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Michael Blonski Sep 2019
Sometimes I notice the trees
Sometimes the city lights are all I see

Distracted like a moth to a flame

My old hometown will never be the same
We’ve all moved away,
to warmer places,
to live in more luxurious ways

But there will come the day
We'll miss the old grassy field
where we used to play

Where we drew each other’s blood
and bruised each other’s skin

When we were young and thin
and too ignorant to understand the
we are in
Michael Blonski Jul 2019
Sipping from the ginger beer's bottle
I hate its taste
But it reminds me of her
If only just for a little while
Michael Blonski Jan 2019
The world is scared and bloated
like a preteen pregnancy
Michael Blonski Jan 2019
I see your picture
reading through the same
yoga, cooking, and travel
version of a person
trying to cast a wide
instead of focusing
on the truth inside

Where does the end lie?
All I know is that
I’m alone
and want to share
the experiences of
a life
dare to explore the soul
and the fire
Michael Blonski Nov 2018
I once met a man
and asked him what he saw
where he's been
he said he's been to every land
every space
and he's never been the same

he said what are you hoping
to find in the

It's inevitable
he said and you will see
that you may walk through
the forest and touch the trees
and crunch the snow on the
mountains' caps

but you'll never live
the same way twice
you will change
and shed your skin

you will become the earth
and settle deep within the roots
love will come
love will go
there is no time capsule in
the world I know

that can preserve anything
Michael Blonski Aug 2018
I stand before the monumental
I am crushed by its shadow
I am humbled by its ego
And I can taste envy

I ride the turbulent waters
Like the kelp behind
An ocean liner, I am jostled
Holding firmly as
I slowly inch my way
Out of the water

Eventually I will be free
By searching, by fighting, or by accepting
Fates cruel woven string
And what is clear to me
In the end I shall breathe
Michael Blonski Jul 2018
I ride a turbulent sea
deep within the confines
of a leaking vessel
Riding the fate of billows
Riding towards a final crash
or revival along a sandy shore

Either path will bring peace

But I do not wish to ride this vessel anymore
Only allowed to watch leaks around
rusty rivets
Only able to smell the stale iron air
and touch cold metallic skin
When I know I have the power to swim
and take my chance among the salt
and spray
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