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breathing in, breathing out
trying to survive the mess about
I let her lips devour me like a piece of cake
as we screamed for goddness sake!
in return, all she wanted from me was to let her in
but since the beginning
l made it clear
when the sun shines
It’s time for goodbyes
not lullabies
Darryl M May 2019
Should I beg for forgiveness?
But why beg?
Is it cheating if what we have has its flip flops on?
We both know it’s casual.

Does loving the other, love you any less?
If you’ve found a soulmate in me,
Does that mean I have to do my time too?
If you got yourself a cell,
Should I be caged in?

Clothed in Red and White.
February 14th, I could get the rose.
But you aren’t worth the thorns.

Down on my knee with a small box.
Would you do me the honours?
Bring back the ring you’ve imagined yourself having.
Miguela shine Apr 2017
When you touch me
My body screams with pleasure
Your eyes boring into mine
legs intertwined
Ive never felt like this
Gentle kisses
Hugging me tight as our hips clashed
and the **** cuddles
So easy to mistake my feelings after *** for love
Science says it is love
So many hormones released
And before you know it
You're infatuated.
I don't know you
But what I do know
I love
and it KILLS ME
Dear Boof Man,
You will never read this
But I love you in a way...
And im sure you dont love me back.
I dont expect you to.
Weve known each other-
27 days
6 hook ups
100's kisses
1000's of words spoken between us
But you live over 300 miles away
We've meet in college
And what are labels really?
Promises that we can be what i want without the names.
It felt like a match made in heaven
We were raised the same
Knowing lifes games
How to play them
When to quit

So why Boof Man, why did we play this one?
*and why is it not over
I want to be more than we are
Gabriel K Sep 2015
“******* is fun”
she concedes
afternoon after New Year's eve,
it's something
I guess
kinna forward progress
she never said as much
when we convenience-****** before.
Did she got feeling?
I like that
the power
so I slow down
teasy kinna tongue kinna thing
taste of ****

9pm my phone rings
wants something:
I'm not in love with you any more
let it go to Voicemessage
return to bed
slide a hand over Jeanie's waist
she shrugs my arm away
It is New Year's Day.
© Gabriel K

This is a companion piece to the poem NYE14
Gabriel K Sep 2015
In a sense...not in a sense
in a non sense as it were
the guy was a friend to me
in the sense he supplied me with coke
I shared his coke
he burnt me numerous CDs
progressive house, trance, drum n’ bass
in spite of though I asked him repeatedly for not D'n'B
but when you think about it
the music
that’s just burning files straight off iTunes isn’t it?
D’you know what I mean?
all it cost him’s the cost of the blank CDs
20 or 25p.
It’s nice of him
I’m not saying it’s not nice of him
I’m not saying that
all I’m saying’s in a way
the gifts he gave me were effectively royalties
weren’t they
stolen offa the artists & DJs?
And the *******?
he did pay for it: quite a considerable sum per gram
it’s generous
I’m just saying
that he needed someone to take it with  
I know what it’s like.
So in a sense what I’m saying
all I’m saying’s
just asking how much did I actually owe him?
Truth is
he was a mate to me
regardless if it was coke buddies
that come on fast
the semi-toxic rush
of addictive personalities,
he had a heart
weakened maybe by near-continuous drug abuse
but manners
he was a chivalrous host
was alright to me.
So what I’m saying’s I shouldn’a...wouldn’a...
I maybe I shouldn’a slept with his ex.
I should not have had ***
with Adriana.
I shouldn’a split the girl in two
***** her up good style
give her a proper seeing-to.
that was wrong,
the principle is
the right person would not have ****** his friend’s
skinny Slovakian ex
who was high
glass of wine
round her flat
hungering to pay back her ex
for numerous humiliations
infidelities of little or no relevance to me.
I should’n’a...would’n’a...truth is I couldn’a...
that’s not the truth
I easily coulda not've
but I chose to **** her
I chose to
is there any kinna bloke who wouldn’a
Does anyone not?
Is it not my job
if the chance comes along
take whatever I got?
I wouldn' be a man otherwise
with ****;
a denial of man.
So the truth is
while I’d like to say I wouldn’t I would
straight up her
notwithstanding her motives: revenge
and questionably legal consent
I’d do it again
in that respect I haven’t changed.
So if you’re listening friend...ex-friend
I’m sorry I was...offered ***
with your then ex
now girlfriend again
and I took it,
it’s something I should not have done
but I did
and I’d do it again.
Jesibell arz Mar 2015
When I chose to lay with you it's for the experience of ur life, not for you to catch feelings from just serveral nights.
I really like you, don't get me wrong but my heart has been broken I'm not trying to write a love song. This is the thing. If we stop making love and just ****, then don't you think the feelings will be mutual between the both of us? You grab my hips with one hand while the other caresses my back, I chose you for pleasure you think I have time for that. I rather have you pull my hair and smack my *** just a few pointers, for the next time I throw it back on ur delicious *****.
I am the romantic type I do like it slow, but for now just run the red light and yellow light; green means go... We'll get to l<3ve making when the time is right, right now just be there for me when I need someone to hold me tight.

I believe we all had/have one
oh me oh my May 2014
i need someone to tell him i am a train wreck and he's headed straight for it and he's not stopping and he's destined to crash and burn hard.

i need someone to tell him he's going to get attached and his green eyes are gonna turn red and he's gonna hate me.

i need someone to stop me from ripping open his chest and snatching his heart heart and eating it whole and watch him bleed and not be sorry.

i need someone to stop me because he doesn't deserve it because i cant make myself look at those green eyes and take my hand out of his hair.

i just need someone.

he doesn't need me.
i am so sorry for the train wreck you will burn in.

— The End —