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Louise Leger Apr 2014
If words mean nothing

Why do we waste so much breath

Telling critics so?
Louise Leger Apr 2014
In my dreams, I scream

At the top of my lungs

In anger/in sadness

Scream words left unsung

My dream is not to be loud

I am loud in the real world

Perhaps too much so

In fact I’ve tried to quiet down

In my dreams

When I scream

No one listens

As if I hadn’t said a word

When I am begging to be heard

A lost cause, really

For who will hear me

Behind closed eyes

And an arcane mind


On the inside
Louise Leger Mar 2014
The entitled ones:

Snotty, stuck up, rude

Nasty, spoiled prudes

Your misery, their fun

Loosen up your buns, entitled ones

‘Cause I am in no mood

To harbor your attitude

And snooty snippy sayings sung

The desk between us that which divides

Does not right you to be snide

Entitled ones need not apply

Entitled are entitled nigh

The ones who earn entitlement

Are the ones who give respect

Possessors of this enlightenment

Such respect is what they’ll get

Treat your servers as you will with such level of pomposity

But understand that I abide by way of reciprocity
Louise Leger Mar 2014
Every time you take a leap

There’s someone pulling on your shoe

To pull you back and try to keep

You from doing what you do


Jealous ones,



Gloom mayors

The ones who simply won’t believe

You hold the power to achieve

But they don’t know what you can do

How strong you are, they don’t know you

So we won’t let them in our way

We’ll pay no mind to nayers’ say

They’ll have to judge us from afar

For they don’t know just what we are:






Soon enough they’ll surely see

Just how mighty we can be
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Louise Leger Mar 2014
I think that when all is right with the planet

We’ll have nothing to fight for, nothing to bring

So bored and restless we can barely stand it

No mayhem to suffer no preaches to sing

With no wrongs to right we start writing wrongs

Things get pretty boring when everything’s right

For what do we stand if we cannot stand strong?

Your impact is nigh if you’ve nothing to fight

It’s hard to imagine a world without sin

Our striving for change is what makes life abundant

If the world isn’t perfect, just hold up your chin

To exist in perfection is rather redundant
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Louise Leger Mar 2014
It was only a dream

But how real it did seem

It isn’t real

But that’s not how I feel

If a crazy man can live in his world

Why can’t I live in mine

I understand his perception’s curled

But inside his head, it’s all in line

How can you say

What not to believe?

At the end of the day

It’s all perceived
Louise Leger Mar 2014
We all have masks

But no, I will not ask

Of you to never wear

Such safety that you bare

It gets us through the day

And keeps our id at bay

Without our mask

It’d be a task

To live a civil way

For we are social beings

We need those special ties

To share our inner feelings

And free what underlies

But underlies cannot be shared

Until you’ve built a bond

And that is why we have to wear

Our mask to help belong

But if you wear it long enough

Your skin will overgrow

And what was once your social bluff

Will be the only face you know

And what is social fabric

If you’ve forgotten your despairs

Your mask’s a pointless tactic

If you’ve nothing left to share

I encourage you to wear your mask

It gets you through the fight

The only favor that I ask

Is you take it off at night
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