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8.6k · May 2016
Note to Self
Michael Blonski May 2016
Pour energy
into your

Write with intensity
so great
that if you held the page
from a mountain's peak
your words
would be mistaken
wow! I'm so honored to have been selected for the daily. I feel like there are far more deserving writers than I!
Thank you everyone for reading my work and all the lovely comments.
Please use the tags below to read some great works from great people :)
2.9k · May 2016
Ritual Attraction
Michael Blonski May 2016
To see is to witness
The glory of
broken dreams
Break into a true
Sense of reality

Crushed by the weight
Of dried ink
On red hot paper
Folded into an airplane
Floating far on
Winds of change

Our life is time
And time flows
Slowly at first
Only to rapidly

Redefine ourselves
By the mirrors reflection
Cracks and scars develop
As we apply our
Ritual attraction
2.2k · Jun 2016
Sink Deeply
Michael Blonski Jun 2016
Sink deeply
Into sleep and
Dream of
Bright places
Where you can rest
And write the pages
Of your life
You deserve

Reset your beating heart
To the beat of heavy rhythmic
And succumb to the voice
Of gracious mystic

Let your eyes devour
The light of reflected dreams
And lungs gulp
What ink has already

We'll find a way out
And dive deeply
Into the seas that surrounds
The souls of
True loves
1.8k · Jun 2016
Imaginary Kiss
Michael Blonski Jun 2016
I imagine her kiss
As I stand next to her grace
And her face is facing me
Head on
I'm lost in in the space
Within her eyes
Trapped between
What she sees
What she feels
Her hand holds another
And I remain still
To daydream of a never future
A place that will never
Physically be real
1.7k · May 2016
To Drown (10w)
Michael Blonski May 2016
I only ever
want to
in all things
1.4k · Nov 2017
Why I Failed
Michael Blonski Nov 2017
For most,
they fit the mold,
they sit neatly
within all the gaps,
morphing into
shapes society deems

I was another story

I failed the tests
I failed the assignments

My time was spent
trying to learn to be,
I am not,
but who I wanted
to be

I wanted to discover
the forest from
the trees

I rejected their narratives
the so-called "model student"
I became myself

I became a life
1.4k · Jul 2016
Beautiful Silhouette
Michael Blonski Jul 2016
Her beautiful silhouette
Into a flock of birds
scattering in all directions

I scramble to
catch them all
hoping to reassemble
the original form

I witness the sky split
in two
One half filled with doves
One half

They slash and cut deeply
Bite with forceful hate
Pouring my life into
The streets below

I lay there motionless
And watch
The sun set
Within the glowing orb
balanced on the horizon
I only see her
1.3k · Sep 2016
Ode to Summer
Michael Blonski Sep 2016
The taste of summer
is the smell of fresh
cut grass

The joy of heat
seeping deep
your surfaces exposed

When the sun goes
and says its farewells
to skyscrapers and mountains
It sets to greet the other

While I try not to
fall in summer love
with the passer by
1.3k · May 2016
The Sick Earth
Michael Blonski May 2016
The sick Earth
by your hands and mine
failure of our designs

Change the type of car you'll drive
ignore what you can't see
all you're changing is
the economy

Oceans filled with an infinity of junk
Skies opaque with progress
With any luck
Species will remain to be seen
1.3k · Apr 2016
The Best Poets
Michael Blonski Apr 2016
The best poets
give us mirrors
better see
1.1k · Mar 2017
Synthetic (10w)
Michael Blonski Mar 2017
Fake a smile
Fake a fist
It is all synthetic
1.1k · Apr 2016
The Sinking Of The Bloom
Michael Blonski Apr 2016
Today the orange blossom bloom
Revealing chaotic nature
Killing blow by a water creature
A ship's sorrow

Rats have pursued sanctuary
Desperation led to revolution
Enlightened, to be reborn  
Birthed by chance alone
Product of evolution

The hull rises high
With ribs exposed
Don't let go, I'm coming home
To sleep with my head in your lap
To hear those words I know


Voices guide those who listen
Take hold of sanctuary
The only reward
Adorned by the victor
1.1k · May 2016
Michael Blonski May 2016
our lives
we try to
win over the

hardest person
of all
love is
1.1k · Aug 2016
Burnt Match
Michael Blonski Aug 2016
My life is a
striking the box,
exploding into flame

The power of friction

Burning brightly,
with youthful energy

Slowly the flame dies
until a smoke trail leads
to a burnt match tossed
to the floor

smoldering in place
1.0k · Jul 2017
The Trees
Michael Blonski Jul 2017
The trees breathe in
and tell me
they too feel alone

