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Michael Blonski May 2017
Her long hair
either side
of her hazel eyes
and her lipgloss
the truth of
her whispers
I remember
her desires
the flowers that
and the texture
of her goosebumps
as I held her
on top the windy earth
a laughter
a crow
sowing seeds
of feelings
we dared
not explore
as we drift
with the undertow
Michael Blonski Jan 2017
We sat on shore rocks
Where massive waves break
I knew the chance I needed
to take
So I grabbed her hand,
and felt the warmth of my
throat rise
As she turned to me I looked deeply
into her eyes
and asked her to be with me
to watch waves until the
day we die
and with a tearful yes
I became the happiest
man  *alive
I'm so happy to become recently engaged :)
Michael Blonski Apr 2016
Azure blue skies
Surrenders to
And hues of

Shadows meld
Into the oncoming
Dark cloak
From a sinking
Revealing secrets
Of cosmos past

Reaching as far as I can
Stretching each fiber to
Their limit

Plucking out of the black
A single point of light
Cupping it's energy
With my palms

The energy feeds me
Gives me strength
Nurtures the
Totality of my

A new dawn approaches
Michael Blonski Mar 2017
There are those who say
that those who existed millennia ago
where primitive, unintelligent,

Savage and ruthless,
lower on the
evolutionary tree

While we breath in
smog birthed from industry
to produce garbage we
toss into the sea
Michael Blonski May 2016
My heart floats on a turbulent salty sea
Drifting towards a whirlpool
Ready to devour me

Pulling me in as I sink down
Feeling the weight of heavy water
Forced to kneel at the sacred crown

I want to escape and I feel bright light
But no matter how hard I pull
These shackles pull tight

I can remember those happy days
The simple pleasures of youthful bliss
Kissing the sweetness
Of pre-earthly decay

Stolen hours of what cherish
Michael Blonski Oct 2016
My heart floats on a turbulent salty sea
Drifting towards a whirlpool
Ready to devour me

Pulling me in as I sink down
Feeling the weight of heavy water
Forced to kneel at the sacred crown

I want to escape and I feel bright light
But no matter how hard I pull
These shackles pull tight

I can remember those happy days
The simple pleasures of youthful bliss
Kissing the sweetness
Of pre-earthly decay

Stolen hours of what I cherish
Michael Blonski Dec 2017
Drop the needle
on the sad song
twirl in the misery
you crave

Sing along
with the words
reflecting true
life's harmonies

Whisper to yourself
it's ok

The bright lights
pierce the window veil
its energy block
you know this situation

Comfort in shadows
masked realities
its the rhythm
that makes blood

Each beat is duplicated
by the heart that rings
and when you finally
feel your pulse rise
you become more
you become

you become
Michael Blonski Jul 2016
Her beautiful silhouette
Into a flock of birds
scattering in all directions

I scramble to
catch them all
hoping to reassemble
the original form

I witness the sky split
in two
One half filled with doves
One half

They slash and cut deeply
Bite with forceful hate
Pouring my life into
The streets below

I lay there motionless
And watch
The sun set
Within the glowing orb
balanced on the horizon
I only see her
Michael Blonski Jan 2018
I don't want to start
A revolution
Inside my head
I just want to
Be alive
Before Im dead

The mist of the ocean
Drowns me
Once again
And I'm happy for the toast
From the most
Selfless friend

Dance with the moon
Sleep under the sun
Tomorrow's alarm
Proves I'm not done

Life is a brightly lit fire
And I plan on

You're already
If you speak
Michael Blonski May 2016
Past the graveyard
Where the willows droop low
Past the tomb
Of the newly widowed

Down there you will see
A tree that belonged to you
and belonged me

We used to
From branches high
Bruised our hearts
Kissing under
Counting all the stars

Connecting points
Of light to form

Now the leafs have
Rotted away
Trunk is slumping
And bark morphed to grey
My mind still plays
Movies from those days
Forever burned in my memories

I yelled into the breeze
Please, for once, take me back to that scene
When we were young
living as kings and queens

