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oh me oh my Nov 2012
They ask me if I still love you.

I blush, grin and say;

of course.


Because your eyes are of the most utter ocean blue,

but other days they're the currents of the stormy grey sea.

I see a current of salty water, deep, once blue, but now a faded grey.

I see a bundle of darkened grey clouds in the distance,

and the thunder rumbles from your irises,

and I hear it pound in the back of my mind.

I wonder if you knew.

I see a spark of lightening flash, only once in a while,

while you look at her.

My throat corrodes with bile.

She says she sees green demons lurking in the depth of my own ocean currents,

and I shrug.

What am I supposed to say?

I know you think about her.

Night and day.

The hardest part,

is a generic, old saying.

If you love them,

you let them go.

If they love you enough to stay,

or to come back,

you never let go.

But you haven't come back.
EDIT: Wow. Never expected this to blow up as big as it did. I thank you all so much!
EDIT: 2/15/14
i would say i never loved you, but that is a lie.
they say that your *first* love makes *you realize*, your first *love* wasnt really your first.
i pray for the day this happens.
*getting over you was the best thing i ever did.
and i did it for myself.*
so, one last:
EDIT: 9/14/14
i still hate you.
and you don't deserve her.
EDIT:   12/01/14
im sorry. you still arent
the same person
and neither is she.
but we all grow up.
24.3k · Jan 2013
i pushed her in
oh me oh my Jan 2013
I had
drowned in
those ocean currents
they call eyes.

Slipped away,
not a word outspoken.
Strangled with glacier hands,
fingertips of salt and
thunder cottoning my

You wanted to save me,
but I could not tell you
over the salt eroding
my throat,

that you were the one drowning me.
17.8k · May 2014
oh me oh my May 2014
she hates me.
she doesn't know me.
she took him away.

her eyes are brown but they're tinted green with the scales of the monster that lurks beneath.

her fingernails are short but they grow sharp into claws and take him away from me because of the green monster that lurks in her fingertips.

her words are sweet but they cut me with the teeth of the green scaled monster that inhabits her tongue.

and he lets her.
and he lets her.
and he lets her.
i can't stop running to him.
9.2k · Oct 2012
I was blind.
oh me oh my Oct 2012
You picked me off of the damped earth,

dusted leaves and years of dust away,

sealed my cracks with kisses and tape of woven eyelashes.

I was afraid,

but I wanted to love you too.

So I said I would love you,

no, i promised.

That I would love you if you promised me this --

that you would never, ever leave.

your fingers were crossed.
3.5k · Apr 2013
medical overdose
oh me oh my Apr 2013
he tells me the
words she does
not care to read,
nor understand.

his words
are narcotics,
rolling thick
off the tongue,
fat and vain.

i tell him the
words she does
not care to read
nor understand.

my words
are flesh wounds,
festering and
to the stomach.

he's a medical
to numb the
brash and pain.

i'm an angry
hornet through
your heart
and your mind,
livid and

thick through
your veins,
eyes a blur
and head a fog,
he's a medical
with mind of
a syringe
and tongue
laced with
3.5k · May 2014
i am so sorry
oh me oh my May 2014
i need someone to tell him i am a train wreck and he's headed straight for it and he's not stopping and he's destined to crash and burn hard.

i need someone to tell him he's going to get attached and his green eyes are gonna turn red and he's gonna hate me.

i need someone to stop me from ripping open his chest and snatching his heart heart and eating it whole and watch him bleed and not be sorry.

i need someone to stop me because he doesn't deserve it because i cant make myself look at those green eyes and take my hand out of his hair.

i just need someone.

he doesn't need me.
i am so sorry for the train wreck you will burn in.
2.3k · May 2014
move on.
oh me oh my May 2014
i thought.

you tasted like lust and you smelt like wintergreen and your hands were feathers and tickled my skin.

i know.

you tasted like skoal.
you smelt like smoke.
your hands felt like regret.
that's all you left me with. regret.
oh me oh my Oct 2012
At a minute till three,

that's when the demons come for me.

They come in all shapes and forms,

forked tongues and chariots of rotting thorns.

They come to my makeshift stand of vials,

but tonight they look displeased.

"Needs more, needs more, needs more,"

they glare with hunger.

"What does it need?"