They too feel
by parasitic

Used up,
until they

Feeling trapped
inching their
way to
the sun
969 · May 2016
Flowing Life
Michael Blonski May 2016
The river is dammed to
Slow natural flow
Inserting our control
On what was once free

You and me
Are now rivers
Full of power
And might
But are controlled
By concrete and steel

Force to move through
Narrow gaps
And to give ourselves up
To turn generators
Told our sacrifice
Is for the better
966 · Sep 2016
Blood & Tears
Michael Blonski Sep 2016
I ask,
Is it more poetic
to write the most
beautiful of stanzas
devoid of any truth
or meaning?

Or, writing
from raw emotion
where beauty resides
behind the words
and ink flows
like blood and tears?
881 · May 2016
Hollow Shell
Michael Blonski May 2016
My greatest
fear is that
I'll only
be a hollow shell

After over
through these

And cursed
to conjure
deep mysteries
while searching
for a place
in this
880 · May 2016
Float On With Me
Michael Blonski May 2016
You and me were born in infinity
Residing in the space between stars
Where candles exemplify your sacred geometry

We travel on vessels created from our hearts
To witness the grandeur of nothingness
The awe-inspiring atmosphere of the heavens

I want to take your hand and press it to
My throat to feel the pulsing life within
And begin a journey into nebulae clouds

Staring at your eyes taking notice
That your hazel irises resemble spiraling galaxies
And their central black holes pull me in

There is much to discover within the cold void
From which we both reside
See the moon glow from the other side

Float in peace with me.
874 · Jun 2016
We Will Become Art
Michael Blonski Jun 2016
My cherished love
Don't add tears to this world
Over the loss of fragrant
Forests and
Comforting rock

We are not stuck
In this nightmarish
We'll dive face first
Into a painting
Of picturesque

Pull the paint off our
And smear new colors
Onto canvass
We'll merge with
Art and start
A new life
In a world
Of our creation

Be in control
Of our own
Michael Blonski May 2016
Music bleeds out of the 12th story window
The sidewalk is freckled
with old chewing gum
and stacks of cigarette butts
The urban equivalent of leaves on a forest floor

This side walk has been seen by many travelers
thousands have walked its
concrete skin
Buried underneath subway trains travel
like bullets
carrying the cramped masses of morning commuters

There's a man in a suit
Sunglasses shield the world from his eyes
Cellphone in one hand and a Starbucks cup in the other
Walking briskly in his Italian leather shoes
Not noticing the man in the burgundy hat reaching
deep within the trash can

Chirping birds have been replaced with the honking
of car horns and air brakes of city buses
Towering trees have been replaced with towering
condos, offices, and monuments of capitalism

We're told when to cross the street and
the rivers have been told where to drain
The birds have been told where to nest
We're told where we belong
Within its neighborhoods
860 · Apr 2016
Michael Blonski Apr 2016
Tomorrow is
an illusion
We always exist
In the
809 · Mar 2017
Human Skin
Michael Blonski Mar 2017
The world
as we know  it
loves to tell us
who we are
and what we will

But the world
doesn't see the truth
in our minds and
the love in our

We are guided by our
And the romances
we have are with
the search for
our being and not
with the world's
desire to dress
products in human
807 · Aug 2016
Claude Monet
Michael Blonski Aug 2016
Impressionist Monet,
Was rejected by his contemporaries
À Paris

No longer wanting
To be a small fish in a
Large pond

He moved on to form
Anonymity amongst
Those who created

In Starry nights
And dots that
Into tranquility
805 · Oct 2016
The Hug
Michael Blonski Oct 2016
She was never one for
close contact
A hug
was just not something
to give away easily

We grew up together
for the past 16 years
I've been near her through
tears of a fallen friend
The end of high school
and meaningless adventures

We've always said goodbye
A simple wave
with a goofy grin  
Till the day my time there
came to an end

I moved away
far away
to a place she couldn't reach
And the last time I saw her she
offered me a comforting hug

As if I was going to
the trenches of a great war
It was strange
It was odd
It felt like no hug I felt

It was real
It was powerful
I never wanted to both
feel and not feel
a hug like that again

She was my secret crush
She would always be my
795 · May 2016
Who are we?
Michael Blonski May 2016
In an instant
A non-believer
Can find God
Through spiritual connection

