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McKenna Rich Sep 2017
We sat and I looked at the roses
Thinking avout how beautiful this moment is
How picture perfect
A young couple in the moon light
Sitting among the trees
I could spend forever with you
You asked me why I giggled so much
What you didnt know was how ecstatic
I was to be with you
This happiness was too sureal
This was a moment I only saw in my dreams
Your lips were mine to kiss
Your hands mine to hold
This forever would be perfect
Then you had this idea
To climb the billboard
And sit up with the trees............
This was yet another poem i was writing when we broke up. Its been 2 years since and i am just now rediscovering it. And since we're friends now. And i cant openly say how i feel anywhere else. I still love you kyle. I dont know what you did to me. Ive grown older and wiser. But still i hang onto this exact date this memory with all i have
I still want you. I still am falling for you and theres nothing i can do. ******* it kyle. Why cant you see it.
McKenna Rich Feb 2016
I dive into the deep end
Water fills my lungs
As I struggle for air
A voice calls out my name
Familiar I let myself fall
Dying dreams of me in your arms
When I come back to reality
He is the only thing on my mind.
McKenna Rich Feb 2016
My heart hurts
My words aren't coming out quite right anymore
I can see the sun
But I'd rather lay in bed.
Liquor Cigarettes **** and Lost Love
That's what I'm now made out of.
My heart is broken
Shattered to pieces
Laying on the floor of someone else bed room
My mind is in a constant state of
Fighting Battling Conflict Confusion
And yet
Even though lost love is my new name
My mind is on newer brighter places.
Like him.
His hair.
His smile.
The smell of cigarette still on his skin.
The way life feels when he's close
Mindlessly touching my arm
His hand brushing my back
Drifting into a peaceful state.
He is both the storm and the calm.
When hes away
I'm in the middle
Stuck in a hurricane
Threatening to ******* away
But when he's near
My god is the world beautiful
Laughter fills the night.
Smiles light up the room.
I desire
With such a burning passion
To hear the soft comforting sound
Of his heart beating as I lay on his chest.
As tears fall on my keyboard
He's what is on my mind.
I feel wretched
I feel *****
I feel so empowered
So incredibly OK
Break ups hurt
They tear a person inside out
Destroy what makes up their heart.
Their feelings
Their emotions
But yet.
I'm moving on
Pushing forward
Moving ahead on a path
I only hope and wish leads to his arms.
My mind is at battle
A relentless conflict
Between the hurt and the happy
I just want to be better
For his sake.
break ups **** but i guess he is helping me move on
McKenna Rich Apr 2015
My emotions overwhelm me
My mind is racing again
With thoughts of the way your eyes light up when you smile at me
And with thoughts on how it all can fall apart.
My past has ruined me
But you have the power to repair whats broken.
Im scared my past will become my present
And you'll disappear just as the others have.
I'm trying to have faith
That maybe you're my prince charming
My knight in shinning armor
The one to pull me out of my pit.
How can one care so much for something so broken?
You're my secondhand seranade.
My heart is racing again
As it always is when you're on my mind.
I hope with all me heart you're my beginning
Of the end of all my dark days.
I wish to spill my guts to you
For you to see my nasty insides.
But I'm waiting.
Waiting for my trust to be cconfirmed.
Until then I'll take pen to paper
And write to an imaginary you.
Love songs and sappy quotes
Is what your name means to me.
Synonymous to hope and happiness.
Even now I'm afraid that I won't be able to let go.
They say third times the charm.
But luck hasn't been my best friend.
Yet here I am letting it all go

Update: while I was writing this the person it was about ironically left me. Kinda funny how the world works. So I'll leave it be. Let it grow a deeper meaning. Symbolize the irony in everyday.
McKenna Rich Nov 2014
Go ahead and laugh at my jokes.
Go ahead and think I'm just a funny person.
But behind that witty humor.
There's years of heart ache.
Shorter one....
McKenna Rich Nov 2014
Is it that bad to desire love?
To desire to be desired.
For one person out of the 7 billion on earth.
Just one to NEED you.

Isn't it bad to desire love?
When a girl who gives the world her all.
She feels lost and afraid.
That lost little girl just needs love.

Why is it so bad to fear?
This little girl...
She stands too tall and resolute.
Until darkness falls.

Why is fear a weakness?
This girl is afraid to admit, she's scared of the dark.
But it isn't the monsters outside.
It's the monsters in her head.

Why does everyone have to keep strong?
This little girl...
She only wants a home.
She only wants love.

Isn't it sad when one feels alone?
This little girl has plenty of friends...
But still feels so empty.
Friendship isn't love, caring isn't love.

Why is it so hard to love a broken girl?
This little girl would do anything to feel loved once again.
She would walk to the ends of the earth.
Just to feel that warm embrace of a lover's arms.

To be the object of one's affection.
The little girl's one dying wish.
This little girl has walked through battlefields.
Just looking for a loving embrace.

She's experienced tastes.
And now she's hooked.
Her drug is love.
And now she's going through withdraws

She just want's to be high on love again...
Is that too much for me to ask for?
I'm back. So since I can't write "happy" poetry well, I'll only write when tears are streaming down my cheeks. So that is the cause of my lacking in writing.
McKenna Rich Jul 2014
Have you ever felt so utterly empty
That you can't even do what you do best
Words don't flow onto the page as they should

Have you ever felt so utterly hopeless
That you can't even get out of bed
Your lungs don't even seem to want to work

Have you ever felt so utterly worthless
That you can't even take a strangers compliment
Let alone even think of loving yourself

Have you ever felt so utterly alone
Even though you're in a room full of people
You just seem invisible to all that is there

Have you ever felt so utterly disgusting
That you cringe at the sight of your own picture
And can't seem to look at yourself in the mirror

This is how I've felt..... For the past 4 years
it's 3:30 am..... just kinda needed to happen
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