I keeping crying out for your name
But the results always the same
I never hear a sound
While we are underground
Michael Blonski Jun 2016
Her gentle smile radiates
It's there when I need her
When I need to feel
In this world that
walks past me without a second glance

I spend my days dreaming
of her soft whispers
It's nothing but a tease
As she's always hundreds
of miles

Billions of people
walk the earth daily

and I only want to walk with her
to watch her ******
when I tell her how I feel
Michael Blonski Aug 2016
I inhale air
exhale clarity
the purity of the cosmos
my ever exhausted body

I morph into
the tiniest of particles
dancing in the breeze
finding strength in
the gaze of star light's

Numb to change
the removal of a
innocence being
from where
I came from,
shallow screams

I drift upon the energy
of winds transporting

To the seas of nebulae
where I can witness
the birth of
Michael Blonski Jan 2019
The world is scared and bloated
like a preteen pregnancy
Michael Blonski Sep 2016
I ask,
Is it more poetic
to write the most
beautiful of stanzas
devoid of any truth
or meaning?

Or, writing
from raw emotion
where beauty resides
behind the words
and ink flows
like blood and tears?
Michael Blonski Aug 2016
Sometimes I feel that
we are all
messages in bottles
Floating with currents
Rising and falling with waves
Anxiously waiting for the day
to be read
by affectionate eyes
Michael Blonski May 2016
I throw stones
at the ancient brick
just to pass the time

Pretending these
shadows are my friends
dancing along
parking space lines

The air is stale
smelling of gasoline and
cheap perfume
I'm throwing stones
while thinking of you

What will you become?
A question I heard when
I was younger
I wish to change
my response
now that I'm older

I wish to become
human in a world
designed to make me
feel small

Stand tall in  
time and space
and never again
listen to
anyone at
Michael Blonski Aug 2018
I stand before the monumental
I am crushed by its shadow
I am humbled by its ego
And I can taste envy

I ride the turbulent waters
Like the kelp behind
An ocean liner, I am jostled
Holding firmly as
I slowly inch my way
Out of the water

Eventually I will be free
By searching, by fighting, or by accepting
Fates cruel woven string
And what is clear to me
In the end I shall breathe
Michael Blonski Mar 2017
Two leaves
blowing with the wind
shy in front of the sun
and restless
in front of the moon
we conquer
lonely deserts
and friendly grasses
we pierce the ocean's
discovering submerged
and gather brittle truths
Michael Blonski Oct 2017
My life is a
striking the box,
exploding into flame

The power of friction

Burning brightly,
with youthful energy

Slowly the flame dies
until a smoke trail leads
to a burnt match tossed
to the floor

smoldering in place
Michael Blonski Aug 2016
My life is a
striking the box,
exploding into flame

The power of friction

Burning brightly,
with youthful energy

Slowly the flame dies
until a smoke trail leads
to a burnt match tossed
to the floor

smoldering in place
Michael Blonski May 2016
They tried to convince me
that Cadillacs are a valuable

And it's perfectly normal
to erase my imperfections

That water from bottles
are for my health
not to generate

Try to convince me
that eating protein
is the only way to
build a strong man

And that people
can be classified
by their brands

They try to convince me
that they are what I need
but their shackles
cannot lock onto me
Michael Blonski Feb 2017
I can't afford the mansion you crave,
but I can visit the forest from where
it's made

And laugh as birds put holes in timbers
that you've spent a lifetime
chasing after
Michael Blonski Aug 2016
Impressionist Monet,
Was rejected by his contemporaries
À Paris

No longer wanting
To be a small fish in a
Large pond

He moved on to form
Anonymity amongst
Those who created

In Starry nights
And dots that
Into tranquility
Michael Blonski May 2016
The clouds in
the sky
are talented contortionists

Vital beauty
to rival
the most talented goddess

My lungs eat
a meal
of purity and exhale clarity

My eyes ease
at the
sights of great complexity

I'm free to discover
the language
of the wind

Witness the birth
new generations
Michael Blonski Feb 2017
We test the waters
first with our toes,
to take the first unknown step
in the naked ocean
we reside

Stage smiles in photographs
as we know
only ink can truly capture
the raw, inner self