I'm beginning to sweat desperately.

One with a rotted forked tongue and acid eyes stares at me,

waves a skeletal hand and they merely leave.

The next batch I bring,

it glows a brighter, toxic green.

They come hungry, slithering and crawling.

They ask me what's in it, forked tongues and skeleton fingers sprawling.

I grin and say,

scorn of a grandfather,

shame of a grandmother,

dying pride of a father,

and the lingering hope of a ***** mother.

They buy me out,

one even whispers,

"How stout,"

and they lick the green out of the vials,

all  clean.

But that's alright,

this is what I wanted.

But sit tight,

even though this story is over;

the next one begins in brighter, maybe even perfect

fields of red clover.
1.5k · Jan 2013
Survived Alone
oh me oh my Jan 2013
I had hoped
she would suffer
the same fate as I,
salt kissed bruises harsh
against the ivory of her neck,
salt lingering between her tonsils,
drowning in the ocean of those eyes.

He saved her.
This is a follow up of my other piece, .
1.5k · Dec 2012
Listen to me.
oh me oh my Dec 2012
Listen to me.

Don't fall for the boy with curly brown hair.

Don't fall for the boy who treats you with a blanket of clouds,

and when he sees you he floats into the open air.

Don't fall for the boy with utter oceans in his eyes,

Don't fall for him when he writes you songs.

Don't fall to fix him when you see the sad grey clouds in his ocean eyes,

Don't fall for him when he sings you his songs.

Listen to me,

take my advice.

Don't you dare fall for the curly headed boy with ocean blue eyes.
I can only wish someone had told me these words of advice.
oh me oh my Jun 2013
his eyes are
galaxies of planets
and orbits
and you see stars
so clear you can
map every single

he looks at you
like you're his home
like you're a planet
and you've
wound him deep
into your orbit

because that's what
he needs and he knows it

and he looks at you
like you're the only
thing he's got in the

because you are
you're his home and his planet
you're his galaxy and his stars
Who says I can't write about spock and kirk
1.4k · Dec 2012
The Heat of December
oh me oh my Dec 2012
It's 70 degrees in the middle of December.

I lie alone.

I listen to my fan drone,

I think of us.

I used to believe

it was rather indubitably meant to be.

I used to believe you would always be there,


I used to believe there would never be a time,

I would never see a time when you would be through.

When you would give up.

I let you in,

you let me keep you in my own private aluminum tin.

I kept you and I loved you.

I think now,

I think of your ocean eyes,

I hear the thunder crack in the crevice of my mind,

I feel the green demons flash from eye to eye in my own oceans,

I can do nothing but sigh.

Like the heat of December,

we were flaming.

We were 70 degrees,

We were 80 degrees.

I hate you like I hate the heat of December.

In this 70 degree weather, I think of you,

I think of her.

Because I loved you, I made you go.
1.4k · Sep 2014
oh me oh my Sep 2014
you listen.

when he tells you

when he tells you

when he tells you

when he tells you

you listen.
because im your father, and you have to respect your parents. you're just 16, you don't know anything. you won't succeed, you'll be just like your druggy brother, your other drop out brother. you're just like my bipolar ex fiance, that's the kind of stuff she would pull, you know better. you don't need that medicine, just get over it. you're going to hell for believing in that, you don't know any better, you're just 16. you are so disrespectful to sit there and talk back to me. you're wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong, im always right, you're only 16, you don't know anything. youll grow out of it, you need to do better, you need to try harder, you'll never amount to anything. you need to stop, you need to listen, you need to think. why are you crying because i raised my voice to get my point across, you weren't listening, you should've known better, you need to hear the truth. you need to get your act together, you're 16. you don't need to say things like that, you don't need to go there, you can tell them you can't go, you're only 16.
1.3k · Feb 2014
oh me oh my Feb 2014
red bloomed across my skin,
you told us you were riddled with sin.
my nails dug into the hide,
you wouldnt let down your pride.
my hands furiously shook,
you couldnt admit you were a crook.

tears gathered in my eyes,
you swore this time you werent high.
you said dont leave me in jail,
it's the same as ****** hell.
your face was gaunt,
but i spoke naught.

i am not sorry.
do not ever do ****, please.
1.2k · Jan 2013
oh me oh my Jan 2013
silence slipped fingers
against my lips

silence struck metal
against my hips

silence slipped the
grainy film from my eyes

silence broadened me
to how this world lies

silence had grabbed
me by the cheek

silence said that
to cry was weak

silence taught me
how to look you right in the eye

and lie.
1.2k · Jan 2013
Smile Dear
oh me oh my Jan 2013
There are times,
too far many,
the spaces between them are fading,
becoming slivers of slight reassurance.

