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Tommy Randell Jul 12
When I wake in the first hours
and hear the rustle of leaves
birdsong and early traffic
my mind turns to my body's
pulling powers
the state of its tides and what
pain really means.

I check for changes.
Flexing a little as if I am
some new creation off the bench
a born thing of bones and skin
discovering for the first time
what awareness is
and what it will do to me.

The other days are there
forward in my mind
memories of other wakings
when hurt wasn't
and despair.
I walk my junctions
testing for creaks and groans

before I even attempt to move.
What it will feel like
must be considered
and adjusted to
for me to continue and
for my force of will to be proved
in the aching.

I am after all an old thing
not a new one
and it is the slippery trick
of time that fooled me otherwise
everyday born anew
but at every dawn
a Frankenstein.
I am 68yrs old. Recently diagnosed with Late Onset Rheumatoid Arthritis - my Auto-immune system possibly triggered by contracting Covid19 - I am moved into a different adventure. There are different tides of thoughts and feelings to explore and issues to perhaps promote and champion. We will see. Time Passes.
Farhan Ahmed Nov 2018
In the pages of, luck I fed
When i am living, after I am dead
In my tomorrow, to the words I have said
In the stories, In the history
In the best of all the mystery
be the part of every memory

                                                            Be Alive
AvengingPoet Nov 2014
Having another existential crisis
about what the **** i am doing
but it’s okay
because i am alive

Being alive matters quite a bit
even when you do indeed feel like ****
because everything is alright in the end
just give it a few hours

Take it slow, brother
please do so
friend, please
it is the best way to keep control

We’re all okay
no really, we are
i’m serious
i am not joking

They do not want me to be sincere
they want me to layer myself in their coats of irony
and sarcasm
but i will not be for that, i will be straightforward

Being alive
it is quite good
even if i have no idea what the **** i am doing
im alive
Mikayla Shaw Apr 2014
I am a wailing infant swaddled in my crib,
warm with love.
I am a playful toddler lying on the pavement with scraped knees,
blind with tears.
I am a running child on the playground at noon,
breathless and free.
I am a defiant teen hunched over on the curb,
hopeless and broken.
I am a wonderstruck bride bathed with white,
full of life.
I am a lonesome wife curled up in an empty bed,
yearning for him.
I am a delighted mother watching my baby drive away,
proud beyond belief.
I am a sorrowful widow standing beside his grave,
abandoned and afraid.
I am a decaying woman holding her first great-grandbaby,
nostalgic but peaceful.
I am a dying elder slipping into the darkness beyond,
eager to rest.
I am
­ grief-stricken


— The End —