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They are legion

"Do or do not, there is no try."

Quick and easy is the way of the dark side.

Angels ascend, demons bow.
MOTV Jan 2017
the rocks are
the motion
got the Earth
these rocks
these rocks
aren't stable
no fable
retaliating to man's
response to odds
at ways
these days
are still strange
still for a millisecond
while the fissure hits
into the abyss we step
into the dream we
are thrown as a mass
relapse into the rafts
of a savage under
the skin of a man
the core expands
from fissures
comes molten hands
from eye to Earth's
ends it expands
anticipating the wake
a strange
sweet taste
like crepe
Await oh
thoughts of fissures coming
one day just to say
I am awake




time to celebrate.
Lyra O Jul 2014
I am a crevice.
Everyone steps Close—
never in,
always on.
How can you?
It's Too Small.
Nothing in it will fit
But It.

I am a cliff.
People are Afraid,
of course.
To plunge to their demise
by Accident.
But would they skirt the edge
court the precipice of darkness
if they didn't want to know
Where it Ends?
When it Ends?
How it Ends?
If it Ends?

Of course, of course,
they never find out.
They never Move.
Nothing happens.
It tends to happen.

Then I become an abyss.
People are attracted
to the Mystery,
but they know it's Dangerous.
So they never fall in.

People can be wise,
holes can be empty,
and vice versa,
and what other adjectives
have you.

It's all the same.
Those who Almost fall
only futher Rip
the fissures apart.
Nothing is filled.
Nothing is healed.

— The End —