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Mikayla Shaw Nov 2014
All the flowers were just about to bloom
When I was, for the first time, in a crowded room
Alone… With you

By the end of those two days
We were already in the flirting phase
Full of shy smiles and quiet jokes with you

Yeah you already had another girl
But that was just about to unfurl
All I had to do was wait to be with you

And I already had another guy
Who got me more than just a little high
But you convinced me, I’d be better with you

When she didn’t want to be there
You came running to me and let me hear
How she was just toying with you

Time and again, he went and let me down
He was just toying with me, but you were always around
Made me realize it was safer with you

Eventually things fell apart like we knew they would
And we gave voice to your unspoken question: if I could
Ever want to be with you

And that’s where it all began
We closed our eyes and just ran
With it, happy that I was finally with you

You put your arm around me, asked “is that okay?”
And I didn’t know what else to say
So I just stayed and watched movies with you

Flash back to the first week, in a room full of friends
But when your hand found mine, our conversation ends
Because, suddenly, I am alone with you

And it was conversations with our hands met
Between us, at sunset
In the parking lot with you

It was your hand in my pocket
My hand around the picture of us in my locket
Lying on the couch with you

It was dangerous
Sneaking around with you

It was sensational
Magical being with you

It was precious sand
Slipping our hands
A fragile era with you

We went from “you look wonderful tonight”
To three a.m. fights, staying up crying all night
On the phone with you

So now I’m bathed in the moonlight
Wide awake at midnight
Lying here, in the dark, without you

It’s one-hundred- and-ten, heat’s on high
I claim I’m alright, but it’s a lie
Because it’s so cold here without you

I know we weren’t made to last
Our foundation was made of glass
But it’s hard to think of me without you

The whirlwind of emotions brought us to life
Everything from passion to strife
I feel less alive without you

It was short lived, but it was all too real
To forget how you made me feel
I’ve never felt more alone than I do without you

Looking back on it now, I become distraught:
I think I was more in love with the thought
Of you than I was….
With you
Mikayla Shaw May 2014
What do you see when you look in the mirror?
Try moving a little nearer
Wipe away the fog, try and see a little clearer.
All you see is sunken eyes
A girl run dry from years of torment and lies
Every moment another unwanted surprise
A girl who will fight about anything
‘Cause she needs to feel something
She’s so tired of feeling nothing
She’s a walking corpse with nowhere to go
No one else has ever felt this low
There’s too much that they don’t know
You say I don’t know how you feel
Like everything around you is surreal
Because your heart’s not made of steel
There’s no one on your side, you say
You’re just trying to keep the pain at bay
But end up pushing everyone away
I know the story better than you think I do
Because I’ve looked into that mirror, too
And I survived what you’ve been through
I’ve been down that same lane
I’ve felt your pain
You aren’t insane
You stand tall through all you can take
But when you’ve had enough, you break
No choice but to give in to the earthquake
It’s still a dark story when it’s covered in lace
And the tears still stream down your face
And you still don’t know what dreams to chase
I know there’s so much you don’t say
You’re just trying to make it through the day
But I promise I’ll never walk away
Stop running and stand your ground
You’re done being pushed around
Use the courage you have found
The pain has made you strong
The best revenge is to live happy and long
They’ll never silence your song
Moving on the key
Your soul’s still beautiful; you can look to me
Look at your scars and strength is all I see
You can lean on me, if you need
I can take the lead
But you need to plant the seed
Then I’ll make a spark
To help you light up the dark
The difference will be stark
Break the chains, set yourself free
When you forget who you are, look to me
And I’ll remind you of all you can’t see
Mikayla Shaw Apr 2014
I can’t tell which way is up or down
My thoughts keep tossing all around
I’m stuck inside a whirlwind
Your words running circles in my mind
I’m up here dancing through the air
No net below me, but I don’t care
If I fall, will you be there to catch me
I guess all that’s left is to wait and see
Because I’m about to crash and burn if you aren’t there
Tell me you will be, tell me you swear
You’ll be there; my brain’s already on fire
Can you douse the flames and return the desire
I think this is the shortest poem I've ever written :)
Mikayla Shaw Apr 2014
I am a wailing infant swaddled in my crib,
warm with love.
I am a playful toddler lying on the pavement with scraped knees,
blind with tears.
I am a running child on the playground at noon,
breathless and free.
I am a defiant teen hunched over on the curb,
hopeless and broken.
I am a wonderstruck bride bathed with white,
full of life.
I am a lonesome wife curled up in an empty bed,
yearning for him.
I am a delighted mother watching my baby drive away,
proud beyond belief.
I am a sorrowful widow standing beside his grave,
abandoned and afraid.
I am a decaying woman holding her first great-grandbaby,
nostalgic but peaceful.
I am a dying elder slipping into the darkness beyond,
eager to rest.
I am
­ grief-stricken

