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May 16 · 371
Pandora dO May 16
The struggle against the current,
I never realised it was futile
until the moment I turned around
and looked over the edge
of the waterfall right behind me.

So I let go and gave in,
as the water gently pushed me along
straight into your waiting arms,
open, warm, and inviting.

Imagine my surprise
when I found you at the bottom.
© 2020
Pandora dO Apr 19
I felt a connection, I opened up
as you seemed to be different,
but you told me you weren't
a typical male one too many times;
the shine slowly faded.

The deep connection was superficial
but love still makes blind and I didn't see,
swept away by the waves of my imagination
showing me what could have been.

Your actions betrayed your words,
you said you didn't mean to,
but you were the moon, I was the tide,
pulled in and pushed away,
unknowingly part of a game
that I didn't understand.

I fell for your act but how easy it is
to not fall for who you really are
but let you go instead, and yet,
I don't grieve for losing you,
because you've always been fake.

I only grieve for a lost pleasant dream.
© 2020
Apr 9 · 48
Pandora dO Apr 9
There is only restlessness
'cause I want to move forward,
alas, I am limited
by the hours in the day.

Meanwhile I drown in chaos
as thoughts jumble together
and I struggle endlessly
lest they will drag me astray.

Deep inside my soul worries,
a tiny spark crying out,
can our body survive this
or will we both fade away?
@ 2020
Mar 29 · 423
Pandora dO Mar 29
My mind is a wilderness
with no way of disentangling
the mess that is my thoughts.

I struggle with unraveling
the troubles of my soul
as they keep growing unchecked.

I am lost in the thicket,
looking for tools to find my way,
and I wish I dared ask you
for help with finding my heart.
© 2020
Mar 28 · 45
I am a butterfly
Pandora dO Mar 28
I am a butterfly
hidden in my cocoon
slowly growing each day
awaiting the new moon
when my wings can unfurl
and I fly away, too soon.
© 2020
Feb 28 · 164
Too early to move on
Pandora dO Feb 28
You still feel warm in my embrace, like you always do.
Your scent still comforts me, like it always has.
You are still soft to touch like all these years before.
I am still afraid to lose you like when you nearly passed.

Yet I knew this wouldn't last forever,
however much I try to deny
that there is this thing called mortality.
I know one day I'll have to say goodbye,
I just don't think I'll ever be ready.
And though you're still here right now,
I already started grieving your loss,
which neither of us deserves
as we still have plenty roads to cross.

So I'll do my best and honor your continued presence,
spoil you with tasty treats and your favourite toys,
and create more memories of you for me to cherish.
© 2020
Feb 27 · 42
Acceptance of Change
Pandora dO Feb 27
Transitions are conflicting,
they cause a war inside me;
there's happiness yet sadness
for whatever might come to be.

The loss felt when I let go
of that which will disappear
might consume me, painfully,
but I will endure, don't fear.

It's time to face the changes
and ignore all of the doubts,
as better times wait ahead,
I know I'll be fine without.

Who knows how long it will take?
The path could be tough and long,
but it won't matter really,
'cause I know that I am strong,
© 2020
Feb 27 · 98
Nurturing Love
Pandora dO Feb 27
We are the sprout of a mysterious plant
which takes years to grow and bloom,
and whatever we will turn out to be
we will know once our petals open.

Until then, let's care for our budding flower,
giving her affection, stability, and comfort.
Yet, not so much as to overwhelm her,
lest she might drown in a shower of love.
© 2020
Pandora dO Feb 26
Endlessly moving in an orbit,
thoughts returning to you anew
as your pull prevents me, completely,
from going anywhere else.
© 2020
Feb 8 · 39
Pandora dO Feb 8
A short word that scares me,
as the meaning is majestic.

A short word that I don't like
because I hate saying goodbye.
May 2014 · 329
Today I Fly
Pandora dO May 2014
I always felt like I was swimming
and that I was doing so
in those vast oceans of Life.
There was nothing there to guide me,
so in circles is how I swam.

I always felt like I was drowning
in those wild currents and streams
that swept me anywhere, everywhere.
There was nothing there to keep me,
so in circles is how I went.

Now I feel like I am flying,
as if I suddenly grew wings.
I now know how freedom feels:
there is nothing that holds me back
now that I know where I should go.
© - copyright 2014 / PPdO
Feb 2014 · 509
Season Finale
Pandora dO Feb 2014
The air might feel cold,
but I do not care,
and as a chilly wind
blows through my hair,
I listen to the birds
that sing with great flair.

