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  Jan 2016 pralay patra
Bianca Reyes
Endless love
Held on fingertips
Waiting to caress your cheek

Confession of love
Lingering on my lips
To dance with yours they seek
  Jan 2016 pralay patra
Matthew Goff
Secret worship in the eyelashes
Empty mirrors those eyes?
Or are they full of beauty and personal religion?
A heart that beats fast religion for the visual
Slow explosion
Glamour rain
Falls with the radiance of jewels
Upon the eyes
The satin of sparks
And I worship with **** breathing
A soft devotion like this can distance the heart
But one’s beauty is one’s happiness and excitement
An excitement competing with the world
A world where few things dazzle us
And inspire us to push our appetites into
The velvet arms of dawn
Or maybe that’s just the opinion of our
Worshipper of wet skies
she walks at the edge of my sanity
and knows she can cross the line
where reason becomes a distant thought process
where anger engages fear
and control is hers
where the power she feels
excuses her brief, uncontrolled period
of love
pralay patra Jan 2016
The philosophy of life is-
"There is no philosophy in life at all,
Anything could happen at any moment".
and in the final hour of destiny's call
she turned and ran like a scared child
I watched her golden hair
bounce and fall about her face
her eyes, her beauty intact
she looked back before turning a corner of pure light
that blazed me blind
only the negative image remained
for a few sweet moments
then burned away
into eyes that were raining
behind the deafening silence of the Sun
I know this piece leaves many unanswered questions...and that's exactly what I intended
  Jan 2016 pralay patra
Ryan Kane
Today I'm in love,
and my heart is dancing all around.
The butterflies buzzing in my stomach
show no sign of calming down.

Today the colors are brighter,
the air a little bit more fresh.
I woke up this morning
feeling more than blessed.

I cannot describe in full
the feelings I currently feel,
but to have her in my life
is a pretty big deal.

She's stunning, magical,
elegant, and blissful.
When I'm around her,
everything is so peaceful.

She's my super dork,
through the good and the bad.
Never have I ever
considered someone this freaking rad.
It kinda got 90s generation lingo there at the end :D

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  Jan 2016 pralay patra
Every day I sit down and begin to open my soul;
I bleed out onto the paper in ink; feelings becoming less whole.
But oh, what a beautiful release from within.
The secrets are out, no longer buried beneath my skin.
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