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Rita Sailor Jan 2
i fear we now have more in common than before
i figured it out the day i learnt to drive
and now he's standing in the doorway with my words in his mouth
Am I having one of those days,
where I want to leave everything
and everyone?
Where I want to go into a daze,
and watch my dreams all come?

No, it's not 'Just one of those days'
It's not even a phase.
I am extremely unsatisfied and bored,
and my life feels more like a chore.

So i cry, and i sigh,
and get out my frustration.
While claiming I'm okay,
I lie,
because no one has time
for that curruption.

So i try to let these three years go by, as quickly as I can:
while I'm still being controlled
and watched,
as independent as I am?

I long for those three years to fly,
so my life can be ran by only I.
I'll have my own lovely home,
with a cosy fire,
all made by stone.

There won't be much company in need,
Not with all of my books,
candles and reckless sprees.
My house will be filled with glowing golden lights,
and expensive furnishings,
of all shades of white.

I'll be looking out of my balcony,
with my blankets wrapped around me,
as I listen to the rain pour and slide,
with a pen and paper at my side.

With my dog at my feet,
my eyes on the sky,
and my music playing lightly,
I'll always be on a high.

I know that's what my future holds,
as I won't settle for anything less,
I won't have lived until I live that image,
and until then I'll try my best.
This is truly where I hope to be, and these are only a pinch of ideas, out of a whole jar full of them.
Hg Jun 2018
i wanna be a dinosaur
buried within the planet's core

i wanna die and decompose
so you could find my dino bones

i wanna be a dinosaur
preferably an herbivore

i do like meat; it's good for you
but fish are friends and dinos too

i wanna be a dinosaur
to only die by meteor

i wanna die and decompose
so i can help the future grow 

i wanna make the earth tremor
cause nothing here is forever 

you only echo if you roar
so be a ******* dinosaur
chloe fleming Nov 2017
Please stop calling me nice.
I am not nice.
I will not be contained to a single word,
When my bones are built from metaphors
And my lips leak similes.
I am a fireball of emotion, splitting trees and men in two with my passion for my art.
I am a slurry of terror, creeping up on you at night that curls your toes right before you fall asleep.
I am not nice, I am anything but
I am alive with the summer heat that burns in my eyes and the sunlight that flows through my ribcage.
I am a warrior, a fighter, a solider in disguise.
I am the moon that hides it face in the day, only to showcase it's purity in the night.
I am the stiff wind that knocks the shallow air out of your lungs on a cold, January morning.
I am the tick, tick, tick of the buzzer right before its majestic song.
I am the obscene, the extraordinary, the menacing things in life.
I am not confined by a single word.
MarieAnna Aug 2016
People come and go.
Like dust bunnies under the couch.
You guys get cleaned out.
And it's time I cleaned again.

Winter is long gone the sun is shining on the duplicitous things you all said...

Cutting ties.
Leaving people.
As they are better of left.

Focusing on whatever else there is left...

Why am I investing so much of my time.
When people can be so useless?

Yet ironically everything involves people.
Yet I loathe you all.
But we all need each other when we fall, or to remind ourselves we can feel at all.

At the end of the day...
You guys make me do nothing but feel withdrawal.
Suffocating in all your words is like dust is everywhere I go..

It is time for me to clean all the dust.
Pick apart all your cobwebs that you had me tangled in..

I used to be happy just to be in the moment
Thinking I could learn something to open my eyes ....
Yet now I am blinded by how it is time to empty some boxes,
And we both become departed.

Blinded to what life is...

Now where is the vacumn cleaner because there is lots of dust bunnies cluttering my mind here...

— The End —