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if I'm
a law
there that
nightlife may
call their
case firm
tonight and
bewilder a
natural oven
with face
now melt
lawyers narrow
breadth while
done again
this time
in vain
a lawyer's breadth
I vicariously induce her
where deed is factoid
and she lie there my tack
that raze on her back
whether we might cherish this muse
and ride track that we expose alike
in the twilight
that wake chubs astream
and in this heat we kiss further
that curses are admired
as rules are acclaim
and we are never dying together
and this we sake in Jacob
in the manner we speak
a myriad
dice with
death that
she expose
gnaw to
friends and
catch flu
with symptoms
of abuse
then the
healing of
this inertia
in times
like these
that she
was nigh
Toledo money
has made
tv honey
wherein Tupelo
love is
luxury and
the maid
so revolutionary
that swept
the air
there constantly
but suddenly
she sipped
where Saint
Joseph on
her trip
from earthwork
a girl in fortune chest
chest dive
deep again
as treasures
sleep and
once witness
to vernacular
that really
wets woman
as she'd
snorkel with
pajamas but
passion ran
in her
chops and
Guba fjord
laid with
her countryside
a field of dreams
as Jacob's
ladder alas
chary puff
adder as
his ascent
harried suffragette
herein the
milkweed but
wary she
fled if
a rabbit
heard her
plea again
and butterflies
here like
epistle with
wind chimes
an ascent to god
luminary Sanhedrin
of California
Valley with
the mouth
of Big
Sur that
made island
their oasis
where Levites
Scholars bade
them Jerusalem
and where
Mormons would
praise Ottoman
and imperial
permitters mostly
left woebegone
a wrong of rights
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