilies fall into the sea
Oceans flow along the abyss
Stars fly across the sky
The universe abounds full circle
Feb 2015 · 292
I Lost You
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
As I sit and gaze upon the date

A wave of sadness washes over me

I realise now, though it's too late,

Just how much, you meant to me

All those years, those 18 years

You could have been mine, I could have been yours

But instead I am here, and you are there

And time just keeps on, ticking by

Pulling us further with each hour

I have only myself to blame, for not realising sooner

For not seeing what we could have been

For not believing in you, for not believing in us

You were the one, and I was a fool

I'll never forget, those times we shared

the fair, the fudge, the midnight rides

You loved me true, like no other could

But I was shallow and I made mistakes

the bridges burned, the past is gone

I hope you're happy, you deserve the world

You deserve someone, someone to love you like you loved me

It's hard to believe 18 years have passed

since that day I chassed you for the fudge

You've always been my knight, my star, my one true love

But I was a fool, and I pushed you away

The price I pay, for my foolish ways

I lost you, I lost my heart, I lost my love
Feb 2015 · 548
In My Dreams
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
When life is grey
I escape into a world of colour
When my heart feels only black
I escape into a world full of passion and love
When my soul feels only torment
I escape into a world where my soul flies free

I close my eyes and into my dreams I escape
I escape to a world that only I control
A place where my heart can truly soar
I find you there
Alone and free
Seeking the same solace as me

I melt into your warm embrace
And for a brief moment in time
The storms without can not find me
They can not lash me with their bitter unrelenting blows
Here there are no tears
No hurtful words that tear at the heart of my fragile soul

But it can not last, this world I built
The dreams must end
My eyes must open
The world moves on, and demands my attention
Tearing me apart from this peaceful place I built
Tearing me away from your comforting touch

The colours return to grey
My heart returns to black
My soul returns to it's cage of torment
Patiently I must wait
To once again close my eyes
And find you there waiting
Only in my dreams.....
Feb 2015 · 232
In This Place
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
In this place I feel free
Free from all of life's
Never-ending burdens
Free from the race
Called everyday life

Time is eternal here
There is no schedule
No one to answer to
What I do here
Is mine and mine alone

My creations
My dreams
My aspirations
I answer only to me
I rest
I explore
I journey
I am restrained by nothing

The air is pure and invigorating
Here I am alive
Here I am safe
Here I can taste freedom

My sense's are connected
To the land around me
The scenery envelopes me
The simpleness of it all restores my spirit
And quenches my soul
Feb 2015 · 649
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
Ever seeking
Ever listening
Ever needing
The inspiration that abounds
Flowing across mountain peaks
As ferocious as a hurricane's gale
Seeping up through a dry river's bed
As gentle as a water's slow trickle
Ever finding
Ever hearing
Ever having
The inspiration that astounds
A booming voice calling out from the dark
For all the world to hear
A gentle whisper from deep within
For only your heart to know
Feb 2015 · 1.6k
Is There Light?
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
Millions of specks
Millions of people
Ever moving towards the light
Is there light at the end
Or is there only dark
Hearts keep beat
Breath keeps time
Our body
A finely tuned orchestration
Ever crescendoing towards the finale
Feb 2015 · 375
No Strings
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
You Say you are sorry
And as much as I appreciate the gesture
I say to you
Those words are not now, nor ever will be, needed
Because despite the distance
Despite what you felt you did
There is something more important
something greater and more lasting
Than the words "I'm Sorry"
And they are this
I love you
From the depths of my soul
From the depths of my heart
I love you unconditionally
I love you because I want to
Not because I have to

You could never in a million years fail me
Because no matter what you did
No matter what you are doing
And no matter what you will do
I will still love you
I will still be here for you
I will still be your friend
I will still be everything you want me to be

As the present ebbs away
And the future looms before us
There will be times
When the things we say to each other
Promises we may try to make
That life will not let us keep
But remember
You can never disappoint me
Because I love you too much
You can never fail me
Because I care about you too much

If I could move mountains
If I could perform miracles
You would be my daughter
And we would be under the same roof
And I would shelter you
Protect you when you are scared
Love you when you are sad
Be there for you always

But life isn't always fair
We both know the realities
Of how cruel the world can be
So from here, until the end of time
Remember these words
Remember them always
I will always love you
And you are ALWAYS forgiven
Before you even ask.
Feb 2015 · 951
Spring Nights
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
In the still night air
Winter's icy grasp can still be felt
But its grasp is faltering
No longer can my breath be seen

I can smell it in the air
I can feel it in my soul
The change is near
Spring will soon be here

The stars peer down from the heavens
They bless the magical landscape
With just a kiss of their light
Illuminating the frozen lake

The ice and snow give off a light of their own
Contrasting against the dark landscape
That envelopes the lake
And swallows it whole

The ground no longer crunches
Beneath my silent feat
Just cold and hard
As Spring slowly seeps through the cold winter landscape
Feb 2015 · 386
The Darkness Within
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
The blackness explodes outwards
From a place deep within
Enveloping the light
That once shone so bright

My heart it bleeds
My soul it aches
No hope arises
The horizon is bleak

I can no longer care
I can no longer hope
Death is all around
It creeps and it crawls
Into all of our homes
Into all of our hearts

In its wake there is ruin
It gives no comforting words
Only a pile of memories
That grow dim with each passing day

Leaving an image so bright
So vivid and real
Soulless eyes looking out
No more breaths she shall take
Only a shell left behind
A cold empty shell