In an instant
The devoted
Can loose faith
Through personal enlightenment

In an instant
The healthy
Can be diagnosed

In an instant
The sick
Can be free of disease

In an instant
The poor
Can hold the winning ticket

In an instant
The rich
Can loose it all

In an instant
Your home
Stands strong in the wind

In an instant
Your home
Can be overcome by natures wrath

In an instant
The truth
Turns into a lie

In an instant
A lie
Is actually truth

In an instant
We are born

In an instant
We die

Who we are now
Is a stranger to the
We woke up as

Who's to say who we are?
792 · Jun 2016
Perfection (10w)
Michael Blonski Jun 2016
The more
Strive for
The more
Michael Blonski Oct 2016
Too late to die young
too early to die

I always live through
stranger's eyes

Those which gaze
upon this maze called life

and pure
I surrender the choice

The poisons they see
they work swiftly

Constantly drowning in
the sea
and my body drifts
by currents

To beaches
To shores
found in oblivion

I'll stand up
dust off
and dive back again

Into riptides
That pull me far away
from here

Surrender the day
Surrender the year
744 · Jun 2016
Flavor Of Poetry
Michael Blonski Jun 2016
Her favorite flavor
Is poetry
And she dines
On the beauty
Of escaped sadness

She never sees the world
As it is
But rather
As it's written within
Created by
Harvesters of

Every drink she has
She's one step closer
To writing
Her master

Every drink she has
She's one step closer
To losing
It all

Gone from the world
Isolated by
Soulless concrete
Forever in

The cool breeze
Won't lift her spirits
When she's
Never laughed
Without purpose
736 · Jan 2018
I Stand
Michael Blonski Jan 2018
I stand
Like a pillar
A star and a

Not revolving

I'm no longer
For I am a

to kiss the clouds
while planted
into the nurturing
734 · May 2016
Masters of Poetry
Michael Blonski May 2016
These masters of poetry
flood my mind
with rhymes
and pure
unaltered thought

brutally at times
these master poets
dominate my mind

Changing who I am
what I see
in a small number of lines
When master poets words
take control of my mind
731 · May 2016
Breaking Bricks
Michael Blonski May 2016
I throw stones
at the ancient brick
just to pass the time

Pretending these
shadows are my friends
dancing along
parking space lines

The air is stale
smelling of gasoline and
cheap perfume
I'm throwing stones
while thinking of you

What will you become?
A question I heard when
I was younger
I wish to change
my response
now that I'm older

I wish to become
human in a world
designed to make me
feel small

Stand tall in  
time and space
and never again
listen to
anyone at
727 · Jul 2016
Poetry Inside
Michael Blonski Jul 2016
Cut me open
what there is to

Label what you find
with beautiful

Arrange them
in poetry
716 · Feb 2017
Michael Blonski Feb 2017
I can't afford the mansion you crave,
but I can visit the forest from where
it's made

And laugh as birds put holes in timbers
that you've spent a lifetime
chasing after
707 · Aug 2016
Birth of Energy
Michael Blonski Aug 2016
I inhale air
exhale clarity
the purity of the cosmos
my ever exhausted body

I morph into
the tiniest of particles
dancing in the breeze
finding strength in
the gaze of star light's

Numb to change
the removal of a
innocence being
from where
I came from,
shallow screams

I drift upon the energy
of winds transporting

To the seas of nebulae
where I can witness
the birth of
692 · Oct 2016
Swinging Mouse
Michael Blonski Oct 2016
To be vulnerable
like a mouse caught by
its tail
pendulum swing
side to side

with a predator's eyes
shifting, following, with the swinging

Enjoying the ride
as it might be the last taste
of wind
the last pull of gravity
the final view of color

No longer dreaming of tomorrow
existing for the moment of today
Celebrating the joy of
feeling the universe as I sway

There is no fear
only gratitude
for consciences
and beginning of anew
687 · May 2016
Love & Lost
Michael Blonski May 2016
out there
in the world,
someone is
kissing their
for the first time

While another
having a
new round
hoping to erase
the memory
of a kiss
from their past
683 · Jul 2016
Love Oppressed
Michael Blonski Jul 2016
The evening star rest
And the rising moon
Rids the night of dimly lit

Her transparent soul drifts
Soft dreams of love oppressed
When awake, she walks in silence,
As her paths are already set

With the ascending beams
Radiating from the star of the east
She awakes to witness
The majesty of sacred earth

Feeling the soft touch
Of cool morning air
Reflecting on the paths
That brought her here

