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 Apr 22 Undone
Jamie Riley
My mother tells me that we will
Never be friends.
Today I believe it.
Love poisons our blood
And familiarity kills
I look at her emotionlessly
So to block her influence.
She is an expert at exploiting
The slightest ****** waver,
Or any emotional advantage she
Could have over you.
She will make you wrong
Through verbal martyrdom.

I won't let her speak to me
Like she does the weak who
Are too polite or too submissive
To fight her.
Her style of English is cutting,
Self-righteous, honest, rude, unscientific, emotional, aggressive and often violent.
Never elegant.
She thinks the world is a battleground.
She is often incompetent and on top of that headstrong - to compensate for her ignorance.
She is sometimes funny, and sometimes kind.
She tells me we will never be friends.
Today I believe it.
I will not confide. I will not smile.
I will not joke, I will not listen.
I will help but I won't speak.
I will keep the talk small.
We will never be friends.
 Apr 22 Undone
Nigel Finn
No more poems, thank you;
I think that I'm done.
My notebook's half empty,
And apathy's won.

Please turn off the music;
My songs are all sung.
I think the night's over,
Although it's still young.

No more words, I beg you;
Just slice off my tongue!
They're just wasted air,
From a withering lung.

I've no more left to say;
Time to blot out the sun.
My notebook's half empty,
And apathy's won.
This space to be left blank
 Apr 22 Undone
killed ya
 Apr 22 Undone
i want to eat you
let no one else have you
tie you to my bedpost
and leave the house for the whole day

uneventful day graces
what might one say when all
the cookies are gone
make merry with marrow narrowness

the slave’s in my bedroom with
window blinds open for all to see
in shocking stark gestures
and through showering trees

my dear, where has all the poetry gone
i might answer, where the cookies
and love went, the stubbornness
of push and shove, you speak when i say you can

beg when i want you to
this is creepy you say? what gave that away
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
 Nov 2018 Undone
kailee cardinal
i am
i am numb
i am numb because
i am numb because of you
i am numb because of you and her
i am numb because of you and her cheating me
i am numb because of you and her
i am numb because of you
i am numb because
i am numb
i am
 Nov 2018 Undone
You love me?

Love me?




You love
 Nov 2018 Undone
.young love
 Nov 2018 Undone
it’s too early
to fall in love

not because i’m only 19
but it’s only 8 am
 Oct 2018 Undone
 Oct 2018 Undone
Don't fall in love
Fall off a cliff
It hurts a lot less :)
Why didn't I just go with the cliff
 Oct 2018 Undone
Tony Anderson
She huddles in the corner
Tears flowing from her blackened eyes
She cries in silence
Afraid that he will hear
Afraid her cries will make him mad
Afraid the beatings will continue

She bleeds
Where he has struck her
The salt from her tears
Sting as they wash over the wounds

Still she is silent
For to let him her hear cry
Would mean a victory on his part
That she will not allow
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