The seasons are changing,
the cold will pass soon:
that makes me happy
and over the moon.
O,  this happiness inside,
I could almost croon.

Days are more often
filled with the sun.
Warmth slowly follows,
but when the cold is done
none of that will matter
as Spring will have won.
Feb 2014 · 351
Though, Who knows?
Pandora dO Feb 2014
I search and I search
but I'm not able
to pinpoint the thing
that I'm looking for.

I look and I look
but can't seem to find
whatever it is
that I'm looking for.

I seek and I seek
but it's out of reach,
I cannot get to
what I'm looking for.

But I'll keep searching
for without a doubt
I know I'll come through;
I'll find what I ought.

And I'll keep looking
as I know for sure
that there'll be a day
I'll find what I need.

So,  I'll keep seeking
the much needed rest
that my heart craves so,
though, what it looks like?

Who knows?
©2014 - about my quest in looking for peace inside.

Feels incomplete, might add something later.  xox
Jan 2014 · 403
Before the Start
Pandora dO Jan 2014
I go outside
while it's still dark,
the sun hasn't yet woken.
Everything here's
still cold and stark,
morning hasn't yet broken.

All is quiet,
even the park,
the birds' words yet unspoken.
Nature's serene,
there is no spark,
peacefulness's yet unbroken.

Nothing's there to
have left its mark;
this day's still without tokens.
But, there it is!
The first dog's bark,
morning has finally broken.
© 2013
Jan 2014 · 521
This is for you, D
Pandora dO Jan 2014
I'm breathless.
You amaze me
Time and time again
By how beautiful you are.
And I keep asking myself this;
Are you really, really, here with me?
Are you never, ever, going to leave me?
Will you stay here, stay by my side forever?
Will you be my friend, as long as we'll live?
I'll cheer you up, as you'll cheer me up.
I'll guide you along as you'll guide me.
We'll be together through thick and thin,
We'll keep going and show them
We're good for each other.
You're the very best,
the most wonderful
Puppy ever.
© 2014
For my sweet little pup, Donder, who's not so little anymore (over half a year old now). He fills the hole Ollie left in my heart. For Ollie, check my earlier work.. (July 2012)
Jan 2014 · 325
In Thoughts
Pandora dO Jan 2014
You help me clear my muddled mind
when I'm in danger of drowning in thoughts.
You are there to put them in line
when they threaten to flood my core.

But what do I do when I have to leave?
What can you do for me when I ain't here?
What do I do when I need your help
and you're still across the ocean?

What do I do in that entire month?
What can you do for me when you're still there?
What do I do when I need your help
and you're still on another continent?

What do I do in those four weeks?
What can you do for me with only words?
What do I do when I need your help
and you're unable to give me a hug?

I bet I'd drown in thoughts.
Oct 2013 · 405
Living The Life
Pandora dO Oct 2013
A bright new day has started
by the sound of the alarm.
You start with a cup of tea
and a shower to get warm.

After this it's breakfast time,
a slice of bread or two,
while thinking of everything
that, today, you'll have to do.

First drive through busy traffic,
leave early or you'll be late.
Second, spend all day working,
which your family will hate.

Third, have lunch while working still,
as you have no time for rest.
Fourth, you'll be driving back home
through that busy traffic pest.

Fifth, you'll be eating dinner,
prepared by your loving spouse.
Sixth is watching the telly,
sit, all evening, in your house.

Seventh, you'll just go to bed
'cause there's nothing else to do.
Then, after a short night's sleep,
everything just starts anew.

Think about it for a sec,
is this really what you want?
Gonna live a standard life?
Well, I know for sure I shan't.

Want to do things I enjoy,
go wherever Nature goes.
Want to live in happiness
instead of living my woes.

I want to see world places,
not be trapped in my hometown.
I don't want to become known
as the woman with the frown.

No nine to five job for me,
I wouldn't fit the standard.
Though I'd like that cup of tea
to soothe my poor achy throat.
Copyright © 2013
Jul 2013 · 1.3k
Share A Lifeboat
Pandora dO Jul 2013
I walk along the endless shores,
trying to decide whether or not
I should plunge into the depths
of what this world has to offer.

As I step upon the grains of time,
one step more sure than the other,
I wonder what life will bring me
if I continue following this path.

The timeless beach takes me closer
to the next journey across time.
The water is calm and inviting, here,
and I’m curious to know what’s beyond.