But there are times,
when I no longer feel like a person,
no longer feel human,
cold to the touch and lifeless.

There are times when I fade into the background,
far too many,
watch the people pass by.
Sometimes, I muster the courage,
let my fingertips ghost along the skin of their arms.
Watch the bumps form, fear lingers in my eyes.

Most don't turn,
they're used to us.
They don't leave a glance, don't turn,
don't face us.
It's disgust, but also fear.
They don't want to become like us,
hollow, spaced and cold to the touch.
They like warm, soft skin, glowing white teethed smiles
and lively eyes.

But, there are some, who turn around and leave a lingering glance.
Most don't see us, let their eyes leave us before they're focused.
They fear us, they're young, they don't understand.
Most of us feel twinges of guilt when they're startled,
turn on us wide eyed with panic swarming in their eyes like hornets.

The others, they're different.
There's a few, the ones who take the time out of their day,
smell the roses and are grateful for the small things.
Never take advantage, always gentle, kindred souls.

They don't flinch when they feel cold grate against their warm skin,
don't flinch when they meet the putrid hollow of our gaze.
Don't run away, don't break out into a cold sweat.
Most smile, a warm, friendly grin with paint white smiles.

I used to believe he was one of them,
would guide me from the dark of the background
into the light and introduce me to life.
oh me oh my Jul 2012
Her cigarette laced breath,

her promises that she'd quit,


I remember it clearly.

Hair bleached with the roots brown,


I remember it clearly.

Green of her eyes murked with swampy brown,

Surrounded by eyeshadow and poorly drawn eyeliner,

Surrounded by crows feet and clogged pores,

I remember them clearly.

Barbie nose,

Bridge lithe,


I remember it clearly.

Everything about her was frail.

Wrists of a 9 year old,

bones of a 70 year old,

her body wasn't her age.

I remember.

I remember,

Her crooked back,

Stooped with age and baddened posture,

I remember it clearly.

Her rotten teeth,

Her eating disorder,

What did you eat today?

It was a habit to ask

She doesn't think I remember,


I remember.

I remember my mother.

You left me.

but I remember.
1.2k · Sep 2013
oh me oh my Sep 2013
i am
worn smooth and clean
i drift
from place to place

i cant
i float

i drift

i battle
the angry rapids

i float
into others
get hung up for a while

i want
what every other

i want to be washed ashore
nothing left
nowhere to be
nothing to lose

i want to be worn smooth
and clean and paled by the sun

i want someone to see me
on the shore
gleaming in the sun

*i want them to take me
home and make something of me
because im not making anything of myself
im lost and unhappy
1.1k · Aug 2014
i ruin lives.
oh me oh my Aug 2014
some girl muttered,
under her pretty breath,
through her bubblegum round lips-

that i was a train wreck-
a walking,

and i agreed.

because i'm not a beautiful suicide,
i didn't land on the top of a fancy limousine,
i didn't leap from the top of the empire state building,

i wreck full force and careless,
i wreck into others without braking,
i wreck in the middle of absolutely no where with no one to care
i wreck in small towns and i ruin lives.

i ruptured their organs
and i ripped their flesh-
i ruined their bones
and i ripped their ligaments-
i readjusted their joints
and i ravished their brains.

i slit their throats and
just so i wouldn't feel alone
they were the same as me.
Sometimes I get really upset during showers and remember I'm not a very nice person. I haven't cut in almost a year- 10/22/13.
1.1k · Sep 2012
oh me oh my Sep 2012
His body is covered in ink.

Not mistakes, like they think.

