4d Mikhaila

she was not fragile like a snowflake.
she was fragile like a bomb.
and i didn't know which was scarier-
                                                        ­  her explosion or her calm.

part 2

you can kiss me
but your ivory teeth might clash against mine in the heat of the moment

our bodies can rock to the rhythm of the same song
in the early hours of the morning
if you promise to sleep next to me through the afternoon

we can waltz in the kitchen
while making dinner
as long as we make this a nightly tradition

you can love me forever
but you can't change your mind
halfway to forever

Mikhaila Jan 11

I look at my clothes,
and I remember you.
I see an old notebook,
and I remember you.
I look to the stars,
and I remember you.
I look in the mirror,
but I no longer see you.

Mikhaila Jan 11

The walls were all closing in.
Hope was fading.
Love was drifting away.
The light vanished from her eyes.
Her eyes that once sparkled with inspiration,
Now sat empty,
She was giving up,
she was losing.
Until He came along.
He saved her,
He redeemed her,
He set her free,
He brought the light back into her eyes.
She finally won.

Mikhaila Jan 11

In a sense they are all the same.
Tissues, paper cranes, and airplanes.
But one tied me down
and one set me free.
One told me no
and one told me yes.
One told me to crawl
and one told me to soar.
So, in a sense,
they aren’t the same at all.

Mikhaila Jan 9

Oh, darling,
look in the mirror,
look at the body that houses your soul
look at the ones and the muscles that allow you to grow,
look at the creases and dips in your skin,
look at the beautiful skin you’re in.
Look at the way your lips part when you speak,
look at the words of your soul scattered across your skin,
look in the mirror a little longer.
Look at the way your eyes blink in the light,
look at the way your smile shines bright,
look at the way you stand with strength and dignity,
look at your body like it’s your home.
Look at the scars and bruises that are proof we have lived,
look at the tattoos, old and new.
Take a little longer to stand in the mirror.
Take a little longer to appreciate the body you call home.
Take a little longer to learn to truly appreciate your body,
because, oh, darling,
you are so beautiful in the skin you’re in.

Mikhaila Jan 9

I sit in my car snow panging like rain
waiting for you to send your fatal mistake
I cry and I cry head hitting the horn
realizing that I am mentally scarred
breaking down in my little red car
you sent me a message of your long written scar.

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