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 Dec 2015 Perveiz Ali
Your anger flares quick and biting,
Igniting a liquid hate, that races throughout your body
Absorbed instantly, it is poison turning simple love into ammunition
I am standing confused
Love is distant, your hands shake, voice booms, body vibrates
With heart pumping anger, you equip yourself with a sickening distaste of me,
I brace, hesitantly but expectantly,
You are ready for something I did not intend,
My tears make you bubble with malicious laughter,
This is quickly turning into an escalating disaster,
I am standing in front of a liability
You spit out a minefield of words, aimed to weaken and destroy me
I open upset lips to dish out my fury but nothing comes
Your anger parades around me, you're proud of your victory
I am empty in this fight, all I have is love
 Dec 2015 Perveiz Ali
You could walk
For miles
Till your feet bleed
In fact
And find
You're still in
The same
Dam town

Especially if
You walk slowly
And have the wrong shoes
Proper footwear both
Is very important.
I wail and scream and cry
my fists pounding against His chest
in rhythm with the nails in His hands
“Why. Why. I don’t understand”

My heart is breaking
My skin is sweating
My body is shaking
My fists are pounding

I am broken
I am angry

I feel Him start to move.
I see His hand reach out
and I prepare to be slapped.

But He moves some hair
that had fallen in my eyes
behind my ear.

He wraps His arms tightly around me.
Never letting go.

My pounding slows.
My shaking fades.

And I look up in shock
as I feel a teardrop on my nose.
I see water pouring from His eyes
as He weeps over my pain.

*My heart begins to mend.
 Nov 2015 Perveiz Ali
It's easy to dwell
On the dark side of life
Focus on the pain
But it isn't healthy
Or so I'm told
So maybe
Think about sloths
They're pretty funny
And if that doesn't work
I don't know
Try reading a book
Something not written
By Edgar Allan Poe.
I see you walk through the room
my heart like a cocoon, blooms.
I heard you talk about the things you love
and cant help to think that we both
fit together like puzzle parts.
But then I find the hole on my path,
the dragon that protects the tower,
the darkness that fills my room.
Its that, no matter how similar we are,
how perfect I think we could be,
when shyness comes in
the distance grow further
until you cant see me.
I'm just a point in the horizon.
 Nov 2015 Perveiz Ali
 Nov 2015 Perveiz Ali
One step closer, to the edge of insanity, towards the uncertainy, I am walking away from the mediocrity and towards who I want to be.
I am taking each breath, in and out slowly, this air is full of people's dreams that never made it, full of passion that has been sedated and the hopes that have become outdated.
See the children who dreamt of the wildest things ended up growing up and with responsibility on one shoulder and pressure on the other and so the life they discover, is not full of the magical dreams they had once yearned for, their younger escapades now unravel and they forget the life that they had once dreamed of, their hopes now expired and cast away.
And so I seek to escape this mundane maze, this game that life seems to have created, I want to crawl through the loophole.
 Nov 2015 Perveiz Ali
and so all i have
is a view of you
and all of your beauty
albeit from the sidelines

oh how i wish
i could reach out
to center stage
and ask for a dance

*but you don't even know i exist
I wrote this for you.
 Nov 2015 Perveiz Ali
She tastes like
a hot
On a cold
Winters day
She smells like
safety and home
She sounds like
The rain on
The window
On a rainy
summers day.
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