We celebrate picturesque
landscapes donning walls
of their master's sanctum,
as nature is force to
retreat behind a concrete

We kiss the lips of death
and press our hands
upon the dark cloth
feel the woven
to nurture our souls
when are bodies
are not fed
Michael Blonski Apr 2016
Remain constant
Set adrift on imagination
Experiences merge
I do not speak
I only think
I remain constant
Michael Blonski Mar 2017
I must travel
to where the cold wind
the future is a piercing
through daydream's flesh
blood becomes
geometric shapes
fitting like puzzle
pieces in the
their lines are bold
and their points
are sharp
as the continents
on a globe
I travel to the place
where cold wind blows
for shielded behind
thick wool is
all I know
Michael Blonski Apr 2018
This dead space
in my mind
Lost in the world
worships decline

I can no longer
see your grace,
can no longer
touch your face

I refuse to let
you leave place

You must stay

Without hearing what
I have to say
Michael Blonski Apr 2016
I want to plunge into the deep end of the ocean
Sink and watch the view
of a distorted sky above

Feel the heat leave my body,
my eyes only seeing darkness
gradually enclose

I'll descend deeper

Water shielding my ears from
all noise
while suspended
In the tidal free
I am truly free
To live
Michael Blonski May 2016
Don't think.
From your
subconscious mind

Let what you hold inside
take control

Guiding your
fingertips to
the keys
the ink
from a pen

Write as it

Don't water
it down
It would be like
without making a
Michael Blonski Jun 2016
The road leads into a cascading sky
Surrounded by the echo of
Shattered realities
And buried deep under the asphalt
Is a world we rarely see

Touch the soil and feel its grit
Let it grind away your facade
The world of illusions
Ghost huddling in mass and trapped
In haunted seclusion

Dig a staircase to reach the center
And enter the aging earth
Counting the remains of past dreams
As you descend
Into the world rarely seen

There you will find in plain sight
All life that was and will be
Finding love and serenity
Knowing here, there's no room
For dreams of infinity
Michael Blonski Apr 2016
Earth day
comes and
forgets about
Why is the Earth, our home, celebrated only once a year?
Michael Blonski Jul 2016
The moon pulls the waters
of time
forwards and backwards
along with the yellow sun
eroding the shores of
the people we know
the people we love
they disappear
from our lives
Michael Blonski Aug 2016
You are a thread
Undone stitching
stretching from a beginning
to your breaking point

how have you changed me?
Am I no longer
who I was?
Why must you trap me
in this endless thicket of
unknown horizons?

I hear your knocks
on my door Time.
They've been echoing since before yesterday
shaking walls, my picture

Framed happy faces of youthful bliss,
the kiss of
The missing childhood friends
and a
family that used to be complete

Before Time's hand
choked their
Michael Blonski Jan 2017
To witness the power of words
is to witness an exploding star
Dangerous and beautiful


Raining down elements
that collect like snow
to flow down streams
and to flow like time
build and destroy
That try to hold back waves
that we ride
Michael Blonski Jun 2016
Peel back the layers
And reveal the inner attraction
To lite fires that burn away
The poets distraction
Watch them burn
Until they're only embers

The smoke will dance gracefully
Past opaque barriers
In scribe's energy
The smoke will be carriers
Of this voice's synergy

These lines start traveling
Through cylindrical pathways
Never to slow down
To remember where it's going
Unlike the inhabitants of this town

Same time same place
Where every breath is a bomb
And the bombs are left buried
To suddenly explode when
An unfortunate soul
Whispers the wrong password
Michael Blonski Aug 2016
Everything will be color and
Crystals sound off, as you remove
the drop cloth

paintings from yesterday
and weep to fill the oceans
found in a picturesque seascapes

Seashells mark the paths where
to drown the hearts of peace loving
We'll swim for daylight in this
tranquil twilight scene
Find the definition of love
within the sea

The shadows seek walls
to gain your attention during the
burning light of day
And everything spins
around to
push the shadows back into
the ground

Her heart is a bright lighthouse beam
guiding me past
sharp rocks and dangerous reefs
And gives me purpose
to see
That this is the life
I wish to be
Michael Blonski May 2017
When we read words
Of sorrow
Authored by another
We attack the page with
Lines and erasers

