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Xander Jan 2018
Copper melted around my fingers,
eyes on me
mine on your neck.
Candles always lit,
the light that cannot be contained in you.
Your body.
So bright.
Safety somersaults, caresses,
kisses, bites,
touches, grabbing, scratches.
Greed and lust together at last.
As you.
As me.
Us with no boundaries.
Skin to skin.
Spirit to spirit.
You to me.
He makes me happy.
Xander Oct 2017
[1] Set of earbuds. Black. Scratched and left to wither away.

[2] Dead pumpkins. Probable COD: baseball bat.

[7] Broken beer bottles. Some white, some amber, some still containing beer that has leeched into the cracks on the concrete.

[26] Acorns. I collected some for Mabon and Samhain. Some were close to shattering but aren't we all?

[85] Honey suckles that looked almost lavender. But they weren't.

[Too many] Different paths to go down.
Xander Sep 2017
i met a boy with hazel eyes
which was new to me
since i had only seen
seas and
forests and
burnt honey but
never a painting

he liked poetry that rhymed
which is the opposite of mine
i don't like to rhyme
but i tried and it felt too much like him
i barely knew him but i told him the
even when i knew he wouldn't like it
and he did me the same courtesy as it
destroyed me from the inside
so deep inside
that i didn't even know
i still existed there
i cried because he ****** me
and then ****** me over
and i hate myself for ever
falling so hard for those
hazel eyes.
I seem to be a drama and heartbreak magnet.
Xander Sep 2017
I thought I was a person.
A human.
That belief seems so absurd.

I wasn't living to you.
You could've called me Raggedy Ann.
Called me Barbie or Ken.

You did something crueler and called me by my name.


Why did you make me believe I'm alive?
Realizing I'm not important to someone who means the universe to me.
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