The seas of the world are full,
filled with opportunities and chance.
I hesitate to take my lifeboat
to where Life is most unsure.

While the Seas of Life are disturbed
by storms of many lives competing,
I stay afloat closer to quiet shores
where life is still, in harmony with Nature.

Yet, when I meet another Life,
one who’ll guide me along, safely,
I know I’ll follow without a doubt,
as we’re stronger with the two of us.

Together, we’ll cross Life’s oceans
and journey with purpose to our goal.
We’ll share lifeboats and experience
until we reach the end, where we’ll grow old.
Copyright 2013 ©
Jun 2013 · 371
Senses (excerpt - 4:20)
Pandora dO Jun 2013
Of fair floral fragrances
and these colours all around.
All of it’s encircling me;
by my senses I am bound.
Copyright - 2013 ©
Pandora dO May 2013
Our small droplet friend
is ****** in by a root
and helps a plant grow
another inch to the sky.
Copyright ©  2013
It's been raining for days with no end in sight... But, hey, it does bring us new life!
Apr 2013 · 393
Back to Life
Pandora dO Apr 2013
Some book are dusty and old,
and since long were written.
The lovers sometimes feel cold,
but I still feel smitten.

As I love reading every book
and what really doesn't matter
is the way it starts to look
as time continues to pass.

'cause the story might be ancient,
but it will live again when I read.
An old, forgotten one (2009)
Apr 2013 · 1.4k
Towards the Sunrise
Pandora dO Apr 2013
Today, I drove towards the sunrise.
As the sun drew a rainbow in the sky
the world was painted in beautiful hues.
An idyllic sight I very much enjoyed.

As I drove towards the sunrise,
the sun changed faces.
From red to orange,
from orange to yellow
and all the colours in between.

While driving towards the sunrise
I would not, could not, stop looking
at all the beauty that surrounded me.
The world was peaceful, with a slight touch
of morning dew covering the earth.

Today, I drove towards the sunrise
and when it was over, too soon,
when the sun was high and yellow,
my only wish was that I could see
this gorgeous sight every single day.
Copyright 2013
Mar 2013 · 682
Moving House
Pandora dO Mar 2013

Up and down the wall.
For a long stroke, the key
is making yourself as tall
as you can possibly be.


Take care not to spill
as cleaning it is a fret,
it has its own will,
even more so when it's wet.


Now it's almost done,
there're no more walls to do.
Though the paint still has won
as we're all coloured too.
© 2013
Feb 2013 · 759
Leave me alone
Pandora dO Feb 2013
Storms are inside,
they come and go.
Leave me alone
But no, again
each time they come.
I feel helpless.

Tears sometimes pour,
sometimes drizzle,
flowing slowly
to a near stop.
Not fully, but

Just waiting, still,
to flow again
when time is right.
Not right for me,
never for me.
Only for them.

For their release.
They who hunt me,
never let go.
They bring the storms
with their salt tears.
I'm powerless.

No calming down,
not completely.
I wish I could,
but I cannot.
They won't let me.
Always present.

In the back of
my numb, tired mind,
the emotions
keep me on edge.
Leave me alone
but, no, they won't.
Copyright © 2013
I'd like to know what story you see in this, I'm curious...
(Don't let earlier comments distract you)
Feb 2013 · 512
Tender Heart
Pandora dO Feb 2013
Do you even know what you're doing to me?
No, you're probably too blind to see...
This is something hard to notice, I know,
so why does it still surprise me so?

I know almost no one'll love me for who I am,
just like there's no one who'll ever like spam.
Not often is someone admitted into my heart,
which is made of shards of glass.
So tender, almost falling apart.
Taken from my old collection, 2008 or 2009.
Feb 2013 · 1.5k
Imagination (haiku)
Pandora dO Feb 2013

without it, the world would be
nothing but empty.
Pandora dO Jan 2013
I believe that in Spring
the morning air tastes
like sweet honey.
Why else would all babies
be born in this season,
if not for the nutritious air?
Taken from my poem about the four seasons.
Jan 2013 · 660
Goose Bumps (10W)
Pandora dO Jan 2013
cold toes

s - r
e - o
e - c
k - k
i - e
n - t
g - s
on a
m i s s
i o
© 2013
Jan 2013 · 788
Mysterious Ways (excerpt)
Pandora dO Jan 2013
The mystery of life leaves me to ponder how
something so exquisite, per chance, exists
and how it out of such exquisiteness consists.
To Mother Nature I sincerely bow,
oh, how I admire her logic and her twists.
Taken from my poem about the beauty of Life.
Pandora dO Jan 2013
His voice is like no relaxation
that I ever experienced before.
Just a few syllables and...
****! I'm already gone.
Jan 2013 · 495
No Nothing
Pandora dO Jan 2013
Go on, go on...