Just ink.
1.0k · Mar 2013
where have you gone?
oh me oh my Mar 2013
between the marrow
of your bones,

in the depth of
your shoulder blades,

beneath the ligaments
of your heavy hands,

maybe even underneath
the corneas of your seas,

you have to be in there somewhere.

the you that i used to know.
1.0k · Apr 2013
i am hellbound
oh me oh my Apr 2013
ill swallow
my words
ton by ton
and choke
on every
This seems pretty weak, but I'm trying to get back into my writing. I've hit a rough patch, ran out of people to go to.
1.0k · Feb 2013
oh me oh my Feb 2013
they can say
opposites attract
but they don't
ever say what happens
when they meet.

we're bleach and
black clothes
and we leave each other
stained and pink and raw
and neither is the same
when it's over

one can't forget the other.

i'm bleach because
i can crackle your throat
i can sizzle your tongue
until it snaps repeatedly
words you'll never mean
and i can make you bleed

you're black clothes because
you mask others because
you want the spotlight
and i can ruin that with a drop
and i relish that thought

they can say
opposites attract,
but they never
can say what happens
because you and i
are the definition
and we know it all too well
oh me oh my Nov 2012
I fell for you,

yearned for you,

trusted you.

Hell, I think I might've even loved you.

But you let me fall,

and believe me, I miss your calls,

but I think I might miss you, too.

Atleast I think I do?

Or maybe, hopefully, it's just the idea of you?

Yeah, I think that's what made me love you,


But, I think, maybe, just maybe,

I still love you.
1.0k · Mar 2015
oh me oh my Mar 2015
im sorry
i make your heels bleed from the eggshells,

im sorry
i bury landmines between your toes,

im sorry
i make you choke on your soft words.

im sorry i sail away.
same old same old
1.0k · Jan 2013
And she can
oh me oh my Jan 2013
Attributions I cannot give;
ukelele playing,
and unmarked skin.
1.0k · Dec 2014
oh me oh my Dec 2014
my thoughts have become wasps and my brain is a nest
and the angry red jagged lines keep weeping from my thighs,
and all i have to say is,
because i cant change,
and i cant stop my hands from trembling;
and the dark rings under my eyes are big enough to swallow me whole
and i wish they would to save me—
997 · Jan 2013
two thousand twelve
oh me oh my Jan 2013
lost my muse
lit his fuse

raised his fist
he ******* missed

bruised in the floor
he broke the ******* door

found my hidden blades
forgot too many birthdays

scarred up thigh
brothers off his high

broken glass
he finally cut the ******* grass

blue eyes grew green
blue eyes grew an alcoholic sheen

cried too many tears
they were pent up for seven years

broke down
she got her crown

she was homecoming queen
what a ******* ugly scene

pushed him away
pushed him away
pushed him away

let him in
shes too thin

he gave up anyway
he gave up anyway
he gave up anyway

blue eyes are dead
blue eyes are dread
blue eyes are dead
blue eyes are dread
lost the will to write, its late at night, person experiences galore, alright
991 · Dec 2012
I'll wait for you
oh me oh my Dec 2012
Nothing could ever pull, take me away from you.

No one could ever say a word,

a single word that would make me not love you.

I could never do anything strong enough,

nothing to the slightest to make me not love you.

I'm wrapped around your finger,

tightly coiled.

Instead, I tell you to go after another before she slips away,

like I, too, let you stray.

But, I remind myself, as I wait,

if we're meant for each other,

the opportunity will come again some day.

And that time,

I will never let you stray.

I promise to love you each and every day.
987 · Jan 2013
I Helped
oh me oh my Jan 2013
There were times when you
me to tell,
let you unravel the cord wrapped
so tightly wound around
lies, secrets, ghosted and deadened emotions.

You weren't surprised when
the cobwebs latched in my throat,
eight legged creatures in the bend of my spine

You didn't turn around
from the ghastly sight,
nor shield your eyes.

You grabbed a broom,
grabbed a shoe.
Gathered away the webs,
swept in a pile.
Murdered the creatures,
washed the evidence,
cleaned smooth.

You grabbed a chair,
no, grabbed two.
One for me, another for
my feet.

You insisted
so incessantly.
I agreed.

You unraveled the thread,
started at my head.
Through my frontal lobe,
straightened my two crooked front teeth,
loosened my spinal cord,
kissed my scarred thighs,
lingered on my faded striped forearm,
held me close.

You gained the keys
to each and every lock.
Heard every story,
kissed every scar.

