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It wasn't at first sight.
No, it came much later for me.
The moment I fell in love with you came with much time.
But when I did, I fell flat on my face.
It didn't just sneak into my heart.
In one moment every definition and rumor I had heard of loving feeling like engulfed me like a flame.
From then on, I noticed that your smile was highly contagious.
I began to view your little quirks as precious little parts of you.
It’s extremely tough to tell you how I feel.
All I can tell you is this:
If loving you is anything different from what I feel when I watch you drift into sleep, I don't think I shall ever experience it.
You bring me bright laughter in my darkest moments,
a colorful day in my bland week,
and an engaging conversation when my stress stiffens my words.
For that I thank you My Dear.
I just wanted to try to explain to you how I feel.
I really need help with this. I would love to eventually give this to the one I wrote it about. If you have any suggestions please feel free to tell me. I am very new to this
My heart beats faster
As I close my eyes
Feeling every beat of your song
Listening to every words
Coming out from your magical lips

Suddenly, I wanna touch you, hug you
Or just simply notice me
But you are a star
A star that shines so bright
And *unreachable...
3 am thoughts of a fangirl.
 Jun 2015 Lee Ann Tong-aan
I am but a grain of sand
On an expanse of shore.

Bu­t if I were to leave
The whole shoreline would change.
Perhaps in no major way
No astounding way
No amazing way

But it would change
Dear exams,

      I'm sorry to say, but I've lost all interest in you. I don't see why I didn't
lose interest in you sooner to be completely honest. I use to love learning
new things and cramming useless information into my cranium, but I must
say that forcing myself to study to pass your standards is just not who I am.There's no need to throw a question I cannot answer in my face whenever you're upset. Nor do I have to explain myself to you for that matter. Has anyone told you you ask a lot of questions?

      I must admit that I am not perfect, but neither are you. You are filled
with errors and flaws that I must say are simple mistakes. I will always
remember you, but I don't think my memory of you will be a fond one...
I am grateful for all the support you've given me especially with my
grades, but I will admit that understanding you was difficult. I remember
hopelessly thinking about you all night after seeing you. I felt terrible
because I literally had no idea how to go about answering your fifty
questions. Even though you gave me choices it was still a difficult decision
to make. I went home that night disappointed thinking that I had messed
up my only chance with you.

      But now you're back, but I admit I am definitely not excited about it.
And I will see you again today, which like I said I am not excited about. I
guess that all we can ever be now is acquaintances. A student to exam
relationship that definitely bares no love what so ever. I cannot wait to be
done with you. As they say, there are a million exams in the library...
And they should all be thrown away.

P.S: The paper shredder was looking for you.

                                                                                        The unhappy student
I always thought that autumn is my season
It's like my love for you
I am the leaves you are the tree
Cause everyday I am falling out of you
Those browns and yellows
Just represents how color fades my green feelings
It is for sure my season
Cause after that will be a cold winter days
And every night I wish I just never let a single leaf fall
For you are just my ground in my everyday trying to bloom for another way
I'd like to believe that soulmates are forever.
That you can fall in love with someone
who is meant perfectly for you.
Someone whose body fits next to yours
like two pieces of a puzzle.
Who curves in all the right places
to fit in to the gaps between your heartstrings.

A soulmate isn't forever.

there is a kind of intimacy that comes with being a soulmate
and it's so much more than just ***
or skin on skin
with clothes on the floor
and the lights turned way down low
and tangled sheets and secret smiles.
It's an intimacy that comes with knowing
their hopes and dreams and secrets
having a deep connection that can't be replaced.

Soulmates aren't forever.
But oh, how I wish they were.
I'd really like feedback on this. I wrote this after reading many poems dealing with the idea of a soulmate and I don't really even know what a soulmate is or how to find one.
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