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Jan 2018
My friend and I have names for each other when we need to channel our inner divas.  Mine is Beyonce Pad Thai.

Beyonce Pad Thai doesn’t care what you think because she’s too busy caring about what she thinks!

Beyonce Pad Thai doesn’t put up with your **** because **** is literally digested waste and she demands undigested life.  The life you use to the fullest without any waste!

Beyonce Pad Thai has goals you didn’t even know were possible.  She knows they’re possible because she writes them down every. single. day.  She works towards them every. single. day. and the universe gives her exactly what she asks for.

Beyonce Pad Thai doesn’t take offense to your words because she knows words come out of us and therefore they live in us and when we exhale them they’re more about us than the person they hit on the way out.

Beyonce Pad Thai is so awesome and fun she knows time spent with her is a gift.  When she gives you that gift and your lack of appreciation is apparent she has no problem taking it away and giving that gift to others.

Beyonce Pad Thai is done talking about you now.  She wants to find herself, in the crack of a newly opened book, in the b flat of a new flute song, in the sizzling sounds of a new recipe, in the times new roman of a dream job offer, in the middle of a twirl during her new favorite song, in the new comfort outside her comfort zone.  

10/22/2016 Amanda Powell
Written by
Amanda Powell
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