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Jamie Riley Oct 2018
I only feel what's bad

and I'm really good at it.

I wasn't born

to be myself,

I was someone else's.

I got all the help money can buy

but I can't be helped,

but when you say that I'm your friend,

I really hope it's real this time.

I hope you're real this time.
Jamie Riley Sep 2018
Every day the sun sets the same
and night comes again
and we disappear into dreams until the morning,
to fight the monsters we imagined but couldn't see.
  Sep 2018 Jamie Riley
You -
Me like you
Smiling neatly
Me kiss you
Toe to toe
Heart to heart indiscretely
Toe to toe
You kiss me
Neatly smiling
You like me
You -
My little go at a palindrome inspired by  ApriCoT
Jamie Riley Aug 2018
I treated you like any other girl.

I wanted you to want to **** me,
and maybe you did,
but you also fell in love
with my weaknesses, and
that wasn't the plan but
what a relief it was
to drop the get-up.

You found my vulnerabilities
and I
found your short-comings

This is my kind of love.
Jamie Riley Aug 2018
The black horizon stares
at me like a fatal wound.
I might now know to
respect the sunrise.
The void will always
brighten eventually.
Jamie Riley Aug 2018
If I could sculpt a memory
I would sculpt your eyes

looking at me like
I've made you proud,

as if you've been
rooting for me from the start.

Eyes which crinkle
and twinkle
with a wry courage that devours
dishonesty with righteous intent.

They see me for what I am
and what I could become.

They are my catalyst and judge.
They are a canvas on which I paint
the world.

Your eyes
they turn me.
  Aug 2018 Jamie Riley
I am chasing you love
but you’re running too fast
I’ve been here for a while
yet I’m always in last
While I’m chasing you someone
just waltzes right in
Late but they end up where
I should’ve been

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