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Undone Feb 26
leave me where you found me

rotting among the flowers

the roses almost cover the stench

and if you squint
i'm almost pretty

the pink petals compliment my green skin
wish things could go back to the way they were
Undone Oct 2018
It’s easy to give up
When there’s nothing left to fight for
Ready to give up
Ready to give in
Undone Aug 2018
I sit and I think
Gazing out at the muted blueberry sky
Remembering all that lead me here
    All the hands that grabbed me
    All the tears into pillow cases
    All the unanswered prayers
Silently I laugh at the absurdity of it
I can’t help but find it amusing
How something like this could happen to someone like me
What a joke
What a life

I look up
Searching for god to pop up from behind the clouds and shout “April Fools!”
But I only find miles of smog
stretching over haunted childhood streets
With a smirk and a snicker
My eyes fall to the ground
I never thought this would be my life
At least it’s not boring
At least it’s something to write about
Lookin for an escape
Undone Jul 2018
I guess she was the one
And I was just for fun

I don’t blame you
I don’t want me either
I wish I was good enough
Undone Jun 2018
The clouds block the sunset
And I can’t help but think how fitting

(I view the holy light of your salvation from behind bars
And you, dangling the key, choose not to free me)

And now I watch this sunset
Speckled behind dark clouds
Desperately poking through to me
Because I guess god can’t cut me some slack and feed me the warmth I so desperately crave
Rather I must be teased by Mother Nature herself as she gives me just enough heat to keep me from freezing to death

The red glow is almost gone
It’s melting into that abyss
It’s falling off the edge of the earth
I can still see a sliver
I can still see it trying to break through
It’s gone now
It’s gone  
I’m staring at all the colors
All the remnants
All the pieces
All the gorgeous strokes of light that dapple the other wise pale sky
But the light is gone

The sun actually sets before we see it go down
The light refracts when the sun is below the horizon to give us the illusion it’s still shining bright
So when we watch it slip into the earth it’s already six feet under
Time blocks the sunset
And I can’t help but think how fitting
Feeling really ignored

I don’t like this poem to much but I felt like I had to post something.
Undone Jun 2018
You’re crying right now
I’m not
And there’s nothing that hurts more
Than to know you’re hurting more than me
Just let me love away your sadness
At least let me try
Please let me try
Undone May 2018
You dream of her
You dream of holding her
And loving her
Tight in your arms

But me
I dream of you

I dream of playing with your hair
Of clinging to your arms
Of making you smile
Of holding you tight
Of kissing your lips
Of fixing your collar
Of making you coffee
Of rubbing your back
Of taking your temperature
Of singing you songs
Of cooking you dinner
Of ticking your stomach
Of being your one

I dream of you
You dream of her
And I don’t wanna wake up
I want you. Could you learn to want me too?
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