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Little by little,
The colors of the fair are going to finish
One day,
It will be the end
  Of all the vagary

Slow decay of the days
This known Spring afternoon
  Turn to be fading
Going to be end

Who has left thy love
Thy hide all secrets in the heart
Days have lost within the days
Getting the path between the path

On what hope,
Loved to Back
And what means
   The life
Two days of this world
  One day you come
  One day you go
Know the hearts who are loving

On what for her mind cry
She who left her mind
In half of the way
How She grabs all the demands!
Whatever words She departed
In the Songs of despair

So Mind Say
Who is where
Who is for whom
Thy know
Not Anybody else
Passing the every moment

Such a colorful world
But this known Spring afternoon
  Turn to be fading
Slow decay of the days
Growing to fade your face
Going to be End

@Musfiq us shaleheen
decay of days

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Adventure **!  Allons-y!
Come on dear, follow me.

I don’t have a TARDIS, that I regret
But I beg you don’t give up on me yet

I can take you low, and I can take you far
Closer to your destiny, come out of the dark

Time and space are closer than you think
But please dear God, don’t ever blink

You might miss something of importance, you know
Just keep remembering that one day I'll show

My sonic screwdriver will guide the way
To a life for us, a life of play

I may not be The Doctor but dear there’s nothing we can’t do
My companion you’ll be, on the dark side of our moon

High and low, to travel to stay
I can’t ever forget that face

You and I are connected, please tell me you see
The Doctor and Companion, you and me
 Mar 2015 Rebecca Lynn
Jago Lantz
It patters against the pavement
Drop after drop, splash after splash
Having realized its reason for repent
It shakes the world, clash after clash

Allons-y danser dans le plui
Ecoute a la orage
Le sang est dans les nues
Allons-y chanter avec courage  

I'm wading at the waste
Into a town with no name
My mouth is filled with a bitter taste
Leaving me with only the sky to blame

Allons-y danser dans le plui
Ecoute a la orage
Le sang est dans les nues
Allons-y chanter avec courage  

I hear the chanting of young girls and boys
Singing clear above the rain
It's a soothing sound, easy to enjoy
And I start to remember that I am indeed still sane

Allons-y danser dans le plui
Ecoute a la orage
Le sang est dans les nues
Allons-y chanter avec courage

Ah, there it is again
The voices from the other side
I raise my arms, wondering where they've been
And why they've left me here to abide

Allons-y danser dans le plui
Ecoute a la orage
Le sang est dans les nues
Allons-y chanter avec courage

I feel myself being lifted
Rising slowly from the lake
The voices say I have been gifted
And that I'm giving in for my own sake

And so the angels sing

Let us dance in the rain
Listen to the storm
The blood is in the clouds
Let us sing with courage
Sorry to those who don't know French. It's a lovely language, nice for poetry. The last stanza is a translate of the French ones. Title: The Blood in the Clouds
Sometimes Loudly
Sometimes Silently
Yellow leaves have fallen,
Becoming dry
Passing through as the grained Sound on the Street

Slowly dark flees across the evenings
What an Illusion!
What Shadows!
Has Shuffled
The Past

Your form that creates metaphors
And what a wonderful feel
Through out its gravity
Night dancing,
When aroma of Night-Queen
Moving in the air,
Plays with the moonlit
As if Reminds
The First love Poem

Has burned within the form
Standing to fascinate
Away, a dense bunch
Of vine Forest
Bored Air moving
Listening the murmur
Of dried leaves
In the passing wind of banner
As if Someone Calling with
My old name

Restless Heart
Today is the tune that somewhere else
Like a flow
Of a distant river melody,
Surging waves of the attack
In the Strange night of Spring

Continuous grey leaves falling
Falling on the Floor
Whispering the words on the street goes through
What an Illusion!
What Shadows!
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
whispering the words on the street goes through/
 Feb 2015 Rebecca Lynn
 Feb 2015 Rebecca Lynn
Oh, darling.
Isn’t it ironic how the time is after us?
As if it wants to be noticed
As if it gives us a clue
The clock is ticking
Keeps on ticking and it hurts my ears
As if it wants us to say goodbye

Oh dear,
How I wish I could spend no time with you.
Not because I do not love you,
but because I do not want to spend my time
just to say goodbye to you.

Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth fixing,
The clock on my desk has been broken for too long now.
The hands have not move, have not touch.
But time hasn't stop,
And every now and then a second laughs at my clock,
A minute brushes its side,
An hour smiles at the stillness.
Years have passed and my clock has remained unchanged, unrepaired.
It is frozen in a moment of time,
Still in a bundle of memories,
Trapped in the infinity of the universe.
I wonder if it's even worth fixing a brokenness that makes you feel infinite.
I wonder if a life that could end is worth more than a death that persists.
 Feb 2015 Rebecca Lynn
 Feb 2015 Rebecca Lynn
That blank, white, round face
Almost filled to the brim with apathy
As I regard it from afar.

Quietly ticking and tocking
Bearing witness to us all
Almost everywhere
As if to emphasize
The impossibility of escape.

It is omniscient yet knows
Telling us with 12 numbers
2 spinning “hands” and 44 small lines

It aggravates me
That men thought wise in ages past
Gave power to a thing so trite and unassuming
By desiring to order the abstract.

If I were to suddenly to abandon it
I may be thought of as insane.
But how can you not be
When it is not the sun
But the beat of
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
That continually spins the world?
object poem from Creative Writing
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