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 Aug 8 krm
 Aug 8 krm
it’s always too warm or too cold in my grandmother’s house. windows open in the winter and shut tight in the summer. it was july, i think, and i was still figuring out how to wear my tank tops in just the right mix of confident and coy. i remember her hugging me on my way in, and noting the sweat pooling on her forehead. the windows were closed, curtains flung open, sunlight spilling over the hardwood floors.

it was always offhand comments from her, things like, have you thought about a diet? as if i haven’t been throwing up every meal since i was thirteen years old. like, jesus can fix anyone. i have always wondered if she really meant that, because i never felt like she thought i was broken. in between those sour comments she would spoil me and gush over how beautiful i am, how i'm really growing into my features. in between those comments she would give me ziplock bags of her favorite earrings from when she was a kid, and i would smile and humor her because she was so excited about it.

but those comments always sit in the back of my mind, stewing along with all of the backwards glances from men on dark streets and the angry red scars peppering my thighs. that big house is full of both sweet and bitter memories, and even now that it’s empty i can picture every sideways glance, every uncomfortable laugh.
she's not dead i know it sounds like it but she's not
happy black history month
 Jun 7 krm
for me,the bar is high here
....the angels are already leaning in
ready to immolate every word i dare to speak
you too pounce when i'm in mid sentence  
when i'm on the edge of just saying it clearly, matter of fact
...dumbing down, saying nothing, less exhausting
is the wisest is all i ever can manage to do
...silently and eternally reliant on yours and everyone else's intuition here:
                           I AM
 Nov 2021 krm
Tita Halaman
Never a stumbling block
But, a rising stepping stone
To leap, to outlive, to surpass on
A constant change, where I belong?
A constant move, to thrive along
Hence never will I stop, never will I fret
Leaping higher, jumping over
Me, myself
A poem for a painting for Art Moments Jakarta, representing Philippines under DF Art Agency
 Aug 2021 krm
Nick Oh
I like a crisp apple
I like the way the sunlight hits my bedsheet in the morning
in a perfect square
I like the movement of wind in leaves
And the way circumference of a circle is always pi times the diameter
no matter what numbers you put in
I like the happiness in small things
 Jul 2021 krm
Francie Lynch
I have tasted human flesh
From the oven of
Lips and tongue;
Dripping well-dressed
In savory sauce,
To stir me to feast on.
Yikes. Don't say I wrote this.
 Jul 2021 krm
F Unting Cuckface

It is harshness, beautiful girl..
but far from being  a cruelty.
I'm trying to find the words  because
you deserve to have the chance,  to choose

   based on the truth of what is  truly loving
    and what is not.

In your need for access to raw,
core survival,  
the machine has put its hooks  in to you  
deep, beautiful girl.

And my only access--  to get through
the machine's intricate gearwork
is unfortunately,  during the time

   when you are struggling most,
   within the greatest of calamities--

But it is at that time.. 
when the highly mechanized machine's,  gearwork
is most penetrable.

So naturally it is at that time,  
   when an intervention
   would  seem, so cruel..

Ah, babe..
I'm not afraid of my love for you
actually killing you..
There is something deep inside your spirit

   that somehow tells you--

That even in the midst of the chaos..
And within even that  which so often
feels  as being cruel..

this might indeed, actually be Love--
The real thing.

But at that level.. who on Earth  could actually
trust that it actually,  could be?
And your well perceived,  perception of cruelty
comes from the fact is it must  seem to you--

That every time you truly open up
your heart to me..   I seem to blast you,
         and knock you to the ground..
when you feel  you need me, most.
I'm still looking for words
to describe it, beautiful girl--

   But it has to do with something..
   in the Realms of love--

And the things that take it in
And the things that thwart it.

There are not yet human words,
here on Earth, to describe it..

But one day,  my so very beautiful..
I know that one day,  there will.

a love-note..
cast out,  in to the Universe--

That was as far as I had gotten, when you showed back up  and started talking to me again. If you continue to choose to hold on to your psychosis-induced beliefs that are solely procrastination, based.. nothing that I give to you is going to help. Nothing.

You are the person I love most here on Earth.. when it comes to a soul that truly needs and deserves to be loved, the right way.. But I will gladly walk away from it all if you say that forever the love that I share with you will pour down an empty hole of psychosis and a deeply-****** need for procrastination. Unfortunately for you and those that hide the way that you do, the clock is ticking and you are going to become, face to face in front of the truth-- no matter what you choose to believe here on Earth. And I'm not being religious, and I'm not talking about "Christianity".
I'm talking about the core of the Soul  which is eternal.. but is only given one body and one life here on Earth--  to have the chance to infuse the God within us, in to the flesh-hewn temple,  that houses it all..


I was built to be there for you and support you all the way through this life. There's no way you can throw it away by being this stubborn. If you choose to be, I will have to write you off, forever babe. And I promise you I can do that if you remain adamant the way that you are. Is "reincarnation", and all of its false beliefs really worth it all to you? Is your lover of your "past lives", that great?

The incubus is none other than the ultimate spiritual troll, babe-- the motherfuker is a demon, and every part of what he does is based on the Unholy bastardization of what love was truly meant to be. I feel sorry for you if this is the stand you're going to make. It is unequivocally, diametrically opposed to all of who it is that I am, and I've remained silent long enough..

but no more.
I guess it all boils down to the age old, age-old
"Choose you this day, who you will serve..", thing .

You are the last person I will ever want to have to write off, but I promise you.. this   o n e   life here on earth is really that serious. And my  one  life that I have here, I refuse to have be  squandered.

So maybe I was wrong in what I believe about you after all.. (But I will never live long enough to be able to convince myself of that).
I believe you are that person.

I doubt if I will ever not believe that you are that person.
I need to go now, sweetie.
You are forever  beautiful. xox

(I really don't want to come down, from it)
 Apr 2021 krm
if i can get past
this torrent my twenties
has devolved into
i know
life will be beautiful

if fate permits me luck
time will yield
happiness, amid the muck
it's a gamble,
let's roll the dice
 Apr 2021 krm
 Apr 2021 krm
If you take out the letters
“a”, “t” and “h”
From the word “faith”,
And change the order
Of the remaining letters,
You’ll get an “if”
What does that tell you?
It tells me “I’m bored to death”
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