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  May 2016 Mickymoo
Adam Kobosky
I worry (a lot)
when I think (of other girls)
about how they (shine)
sparkle and radiate beauty
and about how I could be (brighter)

(and) nothing hurts worse than thinking about
not being with (you) my love, my heart
because I know you (deserve the) best,
you are my (sun), moon and stars
Notice the parentheses.
Read the poem all the way through,
read the parentheses next,
then finally just the words outside
the parentheses.

This one was rather difficult to post.
  May 2016 Mickymoo
Melisha Landreth
He is Capricorn
I am Aquarius
He is Mars
I am Venus
He is analytical and practical
I am intuitive whimsy emotional
He is structure and rules
I am freedom and going with the flow
He is kids house ring white picket fences
I am spur of the moment camp outs and never settling
He wants to be on a white horse
I climbed down from that tower a long time ago

Or so I thought...

Because when his hand brushes mine, a chance meeting, all that I thought I knew melted for a second and I could see a Life doing it the Capricorn way

He is Capricorn
I am Aquarius
One chance meeting made me aware we could be something serious
What will happen to our two zodiac signs?

One chance meeting
I leave it all behind
First poem on this new site. I have been writing since October. I like to sit in coffee shops and make up stories about me and strangers. :)
  May 2016 Mickymoo
Those brown eyes
hides the deepest secrets
and the fear for the future

Those brown eyes
hides the sadness
the painful memories
that no one would ever see

Those brown eyes
are by no doubt
the most beautiful eyes
I've ever seen

Those brown eyes
are what made me
fall in love
  May 2016 Mickymoo
Don't ever fall in love with your own tragedy.
Tragedy is a terrible lover.
  Jul 2015 Mickymoo
Ignatius Hosiana
Walking away sometimes isn't moving on
Just like sometimes moving on isn't walking away
Breaking up isn't necessarily creating enmity
Though sometimes creating enmity involves breaking up
Desire isn't fire even if sometimes it does burn
Memories seldom totally fade away after it's done
We meet, but every Hello comes holding hands with her goodbye
The road which bound us'll separate us,no matter how hard we try
The package of our birth contains the towel of our death
And as we celebrate so shall we mourn
Every cradle cup has its grave etched on it
And it counts on like a clock, beat by beat
Till we are there, in the great beyond
A place where those who return never visit
Every dawn crawls along to meet her dusk
Like a bride to her groom as a wedding task
Today is here awaiting a conquerer's victory
For every moment shall someday be history
Traditionalists believe the sun matches around the Globe
Scientists say otherwise, they say what moves is the Globe
That's why as you hold my arms and softly kiss my lips
I kiss you hard till down your lips blood drips
So that when this sweet start someday marries its end
When this great fire dies out once we've stopped to fend
We will remember one thing,how passion glowed like Mars
Each time we meet,by just a glance at your scars
But till then, I'll keep hoping ours is as ageless as the sun
And as continuous as the boundless oceans and seas
As treasured as an Ancien king's first born son
Yet as strong as Diamonds, and fascinating like how the Eagle sees
I will keep hoping that even after forever you'll be mine
That ours is an endless poem, one that shall never witness a last line
  Jul 2015 Mickymoo
Ignatius Hosiana
When I said I Love you,I wanted the world to hear
And being my world sinorita,I whispered it in your ear

— The End —