The words become
A threat
A danger in the brush

We are executioners
Of sorrow
Survivors of the prose

With each other we are
Through sorrow we grow
Michael Blonski Aug 2016
Leaves prove to us
the coming of the winter season
gentle floating blades
cut deeply into memory

The innocence of a pile
of orange, reds, and
as they continued to fall
I have

less and less they are noticed
so complacent we have become
to take part in
the joy
of a simple
change of color
Michael Blonski Apr 2016
We only fall,
only bleed
Where we
Michael Blonski Jul 2017
Did you ever
try to write
but no matter
the words chosen
they don't feel right?

They mock you
from the page,
erase them in rage,
as they don't say
what you feel
on the

And you're
too proud
to hide behind words
that don't
reflect your
Michael Blonski Jun 2016
Her favorite flavor
Is poetry
And she dines
On the beauty
Of escaped sadness

She never sees the world
As it is
But rather
As it's written within
Created by
Harvesters of

Every drink she has
She's one step closer
To writing
Her master

Every drink she has
She's one step closer
To losing
It all

Gone from the world
Isolated by
Soulless concrete
Forever in

The cool breeze
Won't lift her spirits
When she's
Never laughed
Without purpose
Michael Blonski May 2016
You and me were born in infinity
Residing in the space between stars
Where candles exemplify your sacred geometry

We travel on vessels created from our hearts
To witness the grandeur of nothingness
The awe-inspiring atmosphere of the heavens

I want to take your hand and press it to
My throat to feel the pulsing life within
And begin a journey into nebulae clouds

Staring at your eyes taking notice
That your hazel irises resemble spiraling galaxies
And their central black holes pull me in

There is much to discover within the cold void
From which we both reside
See the moon glow from the other side

Float in peace with me.
Michael Blonski May 2016
The river is dammed to
Slow natural flow
Inserting our control
On what was once free

You and me
Are now rivers
Full of power
And might
But are controlled
By concrete and steel

Force to move through
Narrow gaps
And to give ourselves up
To turn generators
Told our sacrifice
Is for the better
Michael Blonski May 2016
I'll be your wool scarf
Shielding your
Throat from chilled air

I'll be your paper
If you need
To write about those
Who didn't treat you fair

I'll be a warm cup
Of coffee
Staying up through
The nite
Against my eyelids
Wishes, I'll fight

For you
Michael Blonski Oct 2016
Am I the brick
that smashes glass?
Fountain of shards
Like the paint I used
to write your name

Elegant curves and
black bold lines
dripping wet
with sharp highlights

This wall will
serve as a reminder
of the day
A testament of time
where we came to kneel
before textured

Stand defiant before
wipe the blood
off our hands
as shards begin
Michael Blonski Oct 2016
To see something beautiful,
must you first see ugliness?

Before you can be at peace,
must you first suffer?

In order to feel alive,
must a part of you die?

Or can we learn from
the trials of the past
in a blissful state
from first breath
to our last?
Michael Blonski May 2016
Funny thing about
we only seem
to use
to disguise
Michael Blonski May 2016
Rain batters my skull
Drumming to a regular beat
The energy left my hands
Numbed by lack of heat

I close my eyes and drift
to a place from yesterday
Where the generous sun shared
Its rays

Friendly warm faces greet
As I sip on a welcomed cup of tea
Watch old men sharing tales
Of youthful victories

The bell on the doors rings
To announce all patrons
Like a high-society function in spring
Room noisy with conversation

I sit and watch it all unfold
Nursing the warm drink
Slowly I blink, fantasizing on when my
Face, body, and soul will become old

What stories will I tell
And what secrets I'll keep
Those women I loved
Alone, I walk down the street
Michael Blonski Apr 2016
We follow signs
give them authority

We constructed walls
labeled ourselves free

Move with caution
and stay between the lines

We've sanded down the corners
Removed sharp objects
We've dulled our lives

We've turned color into black and white
We've forgotten how to bleed
We measure our lives in years
We no longer compare scars
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