It was a sad day
when you threw the keys.
Into the black river,
threw it all away,
and instead caught her.
oh me oh my Mar 2013
tongue forked with venom
gums intertwined with sorrow
throat of stomach acid
teeth clacked with drowned dreams
stomach empty with regret
eyelashes woven with disgust
blue eyes definition of dread
lips twitched with anxiety
cheekbones hidden beneath cobwebs
skin scarred with silence

brain gave up and gone to waste.
964 · Feb 2014
oh me oh my Feb 2014
i said,
i can find beauty
in anything
and everything.

addiction is anything.
addiction is everything.

*but it is not beautiful.
954 · Mar 2013
i wish i could do more.
oh me oh my Mar 2013
eyes so brown
she came to me
and the wind howled.

it chilled my bones,
tickled the marrow,
and salted my eyes.

i could understand her,
i did,
with her eyes so brown,
so pleading, so full
and round.

a syllable did not
slip through her lips,
though she spoke
through weak and wavering hips.

frantic, distraught,
and my heart pleaded,
though she knew naught.

i'm sorry,
i told her,
she hung her head low,
turned her back to me,
gave to the ground.

i'm sorry.
953 · Mar 2013
you were my distress
oh me oh my Mar 2013
he said,
i know how you
get sometimes,
and i'm always
here to save you,
you just have to let me.

and i only
smiled sadly,
and replied a
terribly cliche'
old saying.

you can't
save a damsel if
she's in love with
her own distress.
945 · Feb 2013
trembling hands
oh me oh my Feb 2013
loved him with
everything i had
my soul
my heart
my head.

but in the downward spiral,
i realized i had forgotten
to love myself,
maybe i loved him too much.

and when he had left
i was left with nothing
but a bare soul,
trembling hands,
striped scarred skin
and a bitter tongue.
lost the will to really write.
938 · Feb 2013
salty fingertips
oh me oh my Feb 2013
How lovely to have drowned
with people all around
and not a soul bear to see
what was it that became of me.
904 · Dec 2014
oh me oh my Dec 2014
i swear i feel them weep
as my hip begins to seep,
i told them i was strong,
but i was

it's a habit,
i know it makes your heart rabbit.
i am just really sorry
882 · Jan 2013
A guide to be a mother
oh me oh my Jan 2013
Let your hair
wither to wheat,
***** what you eat,
but always whiten your teeth.

Marry not twice,
nor thrice,
but the fourth man
that hits your daughter,
send her to live with
her ignorant father.
I'll still throw your ******* cigarettes in the ******* trash, too.
870 · Dec 2012
Lie Through my Teeth
oh me oh my Dec 2012
You told me once,
that you were afraid
of not one,
but entirely too many things.

But you said to me,
something I could relate.

You were afraid of withering old,
growing bitter at such a young age.

I drew the tiniest of white lies,
slipped through the cracks of my two crooked front teeth,
and said I agreed.

But dear,
I've become bitter,
too long ago to remember.

In the future,
I'll let you know,
make you remember back to that moment.

You were the one that made me withered and bitter.
866 · Dec 2012
Too much
oh me oh my Dec 2012
He says he knows me better than he knows himself,
knows every key to every hidden lock, every crevice and crawl space, every hidden gem,
all hidden in the nook of my mind.

He says he knows,
I know.

From every inch of my mind,
to my body,
to the very pit of my sewed and bandaged heart,
he knows.

too much.
oh me oh my Dec 2012
He's the little white lie tucked away in the corner of your cheek,

in the crevice of your teeth.

He's the truth in the biggest lie you keep tucked away,

hidden underneath your pillow at night when the bare limbs of the trees sway.

He's yellow--

the sun in the rain,

during midday.

He's the one that is there to impress,

the one that said he loved you,

and left.
849 · Dec 2012
oh me oh my Dec 2012
When you get down to it,
when you dig the deepest,
into the pit of the actual abyss,
you’ll see.

You’ll see lies,
various pieces of hearts,
shreds of humanity clinging to the hollow branches of bare limbs.

You’ll see soulless bodies, eyes glassy and skin rotten
numb to this poison radioactive air.

You get down to the pit, the actual abyss,
you’ll see where you left me.