She wants to jump the line
And race willingly  into
Uncharted forests
To prove that there are more
Paths to take
Than the ones
Laid for us
681 · May 2016
Assimilation Creation
Michael Blonski May 2016
My heart floats on a turbulent salty sea
Drifting towards a whirlpool
Ready to devour me

Pulling me in as I sink down
Feeling the weight of heavy water
Forced to kneel at the sacred crown

I want to escape and I feel bright light
But no matter how hard I pull
These shackles pull tight

I can remember those happy days
The simple pleasures of youthful bliss
Kissing the sweetness
Of pre-earthly decay

Stolen hours of what cherish
680 · Oct 2016
Assimilation Creation
Michael Blonski Oct 2016
My heart floats on a turbulent salty sea
Drifting towards a whirlpool
Ready to devour me

Pulling me in as I sink down
Feeling the weight of heavy water
Forced to kneel at the sacred crown

I want to escape and I feel bright light
But no matter how hard I pull
These shackles pull tight

I can remember those happy days
The simple pleasures of youthful bliss
Kissing the sweetness
Of pre-earthly decay

Stolen hours of what I cherish
680 · Jun 2016
Yourself? (10w)
Michael Blonski Jun 2016
Does anyone
what it really means
to be
670 · Jun 2016
The Whispering Midnight
Michael Blonski Jun 2016
The midnight sky whispers
One night one wish
Drifting sweet melodies above
Give us back our one true love

Feel the pull of gravity
As the moonlight requiem  
Is casted in geometric shapes
Stirring seas of salted space

Crystals in the sky glisten
And if you listen for
The whispers of the midnight sky
Reality will end its masquerade

And fade into
So we can ask

There are walls trapped in paintings
And blood in the words of
Forgotten souls
And why we toil
To find meaning in the
668 · Apr 2016
She Whispers
Michael Blonski Apr 2016
She whispers into the wind
Hoping her voice glides further
Over uncharted waters
To other lost sons and daughters

Ropes of perfection tighten
Her bound soul lacks energy,
Or desire, to meet any definition
Imprisoned by expectation

She wants to rebel gloriously
Dance at the vent of the volcano
Feel the Earth's nurturing heat
Flirt with thorns on stems
And kiss untouched water

Visions of serenity she sees
hoping to be reality
While these ropes cut into her skin
She whispers into the wind
659 · Dec 2016
Michael Blonski Dec 2016
We find our footing

We try to fight ocean waves
but we can't fight the moon

We can't fight the world's
Or the far reaches of

Planted as trees
on the surface of this
floating lanscape

Exist to
explore the
possibilities of the
and the
of our internal being
Michael Blonski May 2016
when we're able
to see
Michael Blonski Jul 2016
My thoughts lock onto
The days paths
As I travel amongst strange faces
With sounds from cars
Speeding past with a burst of wind
Going to unknown destinations

I walk to witness the flight
Of birds and the flowers
That bloom on the trees
Bright pedals of the moment

I try to figure out what it all means
But any meaning I
Is only meaning
I assigned

Stroll down this endless highway
Where nobody seems to be going
My way
Roads crumble and collapse
I'm falling through
Into a hole
Found within

Wanting to be filled
With something
Than what I find on top of
Crushed stone
Michael Blonski Aug 2016
As curtains fall
and pen touches paper
Feel my blood pulsing
through my cold fingers

I begin to dream and end
with a scene
Beautiful imagery
standing still

Hoping I'll fall through
this ink smeared paper
feel the of warmth on my skin
a bit longer and the feeling of laughter

Until I give in
and crumple this prose
into a misshapen paper ball
To hell with this lie
and the stories i've
been told

I only want what is real
I only want what I can feel

I need to be able to touch the soul
And feel the passion in this
world that I'm in

One day victory will be mine
One day I'll find what is mine
635 · Aug 2016
Bottled Messages
Michael Blonski Aug 2016
Sometimes I feel that
we are all
messages in bottles
Floating with currents
Rising and falling with waves
Anxiously waiting for the day
to be read
by affectionate eyes
627 · Jan 2017
The City
Michael Blonski Jan 2017
****** into the city where chaos prevails
camouflaged beneath the innocence
of a white bridal veil

We breath its air
and eat its streets
our bones fuse with concrete
our blood flows through pipes
that lay hidden beneath

Slowly we morph into the places
we can no longer
620 · Jul 2016
Michael Blonski Jul 2016
The moon pulls the waters
of time
forwards and backwards
along with the yellow sun
eroding the shores of
the people we know
the people we love
they disappear
from our lives
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