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Dear little girl,
For there will be plenty of opportunities to frown

Dear little girl,
Play with your friends,
Climb that tree
Because one day your heels will not let you

Dear little girl,
Don’t worry about what they say,
For they will forget it and move on to your future

Dear little one,
I hope you lived life to the fullest,
That you never missed a chance to take in the sun,
And never stopped playing hide and seek,

Dear little me,
I hope you make me look back and smile at the fun
I think she did :)
It is a pity life does not have background music
to pick us up as we fall
but as I ponder, I realise
that sometimes silence is the voice that teaches us to do it ourselves
You will be strong
You will rise
They say,
"childhood is  kingdom where nobody dies"

mine wasn't.

I was forced to grow up too fast
a 5 year old in a 30 year old's body
who couldn't take a joke
who was too sensitive
who was a scaredy cat

but they didn't know
the horrors i saw
the the terror i felt
the trauma i live

they will never know
the blood shed
the tears cried
the screams of pain

my childhood was not a dream
it was a nightmare
This is very personal, and I have been wanting to say this for years, and i am glad to get this out
Everything hurts
so much
and nobody understands
that when I say,
I'm fine
and good
I'm really not

I'm breaking down
Write your pain, so I'm typing this up while crying
Maybe if we stopped looking at countries
and changed out perspective
then we'd see that we're all from the same planet
But just live in different places
our little-big "towns"

Because the best thing about a colouring book
is all the colours
White, blue, black and yellow
And without a colour, the picture would not be complete

And the best thing about a rainbow
is not the treasure at the end
but the colours uniting when the war begins between the sun and the rain
and that's what makes all the difference

and it's our strength, but also our weakness
I went through a poetry block for a little, but these recent evets have helped me a lot and inspired me
sleep evolved from a chore
to an escape
It's sad but beautiful in a funny way
Don't call me "hot",
call me beautiful.

I am a woman,
not a cup of tea.
Is it just me who gets bothered by being called "hot" or seeing boys call other girls "hot"?
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