You’ll see the little white lies, stuck in my paper calloused skin like push pins.
You’ll see the plastic encasing of large lies stuck in the back of my rotten mouth,
expect a pain stricken, desperate face.
Find a solemn, content one, knowing I had died there
in this pit, the actual abyss,
rather than with you, clouded with lies, want and the need that I can’t fulfill for you.
846 · Sep 2015
morning to midnight
oh me oh my Sep 2015
when i arrived,
i rose as a sunrise.

as i grew,
i became his noon.

and i grew,
and i became dusk.

and now,
i am the night,
but he wanted day.

i hope he loves me anyway.
forever searching for my grandfather's approval
oh me oh my May 2013
they were like an
unexpected weight gain,
no choice but to adapt.

they came into his life
in a train wreck,

he fell head over heels
and wondered if he
had been enrolled back
into high school.

there was a catch,
much to his disdain.
11 and 19,
perpetually angry at
their father
at their mother
at life.

he was the blunt
victim of their rage.

the boy soon
redirected his rage
into drugs, alcohol,
***, jail.

the girl did not.

it was not his fault,
he would not let
her get to him.

but he did,
and she had grinned
at the murderous
fire in his eyes.

he screamed
and released his own
you're letting her ruin it
she knows what shes doing
shes ruining us
you're letting her ruin it
please listen to me.

tears glistened
down his cheeks,
she smiled.

he was gone,
though insults and
words remained.

that was 2 down, more to go.
I believe(know) it was my fault. I seem to be the instigator in my mother's divorces. He's happier now, we're happier now. Harm aside, it was for the best.
826 · Feb 2013
another for you.
oh me oh my Feb 2013
I could write
a thousand worded
poem explaining why
your existence was
important and how
your mind was
irrevocably a painted
picturesque theme.

I could look
you in the eye,
lie and say
I'm happy for
I'm happy for
you, but
who am I
to tell her
all the lies
you have undoubtedly

I cannot deny
the green demons
that lurk in
my eyes
but I can,
although it is not
mine to give,
an apology
and you the will to live.

Instead I can
rebuild walls,
lie to the eye,
turn blue eyes green,
but I cannot
feel sorry for you,
only for me.
Because it was me who fell for you, and her I chose not to warn.
819 · Jun 2012
oh me oh my Jun 2012
Destroying yourself.

Choose your poison.

Inside or Out?

Which is painful,

which is painless?

Let's ask the withered souls,

the exhausted poor,

they've reaped all they've sewn and more.

The withered souls,

they say,

it's your choice;

it's the opinion,

nobody cares;

we all die in the end.

What do you choose?
I'm not very fond of this, really, but it's one of my first and I thought that I might put it up here just for the sake of putting it on.
797 · Jan 2013
oh me oh my Jan 2013
We were
bleach and
darkened clothes.

Wasted upon me,
you left me nothing but

stained and
utterly ruined.
797 · Feb 2013
we are not meant to be
oh me oh my Feb 2013
skin entirely
too thick and scarred,
no blade nor your name can penetrate.

carved with a blade
your words
your love
your lies
your hate.

i had not left you
you had left me
not only bitter,
but weak and a tongue
shaped to spit hate.

you had loved
yet you leave your words with me?

open your eyes
i cant breathe
you're drowning me
Hurting myself only made me realize that I still love you, you love me, but we only hate. Loving you taught me to hate myself, history repeats, and water stings. Hating myself taught me how to hide, where to hurt, and how to let people in. Letting people in taught me how to push away, block them, to cry was weak, and gave me a bitter tongue.

We are not meant to be, we only bring each other hurt.
789 · Feb 2014
chemical waste
oh me oh my Feb 2014
death rode through the
blood in his veins,
and ate his brains.

death in his veins
****** the life,
and made him pull out the knife.

death in his system
made me never want to miss him.
i am so angry. **** messes up not only your life, but your familys, your friends, your kids, and everyone around you. dont ******* do it.
788 · Sep 2013
he wants you
oh me oh my Sep 2013
he wants your lips
on his
he wants your chest
in his hands
he wants your waist
against his.

he wants your skin
on his
he wants your hands
on him
he wants your legs
on his.

he doesnt want you
he doesnt want your intelligence
he doesnt want your laughter
he doesnt want you.
I do not like "growing up'
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