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 Jul 2016 Auss
Gretchen Mossburg
Through my eyes I see every thing differently.

What you see straight I see bent,
you see black and white, I see colors left and right.

What you see I see differently, I am unique in each of my critiques of all my pieces.

God gave me this so we can have options, so I can give opinions, so there can be petitions, competitions, additions & all sorts of traditions.

We're all given a choice & my choice is to inspire the world.
 Jul 2016 Auss
Gretchen Mossburg
With your love I finally fly.
Your love lifts me up above the skies,  
I float so gently that I don't need to try.

With your love I can't breathe, the oxygen gets clouded underneath.

With your love the world is mine to conquer. To twine "mine" into "ours" with our love nothing is impossible.
 May 2016 Auss
Mystery Girl
 May 2016 Auss
Mystery Girl
And I am so sick of pretending
That everything is fine
There is something wrong
I can feel it
I just don't know what it is yet
 Apr 2016 Auss
Mystery Girl
You ease my fears
Calm my worries
With your soft voice
Gentle touch
Tender kisses
You soothe my soul
 Apr 2016 Auss
Mystery Girl
With paint covered fingers
The sky paints the sunset
Breathtakingly beautiful
Warming the souls
Of all who see it
 Mar 2016 Auss
Mystery Girl
 Mar 2016 Auss
Mystery Girl
Slowly wrap your arms around me
Gently hold me close to you
So that I might feel your heartbeat
Through your favorite t-shirt
Let it calm my violent tears
Soothe my hurting heart
Take care of my soul please
Because I can't do it myself
 Mar 2016 Auss
Mystery Girl
 Mar 2016 Auss
Mystery Girl
Feeling the warmth of the sun
Shining down on my face
The cool breeze blowing in my hair
Petrichor and the rain
Washing through me
The taste of freshly made desserts
Painting my taste buds with joy
Watercolors and acrylics
Paintings that turned out decent
Sketches not half bad
Small smiles on my face
Happy memories popping up
These things give me hope
That there is more
More than this numbness
I've grown so used to
They give me hope that one day
I won't have to hurt anymore
Hope that I can be free
To trust and love
Hope that I can live again
 Mar 2016 Auss
Breanna Stockham
Don’t float around
Saying “Look at me!”
Or hope to be found.
They don’t ask for attention
Or to be admired
They won’t seek recognition
Or beg for your desire.

Their patterns stand out
Their colors shine bright
And without even trying
Their wings catch our eyes.
But it doesn’t matter
If we’re here or gone
Or if their beauty is noticed,
They’ll fly on.

I won’t ask
Won’t beg, won’t seek
Anyone to
Admire me.
My colors will shine
Even if they’re not awed
So despite recognition
I’ll fly on.
 Mar 2016 Auss
Mystery Girl
I have this overwhelming urge
To jump in my car and drive
Chasing the sun to the ends of the Earth
Following the rainbow
Hoping it might lead me
To the *** of gold at the end
Praying the sun's rays
Might guide my journey
Lead me to the light
Sparkling in your eyes
I have this overwhelming urge
To chase the sun all the way
Straight into your arms
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