Her touch is now cold
Her laugh long gone
Yet life moves on
Leaving her frozen in time

Those eyes they shall haunt me
Till the day I'm no more
When I too will be a soulless shell
Looking out through dead eyes
On a world that no longer sees
On a world that knows only death.
Feb 2015 · 415
The Road Not Taken
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
The past

A long highway of broken dreams

of unkept promises

of woulda coulda shoulda's

The choices were made

and time moved on

leaving me longing

for the road not taken

Thinking back, to the smiling faces

The friends who were there

The friends who cared

Bur pride keeps me moving

On into the night

the choices were made

There's no turning back

What right do I have

To call on them now

After so long apart

All I can do

Is to keep moving on

To hope for the best

And to try and forget

The road not taken
Feb 2015 · 1.2k
The Shadows of Your Soul
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
I can see into the shadows of your soul
I can reach into the depths of your heart

I can feel into the darkest corners of your mind
Your pain is real
But my love is true
You feel alone
But you never are
Your scars run deep
But time will pass
And memories will fade
Metal may cut
But words burn deep
Happiness may be fleeting
But words are eternal
As you journey ahead
And words are spoken
Words that cut and tear
At the very heart of your soul
Remember these words
Remember them well
For though I can not sit next to you
And shield you from pain
These words will stand eternal
A beacon in the dark
Hope when all feels lost
They will never be forgot
You are beautiful
You are loved
You are important
And you will NEVER be forgotten
Feb 2015 · 879
To Love Unconditionally
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
To love unconditionally
Is but a myth of the human soul
It is something that everybody searches for
Although few ever find
The path to unconditional love
Is littered with broken hearts and lost souls
What really is at the end of this path?
Unconditional love,
Or but a vision, a dream, of what
Each individual believes is unconditional love
But what really is the true meaning
Of unconditional love?
To love without any conditions
Without any barriers or walls
With total honesty
And without any hesitations
Loving unconditionally is not the same as loving forever,
By saying that you are going to love without end
Is giving your love a condition to stand by
Loving unconditionally is simply to just love.
Feb 2015 · 229
Unrequited Love
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
To want what shouldn't ever be yours to want
To need something that can never be yours to need
It just isn't fair
Why can't love just survive

Heart broke once
Finally repaired
Just to find out
I've fallen again

I just want to be loved
I just want to be needed
Why does fate have to keep us apart
Does he share what I feel
Does he know how I care

Hardly just met
Barely even friends
Why can't I just stop listening
To this messed up heart of mine

Fallen so hard
He doesn't have a clue
Is it me
Is it him
Or is it the circumstances that surround
Should I wait just for him
Only to find in the end
Another broken heart

Why do we worry so much about what is to come
why can't we be happy
To just live for today
Feb 2015 · 551
Your Brightness
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
Your brightness shines

a light to my soul

Your brightness brings

a warmth to my heart

You have a path

Set out ahead

a bright beautiful path

full of hope and light

You are special

And oh so full of potential

You'll reach for the stars

You'll shine your light on and

For whatever moments we have

As the world ticks on past

These moments to share

To smile and be friends

I'll cherish them forever

these moments with you

No matter what life puts between us

No matter how far apart it takes us

I'll never forget

And you'll always have a friend with me

Forever loved

Forever remembered
Feb 2015 · 269
Visions of Us
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
I close my eyes
And see visions of us
Together and happy
Forever in love
You are the one
The one that fairy tales tell of
The one that stays
the one that lasts
Never lonely again
You calm my soul
You make me whole
You are the one
Feb 2015 · 292
We are Human, We are Many
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
Perfection, Perfection
We must have perfection
We will assimilate
We will conquer
To all those opposed
Resistance is futile
One voice, many minds
One collective, zero individuals
How much time do we waste
Striving for impossible perfection?
How many lives do we destroy
AS we attempt to make all around us conform?
Perfection is futile
Living is imperfect
Living is life
I am an individual
I am one.....
Feb 2015 · 454
Tick Tick Tick
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
Tick tick tick goes the clock

Marking the passing of time

As I walk into a future full of unanswered questions

Every second another ‘me’ slips

In to a past full of forgotten moments

I die a million times, a trillion times, dying and dying

Always dying, Always forgetting who I was

Unsure of who I am and afraid of who I will become

Each second I breathe, each time my heart beats

A chance to live and a chance to die

Tick tick tick goes the clock

Marking the passing of time

Who is this person

Looking out with my eyes

Who were they, who are they and who will they be

For every moment I die

For every moment is now

For every moment that will be

For the past, for the present and for the future I see

When all seems lost, another dies and another is born

Tick tick tick goes the clock

Marking the passing of time

For all the me's that once lived

One at a time, in each second that's passed

Time does not slow, it marches on

Because time knows no bounds

Ever determined to bring me to the end

An end I fear, but know not its hour

But when I reach that moment, who will I be

Will I even know who'll be looking out from those cold lifeless eyes

Tick tick tick goes the clock

Marking the passing of time

A billion me's, a billion you's

To the end of time, To the end of space

When I look into my past, I mourn all my deaths

Some to be proud, some to regret and some to mourn

I hope, I breathe, I think and I cry

To the me's long lost, I'm sorry, so so sorry

To the me I am now, good luck and god speed

To the me that will be, allons-y, onward we go

Tick tick tick goes the clock

Marking the passing of me

— The End —