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17/M/Somewhere    Thanks to everyone who inspire me to make them... to the reasons why
19/F/Sol III    learning to listen to the darkness & trying to hold on to the light
Lost Soul
F    I write about things I'm too scared to say out loud
17/Pangender/Phelan ca    positive vibes only
Vanessa Gatley
21/F    Love life only get date once So check them out , share some of my work, if you like FOLLOW BACK love ya keep writing ...
19/M    I vent through my pen and I think in ink .All about expressing my thoughts to as many people as I can.All works are mine ...
Jordan LC Murphy
30/M/London    Just venting... Be careful who you bite because that person might bite you back ... [email protected]
victoria louise
15/F/south florida    an exploration of creativity // my website: // my book:
Eliza Hale
18/F/Lenexa, KS   
if it's our last day / poetry is dead
18/F/Kentucky    Teen angst in a me-sized package
Bryan Lunsford
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
So I'm just a person whos sick of drama and people in general, so instead, I just write bad poetry... Enjoy:)
Lure Pot
26/M/=Lure Pot= is my pen name    I'm young- So, I sing of youth Every niceness is beloved So, I would like to be nice...
16/F    Writing keeps me sane
Laura Friloux
17/F    Someone who tries.
18/F/Somewhere at Sea   
17/F/Caribbean    So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I'm both happy and sad, and I'm still trying to figure out how ...

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