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 Sep 8 ranveer joshua
going home isn’t always
returning to a place.
it is returning to yourself.
I wear my heart on my sleeve
Right where I cut
Right where I bleed
 Sep 8 ranveer joshua
You once asked me if I could ever describe you in four words, what they would be.
I finally figured it out.
"control c, control v"
i know letters aren't words but ohhhhh weelllll (:
just the nod
is enough
to acknowledge
the common struggle
and to impart
a spur
to go on
Got a nod today.  Very happy to receive it.
Like a colony
Of ants--sin city in heat,
Hive of hyper queens.
(read forward, then backward, line by line)

I ran.
Not knowing what else to do
There was so much blood on my hands
It was mine
The kitchen knife
Caught in my chest
Consumed by
I was heightened by
But running on
Wasn’t enough
While trying to stay calm,
Losing control
It was me that would end up
Dead. Because
He was
In front of me
The whole time
It was too late
I found myself
Locked in chains
My fate was
Forward: from the victims perspective.
Backward: from the murderers perspective.

The sun takes her place
Nature's actors prep their lines
Songs ring out showtime
Since I ******* up my original morning haiku, had to write another.
Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark,
Now she's gonna play and sing and lock you in her heart.
Have a nice day y'all :)
Love is a verb, that needs to be shown.

Love is a verb, that needs to be seen also.

Love is a verb, that really needs to be pure.

Love is a verb, that needs to be showered.

Over others for Love is a verb, an action.

Love is a verb, that was already shown us.

Love is a verb,while Christ hung on that cross.

Love is a verb, Christ use action to reveal to us.

Love is a verb, for he died for us then rising back to life again.
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