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Jamie Riley Aug 24
I'm a puddle
in the shade,
too afraid to
let the sun
dry me up.

I make walkers
play my game,
it's a pain when they step
in me
as they're climbing up.

Why can't I be hard like stone
but cushion like velvet grass
and help all of the travellers pass?

Why can't I live in the sun?
It seems like so much more fun
than being a puddle living in the shade.
Jamie Riley Jun 9
I think it's cool
how you dance with no song
And it's cool
when you tell me I'm wrong
And it's cool
Saying what you think
And it's cool
To have you listening

it's beautiful not to know
what'll happen tomorrow
lets admit that we'll have fun
and that we've already won
Let's agree to do our best
And to not get too depressed
Under grey and raining skies
Taking lows with the highs  

I think it's cool
How you can shake a hand
And it's cool
You pretend to understand
And it's cool
When you told that joke
And it's cool
You frowned before you spoke

And maybe we'll be just the same
As we were yesterday
But if we live like we will die
We would start to wonder why
We don't just do what we want
But don't get what we think we want
Stuck wanting what we want
Never wanting what we need
But maybe I'm a man to you
And if you're a woman to me
We might live happily
We might  live happily
Jamie Riley Apr 9
Whose girl is this? I think I know
he lives in the city though;
he won't see me stopping here
to watch her smile and tiptoe

and give her harness bells a shake
wondering her first mistake
between her second g and tee,
eyes laughing helplessly.

The borrowed room is dark and deep
but we have promises to keep
and miles to go before we sleep;
miles to go before we sleep.

Teresa must think it weird
that I had quickly disappeared
with miles to go before I sleep;
miles to go before I sleep.
Jamie Riley Oct 2018
I only feel what's bad

and I'm really good at it.

I wasn't born

to be myself,

I was someone else's.

I got all the help money can buy

but I can't be helped,

but when you say that I'm your friend,

I really hope it's real this time.

I hope you're real this time.
Jamie Riley Sep 2018
Every day the sun sets the same
and night comes again
and we disappear into dreams until the morning,
to fight the monsters we imagined but couldn't see.
  Sep 2018 Jamie Riley
You -
Me like you
Smiling neatly
Me kiss you
Toe to toe
Heart to heart indiscretely
Toe to toe
You kiss me
Neatly smiling
You like me
You -
My little go at a palindrome inspired by  ApriCoT
Jamie Riley Aug 2018
I treated you like any other girl

And I wanted you to want to **** me
and maybe you did
but you also fell in love
with my weaknesses and
that wasn't the plan but
what a relief it was
to drop the get-up.

My vulnerabilities were
delicious and your short-comings

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