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Rose Grant Jul 2015
Often we stumble and fall,
Failing to see the reason behind it all...
The mind starts playing a wicked game,
Thoughts we cannot seem to tame.....
The demons seem to rise,
but still..
Silently hidden in a surreal disguise....
Is it a beast that is trapped?
Or is it one big mystery waiting to be unwrapped.....
The thought is that we have got it right,
Negligent of the loss in plain sight........
So be sure to know the lucid history,
Because there are two sides to every story.......................................
Everything is a mystery here.... So don't judge before you know the truth... All of it ....
Rose Grant Jan 2015
I yearn,
     I learn,
         I love,
             I hope,
                 I burn,
                     I run,
                         I cry,
                             I fly,
                                 I dance,
                                     I am in a trance,
                                 I apologize,
                             I patronize,
                         I sore,
                     Like never before,
                 TO YOU.....
             FOR YOU...
         ONLY YOU..
      Don't you see?
  I can live without you....
**its just that i don't want to
Feelings expressed :)
  Jan 2015 Rose Grant
You may already be aware of a message currently showing up in the HP message boxes from a female(supposedly) identifying herself only as "Miss Stephanie". She states that she saw/read your profile and is interested you, and has something important to tell you. She asks that you reply with YOUR email, then gives an email address supposedly belonging to her. No other information is given.
She will post two, or more poems, probably in an effort to gain trust and establish credibility. She may even mention the on-going situation with Boko Haram, or some other conflict. THIS IS A SCAM!! Once your email falls into the wrong hands, there are untold numbers of consequences.DELETE it immediately, then BLOCK IT.
Please pass this on!

Richard Riddle
This  was sent to me by fellow poet Richard Riddle. SO ITS TOTALLY NOT MINE - I'M JUST SPREADING THE MESSAGE. I did receive a message from her before though. Her name is "stephanibaby." "She" did post one poem that gained 1,000 views, but it was stolen from another poet.
Rose Grant Jan 2015
Who am I?
I don't know
There is just a voice inside of me that says "Let Go"
Accept the past
Move on
Don't relive it and let the darkness gain
I know it's hard
  But just be strong and take over the pain ..
This is for all of them who cannot seem to move on from the past. It is very hard trust me i know. If you need someone to tell then i am all ears. All i have to say is that trust yourself and hold on. Everything will be fine. :)
Rose Grant Dec 2014
I write poetry
Because it is the only way i can
express myself.
I write poetry
In order to fight off the demons
that haunt me.
I write poetry
To express my anger on the pretentious people who say
they understand
but they dont.
I write poetry for myself.
My feelings expressed.....
Plz comment i want to knw how it is.
Rose Grant Dec 2014
Life is a confusing ring,
It always provides a wing.
Life is a long path,
Cannot overcome it by wrath.
Life is a song,
Sing it along.

Life is a tiny seed,
Sometimes planted with greed.
Life is an old tree,
Lets you grow with experience if you agree.
Life is a tiring battle,
Cannot win it without a little rattle.

Life is a game of chess,
It surely is a mess.
Life is love,
Like a pure white dove.
Life is a continuous tune,
Like the light of the moon.

Life is a set of stairs,
Remember it in your prayers.
Life is a lot of torn pages,
Learning it might take ages.
Life is not as it is portrayed,
At times it makes you feel completely betrayed.

But above all life is a beautiful journey,
It surely is a bit thorny.
Cause when it comes to the end,
It leaves you memories you could never apprehend.......
Cherish every moment that life has to offer you..... They are very precious................

— The End —