Mikayla Shaw Apr 2014
Bathed in Heaven’s radiant light
I brighten up even the darkest night
Love, peace, and salvation
Are the messages of my oration
All the beauty in the universe
Is found in each holy verse
Of which I speak
I answer every hopeless shriek
In a veil of sacrosanct mystique
Dark hair, dark eyes
A mouth always full of lies
Envy, greed, and death
Are what I speak with every breath
All the evils of the world
In my eyes they are swirled
A mysterious ******* is what I am
For these evils I do not feel a single qualm
With my tricks, many people do I condemn
An angel’s wings
Tainted by the evilest of sins
The smell of death is in the air
Dark red blood dishonors her blonde white hair
The devil’s fire
Built with an ungodly pyre
Quenched with the holiest of intentions
A hallowed intervention
A little of good and evil lies
In each of them, every day a little reprise
A sweet twisted melody
Which heavenly
Paints a harmonious disaster
To remain a memory forever after
Mikayla Shaw Apr 2014
Here I am once more
Standing on this vacant shore
A tear rolls unhindered down my cheek
Hard to care when the scene is so bleak
A set of footprints leads away from me
Adjacent to the rolling sea
Struggling to catch my breath
A heavy weight lies on my chest
High above me looms overcast skies
Nothing save emptiness lies behind my hazel eyes
The smell of rain and salt is in the air
An unexpected, desirable affair
Feet sinking slowly in the sand
Overwhelming confusion makes it hard to stand
All alone; no one else in sight
So tired of this endless fight
The pull of the tide dragging me in
Dragging me under

~     ~     ~

I find myself here one more time
A redundant, lonely crime
The vision of a rainbow dances in my mind
Past days when the sun had shined
I know those times with return someday
A person will come to hold these evil thoughts at bay
To stand with me, feet sinking in the sand
Until, together, we get the strength to withstand
Someone to wipe away the tears for me
To bring me hope in my prison by the sea
Someday the footprints will be erased
By the waves, who move without haste
To be replaced by a different set
Leading towards me, not away, yet
I must wait for that person to save
Me from the hole I’ve dug for myself, this grave
A gentle hand lifting me out
Lifting me up
Mikayla Shaw Apr 2014
Brilliant red encased in morning dew
Effulgent in the dull bayou
All is silent in the tranquil air
So different from the hellish nightmare
Of the hussle and bussle of city life
Out here among the wildlife
A single spark of beauty
Absolutely beyond reality
The first rays of sunlight peeking over the horizon
Breathless glamour, set to enliven
Yes, it is without question
The rose is the lucky one
The peace is but yet a guise
As thunder clouds form in the skies
For under those verdant covers
Lies several sneaky lovers
Oh what deceiving beauty to
Fool the mind in this dreary venue
For nothing is ever as it seems
Except, of course, in dreams
It draws in love mercilessly
So people simply say blankly
Yes, it is without question
The rose is the lucky one
Rain drops glimmer on the leaves
As the sun is pulled down beyond the trees
The stars come out
And not a noise can be heard throughout
Will the rose ever shine as bright
As they who twinkle throughout the night
Its marvelous beauty is diminished
As the day is finished
The darkness whispers good night, a silent farewell
Silence ringing much like a bell
Upon the night falling,
Without a single warning,
The rose falls into an endless slumber
With the rise of the sun, it will no longer
Grow stronger
Death takes yet another toll
And as I go for my evening stroll
In my mind, there is but a lone question:
Is the rose the lucky one?
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