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Love Tamer Feb 2015
The warmth of your lips,
The scent of your skin,
Your touch,
Your embrace.
I am all of you and you are all of me.
Hungry for you...
Take me fully,
Love me insaciably,
Over and over again.

And I thought I nearly lose you, but I am all of you and you are all of me.
  Jan 2015 Love Tamer
Rose Grant
Who am I?
I don't know
There is just a voice inside of me that says "Let Go"
Accept the past
Move on
Don't relive it and let the darkness gain
I know it's hard
  But just be strong and take over the pain ..
This is for all of them who cannot seem to move on from the past. It is very hard trust me i know. If you need someone to tell then i am all ears. All i have to say is that trust yourself and hold on. Everything will be fine. :)
  Jan 2015 Love Tamer
Amitav Radiance
Love never betrays
Only the unworthy does
Love Tamer Jan 2015
A promise of love,
Years of compromise,
Ups and down,
Happiness and sadness,
Weakness and strength,
Happy memories, children, family...
Professional growth,

Then what?
When your skin, energy and body are not the same,
Someone comes along offering to provide a new start,
New start?.....the same cycle starts.
Then you realize how much you have lost.
What do we take?
Memories and the fullfillment of knowing we did the best we could.

My lesson:
Appreciate today,
Be thankful for what I have,
Love my family and look at adventures to renew within and with my partner in love,
Don't look outside....look within,
Live to the fullest and share it with your family,
Keep humble and don't do harm,
don't excuse your actions, take accountability.

Create a real world, not a fictitious one.
#reallove, #randomthoughts, #honesty, #fictitiousworld, #soulmate, #lovetamer
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