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Tita Halaman Nov 8
Never a stumbling block
But, a rising stepping stone
To leap, to outlive, to surpass on
A constant change, where I belong?
A constant move, to thrive along
Hence never will I stop, never will I fret
Leaping higher, jumping over
Me, myself
A poem for a painting for Art Moments Jakarta, representing Philippines under DF Art Agency
Tita Halaman Oct 28
Tons of letters, I put on to sheets
Day by day, by and by
For myself and I, could fly and die
For you
A poem for a painting and a song
Tita Halaman Oct 9
No pressure, no diamonds
Glittering out of hard work
No rain, no rainbows
Learning out of hurt
Bursting hues, such an eye candy
Life can be dull, life can be pretty
Yet it’s your eyes who’ll choose
Which one to see
A poem for a commissioned painting
Tita Halaman Oct 8
How pretty, isn’t it?
Gazing back to mornings
Skin’s vivid beneath sunbeams
Crying courage, bleeding faith
I snog risks,  swallow pain
I, who grew up the hard way
A poem for a painting for auction
Tita Halaman Oct 8
Gold is the gleam, that roams at the top
Go talk to the lucky, then know it wasn’t just luck
Each stairway’s endless, each ending’s a start
Every step’s heavy, every leap’s twice hard
But I won’t stop
Stepping up
A poem for a commissioned painting
Tita Halaman Sep 25
Come hurl hurdles
Come hurl hindrances
Never will I loose grip
Heading to where I wish to be
Never will I swim, in depths of apathy
To strive, to thank, to forgive
I’ll faith it till I make it
So please don’t you lose faith in me
Tita Halaman Sep 25
Bet myself should award me
As the most protective and trustworthy
For I can never fully trust anyone, but myself
Go ignite flames, It still won’t melt
Nothing to lose, nothing to prove
Walls are high, sturdy as it should
Who hurt me? They ask
A poem for my painting inspired by “Rest Energy”, the 1980 performance art piece by Ulay and Marina Abramović, which is about complete and total trust. “No Longer Depending Her Happiness to Anyone” portrays a woman holding an arrow on the weight of her body pointing to herself/her own reflection instead. It emphasizes the saying “the only person you can fully trust is yourself”
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