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 Nov 2014 Neha D
Stephen E Yocum
I 've been up since 7:00 AM.
The time has flown,
It's raining and somber outside.
A day easy to ignore.
It's nearing now 5:00 PM
I sit here yet in my Bathrobe,
As I have done all day long.
Never did that before.

I apologize to no one,
Not even myself. It was not
Sloth or depression inspired,
It was an overpowering need
For massive doses of Poetry
That caught and held my attention.

Passion or obsession, who is to judge?
And what truly is the difference?
 Sep 2014 Neha D
the encouragement you need I cannot give you
let's take blurred lines as warning signs
that our boundaries are breaking
this wine glass is precarious
See - I'm on the edge.
Before I spill
my mind
go &
the glass
- just don't get wet -
cryptic and whatever. sorta means something. interpret it how you will.
"you can't be a little bit wet. either you are or you aren't."
- that's what my mum always said.
 Sep 2014 Neha D
Just Melz
I know you can't see
But there's scars on your heart
You've been deceived
And I know it's hard
But you need to just breathe
Take that deep breath and let it out slow

I know you can't know
But there's scars on your soul
You've been kicked while your down
And I know it's hard
But you gotta pick yourself up off the ground
Stand up tall and for now...  
Just close up your heart

I know things look like too much
But there's scars on the truth
You're been lost in his touch
For far too long
And I know it's hard
But you gotta stay strong
Hold yourself up for now
Something better will come along
Shallow words you spoke to me
When you said I love you
Empty promises you gave
When will you ever be true?

I always thought my life would be
So perfect by your side
But this life isn't what I want
So I'm leaving you tonight.
 Sep 2014 Neha D
David Hall
a warm embrace, your smiling face
butterflies with your every touch
the thought had never crossed my mind
that I could ever want so much

I sit here now with only my dream
a dream of you on a peaceful night
a warm breeze brushing your soft brown hair
it tickling my face as I’m holding you tight

reality takes a darker hue
the longer and farther
I get from you

a painful reality
when I let myself wake
I realize the truth
and let my heart break
Sorry is an understatement
For all I've caused in my cruel life
I guess there is no measurement
I've brought misery and strife

How can I erase all my mistakes?
Can I take back every word?
All the lies and hearts I did break
And ease those I disturbed

Regret is clogging my mind
And has taken over my rage
If only I could rewind
And show how much I've changed

I will wait until they deem me fit
Of their forgiveness or not
You don't know how good you have it
Until it is lost
I'm sorryyy
 Aug 2014 Neha D
they do what they say
and they pick at all two
hundred and six plus bones
until I am left with no poles
to stand firm upon.
No limbs. No cartlidge.
they do what they say and
they alienate me into
a spineless coward.
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