Don't stop but
keep going on,
'cause we need to
keep working
all the day long.

Money doesn't come
to you by itself,
you need to work
and need to earn it.
Otherwise, too bad,
no food and no nothing.

But have you ever stopped?


And listened?
Have you listened
to what your body says?

Have you ever stopped?


And felt?
Have you felt
what your body needs?

Sitting still
and doing nothing,
it might be difficult
but take your time
and take your rest
when you need it.

As when it's too late,
when your body is spent,
when the burnout is close,
what will you do then
besides doing nothing?

No, nothing.
Jan 2013 · 480
Cause of Life
Pandora dO Jan 2013
It feeds,
it heals,
it sustains,
it grows,
it thrives.

It is everything
and everyone.
It never dies,
it's always around.

Without it,
there would be nothing.
Not you, not me,
no life at all.
Let's treasure it.
© 2013
Jan 2013 · 556
ADD (4:20)
Pandora dO Jan 2013
To have some more focus
would truly be a blessing..

Distracted way too easily,
as per usual.
© 2013
Jan 2013 · 481
A Felt Goodbye
Pandora dO Jan 2013
Mind is still turned off,
body is half asleep.
Touches seem to linger
for an eternity.

Your lips press on my cheeks,
one time for each.
I can still feel your kisses
minutes after you've left.

Your hand moves through
the hair on my sleepy head.
I can still feel your fingers
tenderly moving away.

I know I could come with you,
go downstairs, have breakfast,
hold your hand, hug you
and then see you off.

Yet I don't want to come,
it's selfish, I know.
I'd much rather feel this,
I want to feel your goodbye.
Jan 2013 · 884
Winter Love
Pandora dO Jan 2013
It's that time
of the year again.
Can you feel the difference?
A fire burning
in the hearth,
cozy candles burning

We're all cuddled up
on the couch,
covered in a warm blanket.
Drinking hot tea,
savouring the heat,
thankful for the beverage.

Wearing two pairs
of pajama pants,
'cause otherwise it's too frisky.
The weather's cold'n'wet
but inside we are,
warm, dry and cozy.

Sitting together
while talking softly,
now and again
exchanging a kiss.
Seasons of rain and snow
brings us even closer.
© 2012
- I like finding lost papers with words on it... you too?
Dec 2012 · 403
Year's Ending
Pandora dO Dec 2012
The time turned to 0:00AM,
on the first day of the new year,
for the first time in Australia
and her first time zone.

Since that moment a gigantic wave
of the most colourful fireworks
has been travelling across the planet.
© December 31st 2012
- Happy New Year x
Dec 2012 · 873
Sleepy Head
Pandora dO Dec 2012
I wonder why that one half
of my still sleeping mind
has the audacity to say to my bladder:

"You're acting silly, there's no need
to find this bathroom of yours,
we all should just keep sleeping.
No, there's no need to hurry,
you're acting like a child.
You shouldn't seek attention like this.
Just go back to sleep,"

while I just,
really really really badly,
need to take a ***.
Pandora dO Dec 2012
Music plays throughout the world,
an intriguing composition filled
with millions of different parts
spread all around the orchestral planet.
Dec 2012 · 678
For our sweet dog...
Pandora dO Dec 2012
Our dog was the best,
full of joy and so sweet.
It's too bad that you and him
can no longer meet.

He passed away recently,
it's been almost half a year,
but still I can't help crying
all these new tears.

He already had health problems
for quite a long time,
yet he kept going strong
as if he was in his prime.

Three months before his death,
in our lives a pair of ladies entered.
He didn't like them at first,
but eventually he surrendered.

He knew we'd be guarded
even after he'd gone.
That's when he gave in
and when the illness won.

The girls will stand guard
as our Ollie once would,
but holding him close again,
is what I wish I could.
Oh, how I miss him :')
Nov 2012 · 693
Winter Sunrise (4:20)
Pandora dO Nov 2012
Far above the barren land
and the bare, grey trees,
the sun rises and paints
warm colours on the sky.
Nov 2012 · 601
With or Without
Pandora dO Nov 2012
He is the one who calms my mind
every single day of the week.
His touch is the one thing
which ceases all my thoughts.
With him near, there’s nothing
inside my mind to worry about.

Every single day of the week
he's able to help me relax.
When his arms embrace me,
a warm calmness surrounds me.
With him near, there’s nothing
that can take away the peace.

He’s able to help me relax
by just being there for support.
His hand in mine makes me strong,
he’s always there to pull me along.
With him near, there’s nothing
in the world that I can’t do.

By just being there for support,
he does so much for me.
With a smile he makes my day
and with his jokes he cheers me up.
Without him there’s nothing,
nothing at all, in my life.

He does so much for me
and I can’t thank him enough
for being part of my life.
© 2012
Nov 2012 · 686
Autumn Wind (square stanza)
Pandora dO Nov 2012
Leaves     rustling       in             the                 wind
rustling    makes        quiet        noise             ominously
in              quiet           motion    they're           moving
the            noise           they're    making's        everywhere
wind        ominously  movi­ng  everywhere   possible
© 2012
Nov 2012 · 3.0k
Sibling Love
Pandora dO Nov 2012
When my youngest brother was born,
I was angry at him before he'd uttered a word.
I was as furious as a little six year old could be,
because he turned out to not be a girl.
Nov 2012 · 597
Bird's Head
Pandora dO Nov 2012
.                                         tweet tweet tweet
                                     tweet tweet tweet tweet
                                tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
                            tweet tweet  EYE   tweet tweet
                           tweet tweet  tweet  tweet tweet tweet
                      beak beak  tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
             beak beak beak   tweet tweet  tweet  tweet tweet
  beak  beak  beak  beak  tweet tweet  tweet tweet tweet
          beak  beak  beak   tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
                  beak beak  tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
                               tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
                                  tweet tweet tweet tweet
                                    neck neck neck neck
                                       neck  neck  neck
                                        neck neck neck
                                        neck neck neck
© 2012 - giving this a try...
Nov 2012 · 592
Winter Blues
Pandora dO Nov 2012
Even though Fall is beautiful
and the world is decorated
with crimson and golden,
I cannot help but feel disheartened
as I see Earth's cycle near its end.

Then, when the temperature lowers
and Earth freezes over,
nothing is there to prevent me
from getting the Winter Blues,
as Life seems to whither away.
© 2012
Nov 2012 · 462
Ups and Downs
Pandora dO Nov 2012
It is quite strange
how an entire day,
which passed so beautifully,
can be ruined

by only one,
Pandora dO Nov 2012
The paint on my paintbrush
may have already dried,

but remember, I did not leave you,
even though I died.
© 2012
A fictional piece, where painting is a metaphor for what is accomplished in life.
These are four of my favourite lines.
Nov 2012 · 752
A Birdy Ending
Pandora dO Nov 2012
The birds are flying happily,
round and round in the tree.
From branch to branch they hop
or to the ground they drop.

They spied the food hanging there,
only they weren't aware
of the cat slowly crawling near,
if so, they'd be trembling in fear.

For where there are birds dining,
the cat finds its next meal by diving
onto a poor unsuspecting bird.
Such an awful ball of fur.

But, don't fret, birds use their wings
to fly away fast while they sing.
The cat's angry but it was impend
that the birds should have a happy end.
© 2012
We hung up bird food in the yard,
too bad the many neigbours' cats
now have more reason to visit us.
Nov 2012 · 595
Why so stupid?
Pandora dO Nov 2012
I'm wiggling my toes like mad
and my eyes continuously move
around the room nervously.
I wave my arms like I'm crazy
and I keep asking myself, why?
There's no way I can sit still
for the entire eternity of an hour...
A freaking hour for each layer.
Oh, ****, why was I so stupid,
why did I want to paint my nails?
© 2012
I'm bored but thank Heaven for my touch screen phone.
Nov 2012 · 704
It doesn't smell like...
Pandora dO Nov 2012
Returning after a school trip,
you're excited to be home again.
Can't wait to walk up the path,
glad to see the familiar terrain.

You open the front door and
take a deep breath through your nose,
expecting to smell the familiar scent
of that which you hold so close.

You stop dead in your tracks,
so very short no one notices it,
it's something you never expected
and something you'd never admit.

Something in the air changed,
the air that fills this place.
You used to regard it as home,
yet now it feels like outer space.

The thought keeps returning,
it doesn't smell like home...
and then you ask yourself,
oh, where has the time gone?
© 2012
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